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Interview with Srini Rao

9 January 2010 One Comment

Today I interviewed a fellow blogger, Srini Rao from The Skool of Life where he takes you on a course of personal development. I find his posts quite useful and overtime I can easily say he’s become a friend. I’d like jump right into the interview here and suggest you check out his blog once you finish reading this, because it really does have some meaningful content.

1. First, let me ask you how you started blogging and what made you want to blog about personal development?

I started blogging last summer when I was working as an intern at Intuit between my first and second year of business school. I did it then mainly to learn about social media. When I graduated from business school I realized I needed some sort of tangible asset to showcase the skills on my resumes so I started The Skool of Life. As far as why I chose personal development, I had an interest in it. I had been studying quite a bit for years and I knew I could write about it because I was passionate about it. Conveniently it helps with all the other goals in my life too. At first however, I was only using my blog to try to get me a job ,but its resulted in much more.

2. Has your blog helped you realize some goals you have had for yourself throughout your own journey at personal development in creating a more structured, productive life? If so, how?

Great question. Keeping a blog about personal development has forced me to follow through on many personal development ideas I knew but never used consistently. For example, I’ve been keeping track of my goals religiously. I review them every single day now. By doing that I’ve finally landed a job that I want and I’m even getting freelance work on the side. You start to realize that if you just follow through consistently on a few ideas that are shared by personal development gurus you will accomplish quite a bit.

3. What do you really want to accomplish with your personal development blog? And how do you want people to learn from you and the blog you’ve created overtime?

Ultimately, I’d like to become a published author. I think that’s a common goal for many bloggers. In addition to that I want to become financially independent and location independent at some point. As far as how I want people to learn, I’d love to have testimonials from people saying how much the concepts I’ve talked about have helped them. I think we all have a similar message as personal development bloggers, but a different way of communicating it.

4. I know that besides your blog, you have a website that states 100 reasons why you think someone should hire you. Has that site or your blog opened up any big opportunities for you yet? And if you could give one suggestion to an up and coming blogger, what would it be (besides the ‘write what you know and love’)?

That one was kind of a fluke. I didn’t really get much out of it except a mention in some news article. But I didn’t execute it well at all. My advice would be execution is key no matter what your topic.

5. I read Reason #49 “I have read hundreds of personal development books,” and was wondering which you would suggest out of them all, and why?

I’m a big fan of Brian Tracy and Wayne Dyer. I like Brian Tracy because everything in his work is so action oriented, but the actions are easy to take. For example, he talks about writing down your goals every single day, which is something I do. But, what’s really interesting is the actions I take towards those goals. I really don’t have to think hard about it because just by writing them every single day I come up with inspired ideas for action. Let me share one example. I have a goal for 5000 dollars per month in come from my blog. One thing I never thought to do until I started writing down that goal every day was to post a weekly ad on craigslist pimping myself out as a social media consultant. As a result I get a few emails every week now with potential clients asking for help. So that’s one tip. I like Wayne Dyer because his work is really all about embracing spirituality which I think is really important in anybody’s life. He has such a great way of breaking things down that you feel compelled t listen to what he has to say.

And let’s hope it doesn’t come to Reason #53 and you won’t have to “start a website on 100 reasons why you should date me,” because hopefully my blog will help you out in that aspect.

Now, Srini’s website again is The Skool of Life and you can find lots of advice on personal development and some great stories he’s written over the months.

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