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Deal With Her Complaints

28 November 2008 4 Comments

There’s something women love to do, and that’s mess with your mind. For some reason, women can never be happy with what they have and they create problems just to keep busy. It’s a phenomenon that has been astounding men throughout centuries. Why do women bicker over the smallest things? Why does my woman love fighting with me? There’s probably a scientific answer to the question, but today I’m not going to talk science. Instead, I’m going to look at these questions logically and tell you the best ways you can avoid losing your cool.


She’s Your #1 Priority… In Her Mind

When everything is going smooth and you feel like things are finally relaxed and you can focus on sorting something out in your life which is for once something besides your relationship, she hits you with a bombshell: “We never spend enough time together anymore,” or “You always used to surprise me with little gifts here and there, what happened to that?” Jesus, here we go again, eh? You put your guard down for a second and they get you with a left hook of complaints.


Excuses Are for Losers

There are times when you’re stressed and really can’t be bothered, but remember, being in a relationship, you must still take her needs and wants into consideration. Don’t look for excuses of why you haven’t been spending enough time together lately (I know, I know, in your mind you’ve been spending too much time together). In fact, whenever I sense an argument coming on, or a useless fight in which both my woman and I won’t benefit from, I just agree and tell her to stop talking about it because I’ve been noticing the same things and I felt that I need to change that aspect. It’s actually a little more useful that way for me as well because she reminds me that she’s still in my life and that I, in fact, have to balance her with the rest of my life. I don’t go out and get her a gift right after she complains, but I find a way to incorporate her into my daily life’s activities.


When She’s Happy, I’m Happy?

Sometimes a deep look into her eyes and a kiss can solve any problem. In other times, that’s simply just not enough. You must assess your position and really analyze whether this relationship is worth it. Are you benefiting more than you’re losing in your current relationship? I’m not talking about physical or material benefit, but also emotional. Are you overall happier with this woman than without her? If so, then it’s worth going that extra step and changing a few characteristics of your actions or inactions, and making her happy. If she’s happy, but you’re not, then consider this: Is she really worth it?


Created A Monster

I know that you can’t always give-in to your woman’s complaints, so it is also important to sometimes share your thoughts on a subject. By sharing your thoughts I mean coming to a compromise rather than yelling at each other, testing how loud you can shout until your voice gives up on you. Try to make her understand your side of it all as well, because when you keep changing your ways for your woman you’re not only changing for today, but you’re changing for tomorrow as well. So be careful in things you change about yourself because not all change is for the good. You don’t want to start doing things for your woman which you’ll end up regretting due to pride or respect.


Today I just wanted to mention how to handle complaints from the woman you love and when to give-in to them and when to stand your ground. Just try to always remember that you’re in a relationship to feel better when you’re with her rather than feel worse.


  • Corey said:

    This one takes a tone down from the rest of the posts in the Get Wome series I noticed. Less of the NWA ‘a bitch is a bitch’ type mentality in this one, eh. Well I’m liking the transition, it was required to real understand how to deal with a woman’s complaints. Don’t get me wrong though, the other ones I loved just as much, maybe more. The one about ugly women hit right on key.

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  • Dorian said:

    that is exactly right about the part that you’re in a relationship to feel good so once you see there’s no happiness in a relationship, it doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been together, it is best to call it quits.

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  • Nick said:

    I’ve noticed American women in particular complain the worst. I seriously can’t stand my friends girl’s constant bitching. This is why I only date Japanese women. They don’t complain, they know how to cook, they give good head, and best of all, they don’t care if you enjoy other women on the side.

    You guys really need to get out more.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Nick: I had a Vietnamese girl once and she really never complained either. Asian girls are really outgoing. I agree that American women can be too bitchy at times, but there are ways to handle any woman and have her cut-back on the complaining.

    I’ll see how Dutch girls are next week. Cheers!

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