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Long Distance Relationship Issues

16 June 2010 No Comment

I met this guy at a bar when I was visiting my best friend who lives 5 hours
away. We immediatly clicked and started chatting, we exchanged numbers and
made plans to hang out the next day. He came over to the house and we
chatted, then we met up at the bar later that night. He went home with me
that night and we had sex. We kept in contact just small talk. I went up
there a month later and saw each other everyday. I stayed up there for 5
days, he slept over two nights and we had sex. He came by to see me on my
last day just to say goodbye. He asked me to let him know when I got back
home. Which I did, he texted me later that night to tell me what a wonderful
time he had with me and he hoped I was having a good night and sent me a
kiss. We have kept in contact, I’m going back up there later this month
which he knows about. I really really like him, he knows I don’t give my
number out lightly, and I hadn’t had sex in several months before him. He
had gotten out of a relationship with a much older woman a few months before
we met. He’s moving at the end of summer, he mentioned the possibilty of
moving where I am however when we talked about it again he said he wasn’t
sure. My question is what are we, LDFB or more? How do I take this to the
next level? Should I have a sit down and talk to him, or just see where it

10 of 365 - I miss you
It sounds to me like a long distance relationship, but it does have potential to be something more if he decides to move to where you live. A fuck buddy is when you simply fuck for pleasure and nothing emotional, but here you are engaged in a full out relationship, telling each other that you miss each other and he even may move to where you live. I have personally been in a long distance relationship before and part of the attraction I believe is the distance itself. When you are able to see a person you like only for a limited amount of time, you really stay away from any arguements and try to keep everything peaceful and fun. Before you make any big decisions I think you must think if he would actually be a good boyfriend if you two did live in close proximity. If he moves closer to you and things don’t go right, he may end up blaming you for moving to that place. So my warning is that you really don’t try to pursuade him to move close to you simply because you want it, but be supportive of anywhere he decides to move.

I wonder though if he sees this as a real relationship or if he thinks it’s just fun and if he also sleeps with other women on the side as well. It’s important to figure out how he views your relations. I think you should give it some time and see where it goes, but also ask him what he considers your currect situation to be. If he tells you he thinks it’s just fun you two are having then he doesn’t look forward to anything serious, but if he tells you he thinks something of it then it could be a future in it.

I know you want to take it to the next level, but I think though you should hint on it you should still allow him to make the final decision without too much pressure.

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