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Jewellery is a Woman’s Best Friend

17 March 2010 One Comment

I woke up to a knock on the door, and there was a delivery-man with a package for me. I signed for it, opened the package, and found a unique looking bracelet inside the box. It was easily adjustable to wrap around my wrist and though I knew it was a female bracelet, I really wished I could pull off wearing it. I assessed it and decided that I’d give it as a gift to a girl instead. And which girl deserved this bracelet most, I thought? Well, Mother’s Day is coming up, and no one in this world deserved a gift from me more than my mother. I then received an email asking if I could review the G-Ring Cuff Bracelet from Gorjana. I went on their website and saw the variety of original jewllery and handbags. I’ve got to say that though their products were all for women, I was really impresed with the items I saw in the collection.

The prices were reasonable and they would make great gifts for girlfriends or mothers. I found the style to be very unique that bordered on hippie ’70s and retro ’80s yet with a classic twist that made the jewellery look like it could be worn for years without going out style. When I assessed the handbags, I wouldn’t say I loved all of the styles, specifically the ones with zipper side pockets but then I saw a beije bag called the Mercer Hobo, which looked like something Sienna Miller would carry. It looked comfortable for everyday use, but with an upscale appeal to it.

Though Valentine’s Day is behind us, the jewellery and handbags would make great gifts for Mother’s Day, which is just around the corner. The fact that their rings and bracelets are adjustable makes it a great gift without knowing the exact size of the woman you are getting the gift for. There are a variety of online retail shops that carry their products whose links you may find by clicking right here. And just for my readers, if you add yourself as a fan of Gorjana on Facebook then you will receive a gift code of $15.00.

I hope you check out their products on their professionally done website and see what I’m talking about when I say that this style of jewellery would make lovely gifts for any woman in your life.

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  • Marlo said:

    That’s not a bad looking bracelet. Cool to get free stuff and by the way their site looks very pro.

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