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Interview with Walter Adena

13 January 2010 3 Comments

This week I got the chance to interview another blogger, Walter Adena from Lion Slinger who has a real passion for what he writes about. I wanted to focus more on blogging in particular in this interview so if you are interested in how to get involved in blogging and what others write about, be sure to read the following interview.

How did you start off blogging and how would you describe your blog’s main topic?

The urge to express my passion for writing has prodded me to start a blog. With this passion comes my intention to share the wisdom I have learned in my observation of life. Such then has become my blogs main topic.

What kind of methods do you use to promote and market your blog?

I use social media like Twitter, Linkedin, Plurk, etc., to promote my blog. Also, I engage in forums as an additional exposure.

What are the goals for your blog and what would you like to achieve with your blog by the end of 2010?

My goal for my blog is to increase its popularity and gain more audience. By the end 2010, I want to be among the authority n my niche.

Have any new opportunities been made possible to you through your blog? If so, would you share an example?

Well, I got the opportunity to meet new people and engage with them. I also got the opportunity of being featured on other blogs and be interviewed. I know that there will be lot of opportunities to come, and as I wait, I do my best with each of my work.

Who are your favourite bloggers and what aspect of them or their blog would you say keeps you wanting to read what they write?

Steve Pavlina was my inspiration and my motivator to pursue my blogging. All of his compositions are engaging and has touched my heart. He has also awaken the writer in me.

Also, would you like to ever write a guest post for me or allow me to write one for you sometime in the future? 😉

Of course!. J

All the best and thanks for your time. Wish you lots of success in 2010!

Walter Adena’s blog again is Lion Slinger.


  • Dean said:

    Short and sweet. I would have liked to know more about blogging, but I guess this blog isn’t focused too much on that. Original topic to blog on. I enjoy reading it. Thanks.

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  • angelle (Lifestyle Design) said:

    I can not dare to face that girl without shirt and Bra….

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  • Jennifer Summers said:

    This interview contain so many useful information for blogging.

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