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How to Know if She’s Mad at You?

4 June 2009 11 Comments

Women are a tricky bunch that a lot of the times expect men to be mind-readers. Most men are direct and to the point when they have something to express. When men are angry, they say they’re angry (or they break a table), when they’re glad, they’ll express that they’re glad with a grin, when they’re mad, they tell it straight forward what they don’t like and why they don’t like it, thus they express that they are mad due to those reasons. Women, on the other hand, act like cats sometimes, not telling their boyfriend why they are mad, nor even showing that they’re mad, yet there is a sense of them being mad that the man can feel. She starts acting differently, but doesn’t tell the boyfriend why she is mad, because the boyfriend “should know”. She gives hints through signs that she’s mad, but she will never directly give it away. So what are those signs?

List of Ways to Know Your Girlfriend is Mad at You:

  • Her sad and mad intertwine. This usually happens when she first gets mad at you. She will feel sad that you could do such a thing (whatever it is you’ve done) and will feel sad about it. But when you will go to ask for what’s wrong, she may lash out at you to leave her alone. Then after time she gets over being sad, acknowledging the fact that it’s not worth it for her to stay sad, and then the following signs take place.
  • She ignores you. When your girlfriend is mad at you, she will do things like leave the room once you come in, she will seem cold and distant, and act like you’re not even there.
  • She changes the way she looks at you. She will stop having eye contact with you. However in few occasions she will look straight into your eyes until you notice she’s looking and then she’ll roll her eyes and look away.
  • She stops calling. This is the biggest sign. She will stop calling you and will act indifferent to you when you call her. She will also try to come up with excuses to why she has to cut the call short.
  • She stops asking for your opinion/permission/help. Before, she would use to care for what you think of her new hair-cut, she would tell you that she’s going out with her girlfriends to see if you approve, or would ask for your help when opening a pickle jar. When she’s mad she won’t do any of those things. She’d rather change the topic once you mention something about her new hair-cut, she’d go out with her girlfriends without telling you, and she’d rather combust than ask you for help with anything.
  • She acts uninterested when you’re talking. She will constantly interrupt, fidget, act like she has somewhere else to be when you’re talking. And she will definitely not laugh at your jokes.

When you notice any of these symptoms of Mad Woman Syndrome, it means that she may either be mad at you or ready to break-up. Try to think of things you’ve done to piss her off and depending on the level of how much you’ve screwed up, there will be extremes to which you should go to fix your mistakes. In a future post I will discuss ways to make your woman forgive you and stop being mad at you.


  • Lance said:

    Super cool post and I agree with this 100%. Women think men should know right away that they screwed up even though men don’t even know what they did wrong. It’s important to read these points to see how to get the hint that your girl may be mad at you.

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  • M said:

    My girlfriend started to act uninterested when I talk and avoids eye contact when we’re talkin. I may need to think about whether I really care about getting forgiven for what I might have done wrong or if I should go ahead and let her get mad and take this relationship where ever she wants.

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    Robby G Reply:

    This is a great comment lol. Thanks for that. “Let her get mad and take this relationship where she wants.” Pure genius. 🙂

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  • Anonymous Blogger said:

    You missed a couple of signs.

    * If your food tastes like rat poison, your girlfriend is probably trying to kill you.

    * She accidentally drops her hair-dryer into the bathtub while you’re inside it. Lucky for you your girlfriend is blonde and she forgot to plug it in.

    * She insists that she replace your car’s break pads instead of taking the car to have a mechanic do it.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Anonymous Blogger: All great points, particularly the accidental drop of the hair-dryer in the tub. A blondie once tried it on me. But as you said, the genius that she was she forgot to plug it in.

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  • China Blue said:

    Guys: don’t make your girlfriend mad, and you won’t have to try to figure out if she’s mad or not! We’re fairly simple creatures to get along with, once you learn to worship us 😉

    That aside, one thing I’ve learned from men is that you seem to appreciate your girl being direct with you instead of passive-aggressive. That memo is being handed out as I speak!

    Oh, and ‘letting her take the relationship where she wants’ may be all well and good, but being a real man and confronting the problem head-on – as you keep telling us you love to do – is better. Leave being passive-aggressive to the ladies, eh? x

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    nate Reply:

    yeah but my girlfriend seems to get mad when i ask her about her feelings… she likes to ignore her problems and it pisses her off when i try to pry them out of her…and my gf just pulled the “going out with girlfriends without telling you” thing.

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  • samiles01 said:


    my girlfriend is mad at me. but the wierd thing is that she told me in a text that she is mad at me because of a text message I sent where I told her how i felt about whenever I call her and she does not answer the phone. that it makes me feel like you don’t care for me and I said why don’t you just say to me that you don’t like me so that you don’t kill me emotionally. she sent a text back saying that I hurt her with that text and that she would hit me back in a couple of days after she has cooled off. she said “I need a couple of days to think this through and get a hold of my emotions”. yet at work (she is a co-worker of mine) she has been telling friends of hers that I offended her because of some joke that i had said at a friend’s house the day before that she took as me calling her unattractive (we made out that night so if this is what pissed her off then it either took a day to sink in or she was trying not to hurt my feelings). I think that text she sent me was just her attempt to not hurt me as bad. I suspect this is far worse than her text lead me to believe. she sent me that text 6 days ago (haven’t attempted to communicate with her since). yesterday, I left some roses and a card (along with a gift card) on her front porch (left it there before she got off work so she would see it when she got home). I wrote that the only reason I ever say those things is because I don’t want you to think that I am only after your body. because women have thought that in the past for some reason. I know that she cares about me quite alot, she once told me that she wants me to be happy no matter what should become of us. I know that she feels something for me. but i don’t know what to do now. I been thinking about going to see her best friend to mabye figure out why she is really mad at me. and to mabye pursuade her to talk to my GF for me. I found her keys laying on the ground at work the other day and gave them back to her. she just put her hand out for her keys and didn’t say a thing. another mutual friend of ours says that she cares alot for me and she will come around. but it has been a week now (i put the flowers on her doorstep last night so she still may call me). I am extremely worried I want to just be friends at the very least if she will allow it but I really want the girl that I fell in love with back. I don’t know what to do now.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @smiles01: I think you may be trying too hard to get her to forgive you over something you really don’t know what exactly. I personally have little patience for girls getting mad for no real reason and I tend to talk to them diretly about it and do not get them anything unless I know I definitely messed up. I wouldn’t tip-toe around by talking to her best friend to figure things out. And if she wouldn’t talk to me even if I tried to approach her then I’d tell her that I tried and it’s beyond me now. If she wants she can come talk to me. This way you are flipping the tables. Or you can just give it some time and let her cool off and then after a while just resume talking to her and things will have probably been blown over by then.

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  • Clare said:

    If you don’t want us to be mad at you, don’t keep secrets. We should never find out you hired and shared a prostitute with your friends ‘one crazy summer’ in general conversation.

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  • chris said:

    this post fits me exactly, except for one thing. she is my best friend, and im a guy in highschool. i wouldnt let her talk to a girl i know on the phone and she got really pissy about it… its been a week and iv tryed figuring out why she is mad, she obviously is mad because all of these steps happened in the exact order, but she has been flirting with other guys and acting around them how she used to act around me, but she does it do my best guy friend more than anyone else, but she keeps sayin shes not mad and wont tell me why she was mad in the first place, even tho its perfectly clear shes mad…what should i do???? PLZZZ HELP

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