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Biggest Bosses in the World (Part 1)

9 January 2009 4 Comments

Since this is the Chronicles of Boss Living, I decided to create a top 10 list of the biggest bosses history has ever seen. Since this has turned out to be a long post, I decided to break it up into two parts and you can find List of the Biggest Bosses the World Has Seen Part 2 here. These people don’t have to be the nicest or most appreciated people, but they surely have to have respect. These men have achieved more than most people in this world and they have changed the lives of millions with their coarse decisions. Some are hated, others are feared, but they are the men we all have heard of and they are all bosses no matter how you look at it. The mentality they all shared was, “If they won’t give, I’ll take,” and they did it with success. They took what most of us want and they held onto it with their lives. Now to kick of the list with our number ten…

10. Vladimir Putin: Before writing the explanations next to the bosses, I looked up and down the list and noticed that all of the top 10 were deceased except numero 10. Putin is alive and healthy, and he really deserves this spot. He made it onto this list not because he was person of the year according to TIME magazine, but because he turned the biggest country in the world from ruins to gold (or should I say oil) and not only that but he did it without being afraid to speak his mind while doing it. He didn’t listen to anyone. He didn’t care about the definition of democracy. He didn’t care about the Oligarchy of Russia. He didn’t care about anything except doing big things and doing it according to his own schedule. Unofficially, I’d say he’s the richest man in the world (Cheney might come close) and he’s secretly controlling a lot more than anyone can imagine. Long after Bush will be gone and Barrack will (umm, don’t want to say be assassinated) resign, Putin will return to his seat as big boss of Russia and now that constitution was changed for president to serve a 6 year term, he’ll be back for another 12 years. So all in all he’ll be president of a fully democratic country for 20 years and another 4 years as Prime Minister, but we all know he called the shots during Medvedev’s term.

9. Andranik Toros Ozanian: This man was also known as Andranik “Pasha” for his honor. During the Armenian Genocide of 1915 by the Ottoman Empire, Andranik didn’t just wait until the enemy came to his doorstep to decapitate him, instead he fought back. He formed his own army and became a national hero for his stand against Mehmed Talat and his motto to “kill every Armenian man, woman, and child without concern for anything.” Andranik, as a revolutionary and liberatarian, was successful in helping his people to sufficiently help and stop what Talat’s attack aimed to do. Even though much of Armenian land was taken over, Andranik’s rigid movement and boss tactics saved the Armenians from extinction and even retracted many Turks and Kurds from Armenian territories. One man’s insurgence against oppression had seriously affected the minds of millions to rise and rebel against intolerable regimes.

8. John D. Rockefeller: According to calculations, Rockefeller would have had 200 billion dollars if you transfer his money to modern day, measuring inflation and all that bullshite. Some people are good at figuring that the world is in fact not the center of the universe, other create the A-bomb, but that’s not close to being as boss as being labelled as ‘history’s richest man.’ Oh, and by the way, the company he founded, Exxon Mobil, saw the most profit in 2007 than any corporation has seen in history. His style of innovation and genius in handling finances has been copied by millions, but no one can compare to the one and only Rockefeller. He is what you call a capitalist. The goal in his life was to rake in cash in any means and that’s exactly what he did. Respect.

7. Ghengis Khan: He is probably the hardest man on this list. Ghengis didn’t only not fear any man or thing, but he lived off the fire of conquest. He established the biggest empire known to history and he took over more territory than any other ruler. The main reason he’s on this list is his ability to stay strong. His ability to withstand the torture that he had only to rise and take power instead of being granted it is truly magnificent. The respect for him lies in his emotionless, cold-hearted, no-bullshit way of lifestyle. Ghengis portrays the strongest nature of man, and modern men should aspire to his toughness.

6. Pablo Escobar:  They don’t call him “El Padrino” for nothing. Starting out as a thief and hitman, using his signature move of Colombian Necktie to murder his victims, he is one of the most savage and ruthless men of alltime. But not only was he a psychopath, he was also a genius when it came to business deals. He became the most powerful and richest cocaine dealer in history and in 1989 was even listed as seventh richest man in the world. He was more influential in Colombia than even the president during his time, and being the boss that he was, he became a philanthropist, a modern day Robin Hood for the poor. A true man of respect.


  • The Boss said:

    I should be on the list! Oh, maybe I’m on the top 5. What about Rick Ross?

  • Stan said:

    @THE BOSS, Rick ross is a fucking joke. He used to be a Correctional officer.

  • The boss said:

    OYE who’s this guy stealing my boss name soft shit….and number 9 is a lil biased but true i would put Jean-Claude Van Damme that guy is pretty boss

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @The Boss, Van Damme should be on the mock boss list lol along with Steven Seagal.

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