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How to Hook-Up with an Older Girl

15 July 2010 2 Comments

Hi Robby,
So there is this cute girl who is tutoring me. At first she was just a tutor
but recently I’ve been getting into her. I’m sorta good looking and I work
out and I think she would be into me but there is just a small problem. I’m
18 and she is 23 I tried getting over her by dating other people but I just
can’t. Do you think I would have a shot with her?
What should I do?

Shandi-lee I
I believe that you can surely get this girl. A lot depends on the impressions you’ve made on her already throughout the time she was your tutor, but if you play it right now then I believe the age has no bearing on her decision. Most of the women I’ve been with have been older than me, so don’t even worry about it. When I was 19, I was dating a 28 year old, and when I was 20, I was with a series of women who were from 22 to 26 years of age. All that truly matters is how you act around her and if you play it cool. Do not make a move yet, but try to pick up on some hints from her. She may not know if you are interested in her and that’s a good thing. Do not show her that you like her and do not reveal to her your feelings. You may want to start talking to her about relationships and ask her if she’s seeing anyone at this time. However, do not try to impress her with how it’s not difficult for you to get other women or that you’re more mature than most guys your age. She should see it through your actions rather than words. Completely get rid of the idea of age from your mind and do not think it’s a barrier that you must overcome. Instead act like the older and more superior one and treat her as you would someone who is 17 or so.

How to Handle an Older Girl

When you speak to her, do not try to impress her. In fact, do the opposite and act slightly better than her. Make jokey remarks every so often, but do not over do it. You should get her to think that you don’t really care for her and that way you will intrigue her. Do not feel the obligation to hold back too much and instead tell her things that you may not necessarily say to a tutor. If you feel that she ignores certain things you say or feels uncomfortable talking about some things, then drop the subject and start talking about something else. Once you see she is enjoying your company and your fun attitude, ask her if she’d like to come out with you to a party that is happening some time or some club even. Avoid asking her out on a date where it will only be the two of you. If she says that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to mix business with going out then tell her that you feel offended, but do it semi-sarcastically. Explain that you only want to hang out as strictly friends and you can even joke, saying “Damn, I’m not ready for anything more yet. Maybe after a month or so, but don’t rush me. I just want to hang out sometime, there’s a nice place I know of I think you’d like.” If she has a boyfriend you can say that you’re just being friendly and don’t mean nothing more by it. Don’t take things too seriously around her and most importantly try to read her by picking up on things like: laughing at your jokes, not afraid to touch you, talking openly about her personal life, etc. Also show her that you are confident with yourself and you can even give her a compliment like, “you like good in that outfit” then next time you see her, and then watch her reaction. This will show her that you are not intimidated by your age difference and that you are mature and confident enough to know how to treat and speak to a woman.


  • Shandi-lee said:

    haha I love that my pic is here!

  • syntax said:

    works lol. i was 18 and dated a 26 year old girl from korea. AND she was hot and i was her 1st american guy. many tried and fail to get with her cuz she knew they all jus wanted to bang her but I got in.

    6-7 months into being fuck buddies she started to go crazy and around 8th month she went insane crying, hitting, then she got some other 19 yr old guy to be her man. think they are still goin out over a year later. I did what i shouldnt have which was take her on dates and sleep over her house and stuff though. wish i knew what i know now. im 21. and agree w all ur posts about fuck buddies

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