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The Importance of a Hobby

3 April 2009 2 Comments

In many of my previous posts I talked about the importance of money and how to go about achieving your goals as a Boss while ignoring everything negative that surrounds you, but up until now I have neglected the importance of doing things you love with some of your free time and extra cash. Life may seem hectic a lot of times and it becomes very easy to fall off the pedestal when your mind is filled with too many thoughts and responsibilities. There are times when many people can’t take the pressures of life and life seems to collapse on them. These past couple of weeks have been extremely turbulent for me, and I’ve noticed that due the copious amounts of things I had to do, I ended up spending more time thinking and sorting out my duties more than sitting down and actually getting them done. It was very psychologically and physically draining to constantly try and keep on top of things, but I’m pulling through and gradually accomplishing them. The fact is when you’re trying to do something on a grand scale, whether it’s to get a business going or studying for exams while having a full-time job, it’s important to have something that you do for enjoyment that really gets the stress out.

When and Why to Find a Hobby

As many of you may know the proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” well that’s exactly what happens when you focus on your work too much. When I say work I’m not only narrowing its meaning down to a traditional, wholesome “job”, but any labour whether it’s mental or physical that one must fulfill. Now there is a time when you may start feeling the pressures and stress of your work and my suggestion is you take some time out of your day to find something to do that is enjoyable and at the same time healthy. Many people fall back on drinking or doing drugs to get their stress out, and even though I don’t disapprove particularly of drinking, I believe in the long-run it’s not benefiting you in any way in becoming a bigger Boss, but instead it just acts as a quick remedy to a growing problem. I suggest getting involved in sports or working out, something that won’t take all of your time but will help you in forgetting about your daily duties and will raise your serotonin level so you end up feeling in shape, concentrated, and emotionally elevated.

Benefits of a Hobby

You may be the busiest person in the world and I’m assuming there are times when you may actually believe that that’s in fact true, but believe me at a time when you believe you absolutely can’t fit any hobby into your schedule, that’s exactly when you need that hobby most. I’ve noticed that when I’m engaged in getting my stress out through working-out or sports, I become more productive in my daily work. I become able to concentrate on my task at hand better, I feel more energized, my mind becomes more clear, and most importantly I look forward in accomplishing my duties so I can go back and enjoy my hobby the next day. If you’d like to read a more detailed outline of the benefits of a hobby then you may want to click here.

My Final Suggestion

I’ve seen many people take their hobby way past the definition of a hobby, and instead of just engaging in their hobby to relieve stress and have time for themselves, they become obsessed with whatever their hobby is. I suggest you regard to a hobby simply as it is and not go further than that. Remember your main focus in life and don’t get side-tracked with things that are meant for enjoyment. Don’t get me wrong, if your work is in fact your hobby then go right ahead and overindulge yourself in it, but if there’s no financial benefit from your hobby and it just helps you feel good and escape then you may want to reassess your priorities.


  • Al said:

    Great Post. I have too, fallen into the trap of “wasting” time drinking and doing nothing when I could be doign something healthy/productive. I used to be actively involved in sports, playing 4 times a week, while being at school, as well as attending a gym to work out about 3-4 times a week. I Have now convinced myself with my full time job that I have no time and that im TOO tired to do any of these things. I Think back to how good i felt, there is nothing better than living active and productive. You are right about people thinking that they can’t fit all of these things in their busy schedules however i think i got more accomplished when I had hobbies compared to now. I think im gonna start working out again.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Al: Glad that you see the benefits of hobbies. That’s exactly true that many people end up accomplishing more when they have hobbies than when they don’t. I guess it’s because when you have a tight schedule, your hobbies act as something that clears your mind and allows you to get back on track with a fresh mindset, but when you don’t have a hobby your mind tries to tackle all of the things you have to do and in the end you end up not doing many of them in time–yet you spend a lot of nerves on the idea of accomplishing them.

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