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Interview with Justin Wright

27 February 2009 9 Comments

Today I wanted to try something different. Instead of talking about Boss Shite, I wanted to interview a Boss who makes a living by working for himself. His name is Justin Wright and you might know him from his blog “Life of Justin”. Before I get into the interview, I’d like to explain what exactly he does and why he was the first person that I particularly wanted to interview.


Who and Why?


Justin Wright is a successful blogger that travels throughout the United States, photographs and blogs about his experiences. He had the courage to quit his dreaded full-time office job and begin a life of full-time blogging and travelling. I admire his ability to make the leap that so many people only talk about. I have had his blog in my ‘blog-roll’ for quite sometime, and now have decided to email him about an interview. What I enjoy most about his success is that he has been able to take his passion for writing and travel and create his own opportunities. He wasn’t granted the opportunity to make a living from something he loves, but instead he created it for himself. That’s trully inspirational.


The Interview


I’ve read your job-related posts and see we have a similar outlook on working the 9-5 hour work day. What was the hardest part in switching from a routine job to living without the bi-weekly paychecks?


Figuring out what to do with all my free time…


Okay that was a complete lie. I think the hardest part was just getting used to making money sporadically VS. biweekly. When you make money online, whether it’s through blogging or freelancing, it’s really hard to know when you will get paid. For examples, some weeks I’ll get paid 5 times while others I don’t see a dime. 

The good news is you can get used to it. It’s just a matter of planning ahead and learning how to manage the money you make.


How important is being financially secure for you to live and enjoy the life you want?


Not as important as people think. It’s true that life is very stressful when you don’t have money. Especially when you like doing things like traveling.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t be happy without money. When I first quit my job I was making far less than what I did at my office job. Funny thing is, I was SO much happier. I slept in every morning and just enjoyed the simple things in life like riding my bike.


I think a lot of people trick themselves into thinking they need more money than they really do. The most important thing is having TIME and the ability to go places whenever you feel like it. That’s why being a digital nomad is such a great lifestyle.


Did you always know what you wanted your blog to be about?


Not at all. When I first started Life of Justin, it was basically a journal of the things I did in life. Over time, it became much more than that. After a year of solid blogging I knew blogging was something I enjoyed. So once I made up my mind to become a full-time blogger, it sort of transformed into a blog about living the life of a digital nomad.


In August 2009 I’ll be moving to Europe (Amsterdam, Holland, to be exact) as a foreign exchange student from Toronto for a year, and I’m expecting to go backpacking through Europe. I also know you enjoy travelling a lot and always being on the go, what would you suggest for me as I’ll also be travelling and blogging on my way?


Plan on spending more time than you think working on your blog. It can take up a lot of time when you’re on the road and posting along the way. If you plan on being away from the internet for a few days, don’t be afraid to write up a few posts and set them to go live by themselves.


Other than that, have fun and take A LOT of pictures. You can delete the bad ones later.


What was the most difficult thing to overcome for you when you began your journey through the U.S?


Hmm…getting started? It’s always tough to try new things. But once you try them, they become much easier.


What would be the most important thing you’ve learnt thanks to your travels?


That traveling can teach you a lot about yourself. Going to new places and seeing new things really gives you a sense of self-confidence. It reminds you what you are capable of doing. Not to mention it helps see the world from a new perspective and meet a lot of fun and interesting people along the way.


And now to steal one of your questions that you ask the people you’ve interviewed: would you ever be interested in doing a guest post here, or vice versa?  😛


Hmm…I would love to swap posts and see what happens. Maybe we will both get a few new readers 🙂


To Conclude


If you would like to read more about Justin’s travels and interests, please visit his blog here. He also has an incredible collection of photos you may check out on there. Please leave a comment with your thoughts, and if you think you would be someone of interest for me to interview, please contact me.


  • Sandy said:

    Cool interview. I like your blog. I will go see Justin’s blog as well. It sounds pretty boss 😛

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Sandy: Thank you. Yeah, check out Justin’s blog, he’s got some interesting posts. Cheers!

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  • Interview On ShiteILike said:

    […] That’s enough talking…here it is: Interview With Justin Wright […]

  • Justin Wright said:

    Hey Rob, thanks a lot for taking the time to interview me 🙂

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    Robby G Reply:

    @ Justin: No problem. Thanks for agreeing to do it. I really hope my readers go check out your blog and see why I (and so many others) like it so much. Great answers by the way.

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  • Jonathan said:

    Both nice questions and answers. This interview really makes me want to start blogging myself. Learn a little more about it then get into it. Cool life you lead Justin.

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  • LisaNewton said:

    I’m a regular reader and sometimes commentor on Justin’s blog. It’s great to see the answers to these questions.

    I’d love to quit my day job, but I’m not in the position to do that quite yet, but I hope to be at some point in time…………………..:)

    Thanks for the great questions and answers.

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  • GregR said:

    I like Justin’s Blog alot. Some really useful info on how to quit your day job and make your own way.

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  • Adam Pieniazek said:

    Being your own boss is about as boss as it gets. Great job by the interviewer and interviewee!

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