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Lead, Don’t Follow

28 January 2009 7 Comments

Whenever you go out, you see people of all kinds. Not only based on color or religion, but also based on their styles. You see skateborders, wiggers, emos, goths, those Asian wannabe Anime kids, ginos, etc, the list goes on. And the thing is, if they’re from a certain group, that means they obviously need somewhere to fit in and they think if they listen to Tupac, then they have to start dressing like him, and if they listen to Green Day then they’ve gotta start dressing and putting dark make-up on like them. Today I wanted to talk about how you shouldn’t wanna be like someone else, but instead you should be so proud and arrogant about being yourself that others will want to be like you.

Be Well-Rounded

To be a Boss, you’ve really gotta have skills and knowledge in all fields. Can you really sit there and listen to rap all day? I don’t know about you, but I live and listen to music based on my mood. Right now I may be listening to Reggae, and in half hour I’ll be listening to Jazz or Blues or Hip Hop or Classic Rock or whatever the fuck else there is. Be open minded and keep your options open. When you allow yourself to integrate different cultures and different styles into your life, it’s really much easier to develop into accepting yourself for who you are. You start seeing things from everyone’s point of view and after time you find your own style. Make sure not to fall under the influence of a certain style and try your best to live up to it. You’ve really gotta understand that you’re an individual and to be Boss you’ve gotta develop your own style. People we all respect in any industry are not gratified for copying someone’s style, but for creating their own style. Look at everyone from Michael Jackson to Elvis to NWA. They might have taken certain things from their predecessors, but in the end they came up with their own shite. Fuckin hell, even Lil Wayne talks about how Nirvana is one of his inspirations. I’ve talked to many people that listen to rap and truly praise that shite, and they never even heard of Kurt Cobain. It’s sad to see how one dimensional people can be.

Haters Hate, That’s Their Job

Anyone that’s ever any different will always get hated on. It’s just a fact of life. I remember back in elementary school I wanted to get accepted by certain people, but then as time went on, I really realized that that crew I thought was bout it, was in fact chumpish. As time goes on and you look around at different crews that you once wanted to be part of or still wanna be part of, in reality they ain’t shite. I remember that the “coolest” guy from that crew back in grade 7 or 8 ended up coming to me and asking me why I’d never ask him to play ball with me and my mates, because he really liked my group of freinds better than his. See, the more you try to get accepted by someone, the worse your chances are. But if you begin appreciating yourself for who you are, those people will come to you. You’ve really gotta not give a fuck about what people think of you (I’m not talking about starting to dress like a bum and not showering for a week), but I mean you’ve really gotta do what you feel is right and if you believe a certain thing is Boss, then you can turn it into making everyone believe it’s Boss.

When it Comes to Women

When it comes to women, I notice many men try to conform and start trying their best to impress them. This is completely and utterly wrong. Trust me, if a woman wanted someone like that, she’d get herself a fucking motorized doormat. You’ve gotta be the Boss no matter where or how or when you’re dealing with anyone. If you don’t like how something is handled or how something is done, make sure to tell her that. I can’t stress enough how important it is to appreciate yourself and really know that you’re the leader no matter where you are or who you’re dealing with. You can’t let anyone ever tell you you’re style or your way is fucked. You’ve gotta not only believe, but also know, that in this world there’s in fact no one better than you.

A final word of advice and call to action here, why not try and view this world as being your home, and everyone on this planet are just visitors you bear to see around. And if they ever get out of hand it’s your right and duty to put them back in their spot.


  • Ken Gobin said:

    thats why i got big in grade 9. to stand out from the pack. i dig what robby g i sayin. I did what i wanted, i did what i thought was right. I punched a small chinese hooker square in the face and a sold some g’s of crack rock to dem’ white folk on sherbourne.

    Too bad these things were illegal. they threw me in the can! oops!

  • Samuel G said:

    So wait…you want people to be themselves, even though you preach them to have a “boss mentality”. That’s real ironic.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Samuel G: I preach being a Boss and having Boss mentality, you’re right. When I say be yourself, I say don’t make it look like you’re trying to be Boss, but simply know you’re being Boss. The ultimate goal should be able to do whatever you want without anyone being able to confront you on your words. So naturally, it is fear of not being accepted that really leads them the opposite direction from which I’ve outlined. Alright, badmon?

    Ken G digs.

  • Samuel G said:

    Sorry, but your post just seems like one big contradiction to me.

  • Damian said:

    I have to agree with Robby, you have to really know you are boss and then once you start following some of the things he’s discussing you start feeling empowered and then eventually it is your “bossness” that will turn you into a leader. I assume it’s open to interpritation, but ye i know what you mean. Solid posts.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Samuel G: Don’t stress it. Apology accepted.

  • Al said:

    You’ve definately got to be yourself and feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. A boss is somebody who is exactly that. There is no contradiction in my eyes, a boss isnt a follower, when it comes to style , Robby stated how you should look good, wear nice suits, shoes, has nothing to do with being a follower. You will NEVER become a boss or feel bossy when you are following a trend, or a group of people. Once again, my opinion. Nice post Robby.

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