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To Do and Not To Do List for a Date

23 December 2008 6 Comments

If you’ve followed the Get Women series and have done everything correctly, you’ve probably been able to get a few numbers of a few women. I wanted to mention that I like having more than one woman that I could call for a date anytime. It’s important not to focus on only one girl at all times, because you’ll end up calling her way too much. It’s really important to have about three or four girls on reserve just because if one tells you she can’t come out that day, you can simply call up another. And one of those four will surely agree to a date. It’s also good because then you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket, per se. You won’t be thinking about this one girl at all times and won’t be calling her daily. You don’t want to annoy the woman and make her start giving you lame excuses, which is something important to pick up on, because if you don’t pick up on those hints then you’re just making it worse for yourself since you’re not only wasting your time on that woman, but you’re also making yourself seem needy and desperate.

What to Say, What to Do

Now when you’re on a date with a girl, there’s a few things you should and should not say or do. First let’s start with the Not to Say or Do list:


  • Talk about your ex and why you miss her so much.
  • Talk in that cocky way. Guys, you know which cocky way I’m talking about. It goes something like this: “You know I don’t usually get into ‘relationships’, girls just put out to me on the first date and I’m over them.” Or, “I got so much money, I can probably buy this place out myself.”
  • Argue with her. Period.
  • Be as tight as a duck’s ass. Try to be as outgoing as you can and don’t take everything so serious. You’re with her to have fun, so HAVE fun.
  • Start checking out or flirting with other girls.
  • Say too much about yourself.
  • Act like you’ve got somewhere better to be. But then again, do not act over-excited for having her actually come on a date with you.
  • Think about getting laid by her tonight.

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Now for the To Do list

  • Ask her questions about her. Women love to talk about themselves.
  • Compliment them on how they look, but make sure to sound sincere. Make sure not to over-do this one.
  • Make her laugh, but don’t act like a fool doing it. Make sure to find the lighter things of everything and you can even make fun of her a little bit here and there, but always do it with sarcasm and make sure to smile and laugh a little when you’re doing it. It’s a tricky skill to master.
  • Ask her where she’d like to go on a date, and only if she says she doesn’t know/care, that’s when you take her where you want. This makes you look like a gentleman and a man in control of things at the same time. Don’t say you don’t know where to go either. Make sure the place is fun, but where you can also talk to one another freely (no clubs or concerts).
  • And of course be the one to… pay. I know women have been fighting for equality for decades and they’ve gotten it, but trust me, if you don’t wanna wreck your chances of getting laid tonight, make sure to pay.


  • Kisha said:

    Well there’s good and bad there but that’s ok.You had some great points in the DO NOT list but I take offense at the first item of the DO list, lol. We do like to talk about ourselves but we want to hear about you guys as well. It just needs to be equal.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @ Kisha, always enjoy reading your comments. I’d usually have some sort of way to reply to your comments, but here I’m stumped. Talking about each other in equal amounts just doesn’t sound right to me. The guy should definitely mention a few things about himself here and there, but overall he should let her have most of the spotlight because we all know how conceited women are. LOL jokin around. But let’s just agree to disagree on this one, eh? 😛

  • Dwight Howard said:

    I believe it is important for the guy to leave some element of mystery to himself. By dominating the conversation and talking about himself constantly he gives himself up too early. And its also boring to hear someone talk only about themself.

    A conversation is a two-way street and therefore both should do an equal amount of talking. This rule, however, can be strayed from when talking to a girl. I defenitley, support Robby G’s, ‘let her do most of the talking’ comment aslong as the guy appears to be listening, and makes sure to throw in a comment here and there. Everyone loves to talk about themself, and this is no exception for girls.

    This not only applies to girls but to both sexes as well. Letting the other person do more of the talking, and talking in terms of the other persons interest will ensure a higher degree of likability towards you.

    When first meeting a girl, some of them may be shy and not want to talk about themself. To get the ball rolling the guy must break her barriers, by making her comfortable. In order to do this he must talk about himself, prove he is an easy going guy, as well remember to be comical. Once she starts to feel more comfortable and begins to talk about herself, don’t interrupt her. Go ahead and ask her questions. She will love to talk about herself when she is comfortable.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @ Bossman D. Howard, that’s a great answer to Kisha’s comment. God bless, that’s exactly what I was thinking just couldn’t put into words in my reply (damn alcohol).

  • Henry James said:

    Very Good one, Robby G!

  • Robby G (author) said:

    Thanks buddy

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