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In Search of the Perfect Woman

15 October 2010 No Comment

Hi Robby. its a previlege to be here on ya blog. Everytime i find my ideal
woman and try to get into a serious relationship they disappoint me but when
i give up and want to act de playboy things go smooth.the first woman i met
was my first love. we met in de secondary and dated through to High school
and University. She later moved to Germany and we kept contact for about 2
years. I later found out she was pregnant from another guy one week before
she gave birth, amazingly she kept communications till the day i found out
she was pregnant from an old school mate who had travelled to Germany too. I
met another lady and we started dating, She is a nurse. We dated for about 3
years then i moved to France. She later phoned me to say she was pregnant
with my baby. i took all responsibilities of the baby till she was 2 years
old. on baby’s second Birthday she confessed to me the baby was not
mine.It was such a shock and traumatizing period of my life. ever since i
became skeptical of women and relationships. i resolved to playing with them
or just using them. But honestly this is not want i want. I want to settle
down with an ideal woman. And make a proper beautiful and loving family. Can
u help me pls…

Man, I gotta say that would make me be skeptical of women as well, but you’re right, we have to keep in mind that they’re not all like that (most are, mind you, 😉 but not all). Anyhow, finding a beautiful and loving woman who wants to start a family with you isn’t as easy as it sounds. I know, I wish I could have a magic wand and find the woman that is right for me as well, but that’s not how things work. It’s like that saying, “Gotta kiss 1000 frogs before finding the right prince (or princess, in our case)”. What I would suggest is do not hold back from testing the dating game, because the only way to find someone you truly feel some sort of connection with is by testing the waters and finding the woman right for you. I personally know that if you want a girlfriend, you have to actually go out there and look for one, good girls don’t just fall into our laps. I’ve noticed this now especially, because for the past 2 months I somewhat have taken a break from dating and am more focused on accomplishing things that are important in my life. And since I have cut out looking for girlfriends and even friends with benefits, I am noticing that it isn’t really that I can’t find a girl if I want to, it is that I do not look for one. Most men complain about having trouble with women not because they are incapable of talking to women the right way (well some are, I must admit) but mostly because they do not take the initiative to go out and look for the type of women they are attracted to.

So my number one word of advice be in your situation is to keep going out and looking for the girl you feel some sort of connection with. If the first girl was wrong for you, and the second was wrong for you, it doesn’t mean that the third or forth or five will be right for you, but it does certainly increses your chances. So do not have your mind locked around the idea that there aren’t any women that are right for you out there, but instead enjoy the wrong ones for now so you will know exactly how it feels when the right one comes along. Ideal women are difficult to find, but just like with anything else in life, only through hard work and perseverace, and a little bit of luck, will you find the right one for you. Also, try to go to places where you may find the girls that you are interested in. If you like art, go to galleries and museums, do not necesserily think that you have to be at a club or lounge to find and pick up a girl. I personally don’t think that those dating sites are much help, but I do think that another great way to find someone you like is to see if your friends know of any single women that may have similar interests to you… you do have similar friends, so that’s enough of a starting point to go on. Hope that helps mate, and good luck.

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