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Biggest Bosses in the World (Part 2)

11 January 2009 4 Comments

This is the continuation to the List of the Biggest Bosses the World Has Seen. This list has been long in the making and after much thought, consideration, and research the spots are finally filled. I’ve began the list from 10-6 and outlined my reasoning behind why I believe they have made it onto the list, now it’s time to view the rest of the list. From 5 to numero uno, you will see who I believe are the biggest, baddest, most boss men that have surfaced the earth. No fictitious characters, no TV show heroes, this is all about historical figures that have truly accomplished some greatness in some shape, way or form. Enjoy the list of the world’s bosses.

5. Hunter S Thompson: I’ve written a full post about him last month, and if you couldn’t figure out that he was one of the biggest bosses from that piece of written work, then you’ll understand here. He is the definition of a free man. He lived how he wanted and he died how he wanted. There are many movies about him, there are many books by him. He’s the person to have ever been closest to the edge of the division line between genius and madman. His ruthless rebellion against anything he did not approve of and his ability to perceive the world clearly while we walk about drug-free thinking we see everything without obstruction. His bossness isn’t attributed to having the most money or being the most powerful, his bossness is attributed to his sight and vision and having the balls to shit on everything that stands while spitting vulgar obscenities at anyone that wouldn’t agree with him.

4. Jesus of Nazareth (AKA Jesus Christ): This man is officially the most popular man in history. He was able to get the biggest following with over 33% of the current global population with the ideas of Christianity, who he is basically the frontman for. Sure, he might have had some healing powers and to many he is believed to be the son of God, but to have been able to receive such an enormous amount of people to truly believe in that without having any doubt makes him one of the biggest bosses known to man. Who could be more boss than Jesus himself? Well, read on.

3. Meyer Lansky: The next person on the list is, yep, another Jew following Jesus. Well, many might not know him because he didn’t like to brag or show off to much. Unlike many Italian mob bosses that have come and gone, Meyer Lansky was a Jewish mobster working alongside Bugsy Siegel and Charles “Lucky” Luciano. These three ran the mafia in the U.S in the ’30s. Even though Lansky served as Luciano’s righthand man, he was still the brains of all their moves. And get this, at the end of it all, Bugsy was shot to death, Lucky was deported back to Sicily, but Lansky ran shite up until his death of natural causes with over 200 million dollars in his bank account, and an unknown sum in his offshore Swiss bank account. In my eyes, he was the biggest boss the Italian mafia has ever seen. The five families, Capone, nor Luciano himself cannot compare to the genius of Lansky. He even controlled all of the organized crime in the island of Cuba due to his close ties with Batista before our number 1 boss made his appearance.

2. This space is left for the people to decide. I know that this blog is still in its youth and doesn’t have too many commentators, but I hope you will leave at least a name that you believe should be here. After a vote or just my consideration of your suggestion, this spot will be filled after some time.

1. Ernesto “Che” Guevara: El Che proves that one man can change the world. Rising up masses and revolutionizing nations one by one, he travelled to places such as North Korea, Cuba, the U.S.S.R, and Bolivia, where he was finally murdered at the hands of Bolivian soldiers who were trained and guided by the C.I.A. Many of his thoughts and beliefs are projected throughout the world even today and for those who claim that he was a ruthless monster who brought nothing but poverty to Cuba, I say you need to read up on your facts and open up your eyes once in a while. It’s Bush and Cheney that spread propaganda to such an extent where their bullshit seems legit. I’ve been to Cuba many times and his portrait is everywhere. Not only that, I’ve spoken to many Cubans and they only have the best things to say about him. As a tribute to the biggest boss of all time, I wanted to share this Cuban song that was created out of respect and pride for the one and only, Che.



  • Tim said:

    Hey, I live in Toronto too. So I can’t even own the Peek because they only ship to the US, and I assume they only work in the US too. 🙁

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  • Tim said:

    and…I’m starting to think that we share the same playlist!!! I was going to put it in the next Vol. Koop is one of my favourites, did you know that they only use sound samples to create all their songs? They don’t use instrument at all. Quite impressive for all the great tracks, yeh?

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Tim: Oh, no doubt. Thanks for pointing that out mate. Koop–Boss List worthy?? I wonder…Number 2 should go to whom eh?

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  • Brian said:

    Maybe number 2 should be a female? Someone that really made a difference? Mother Teresa or Rosa Parks?

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