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Long Haired Freaky People

25 December 2008 4 Comments

Jim Morrison, Dostoevsky, Darwin, Ghenhis Khan. What do all of these bad motherfuckers/geniuses have in common? Sure, they’re all dead, but something else. They all had some fine beards. Well, Khan’s was a little shaped and not as full as the others, but it still ranks high in my books. I’ve been wanting a beard since I was 13. Obviously, I could not have grown one at that age, I’m not wolfboy, but even now I have difficulty. The hair around my mouth doesn’t grow too thick, unfortunately. What I’ve got going now is something like Jules Winnfield (Sammy L) had in Pulp Fiction. The whole fly designed sideburn thing is still boss, in my opinion, but it doesn’t compare to having yourself a nice, thick beard. But if you’ve got yourself a nice beard, you’ve gotta grow out the hair too. I know, it kinda sounds like what a bum looks like, but not all long hair on guys have to make them look like bums. Look at Jesus Christ’s long hair and beard, for example. Now surely, you can’t imagine him without the long hair and beard, because he wouldn’t have it any other way. He looked down-right boss with it.

It Will Always Grow Back

I don’t know exactly what it is about a beard, but it truly makes me happy when I see a man with a nice beard, and I always end up remarking on it. Now, I say ‘man’, because I’ve seen a woman with a beard once on Ripley’s, I believe it was, and that shite did not look right. That was some weird fucking stuff that made the ‘woman’, if you can still call it that, look like a steroided-up freak show supporting performer, filling in for Wolfboy if he ever got sick. But then again, I don’t think a beard would look good on just everybody. I don’t like to judge men or anything, but some fellas should honestly shave everyday. Also, what I kind of find a little weird is how people react to you once you change your routine facial hair design. If you’ve always been clean-shaved and one day someone notices you’ve grown yourself some Elvis muttonchops, then people will actually react to you differently. I find that really weird. I see facial hair as something on your face to be trimmed, shaved and shaped into any type of design you see fit. Change it around, mix and match, do whatever you like with it, what’s the difference. If you don’t like what you’ve got, just shave it all off, wait another couple of weeks (or days, in some cases) and redesign it again. Well, I guess that’s just me, because I really hate routine, but that’s the shite I like. Same with your hair. I’ve had an afro at one point, I’ve had an barely haired head at another point, tried a mohawk for a few hours until I figured it had to go. There’s a bunch of stuff to do with it, so enjoy. Only thing I don’t like to do with my doo is dye it with different colors. I like my own plain brown set of hair.

As I’ve mentioned, that stuff grows back if you screw it up, so don’t worry about it. Just grow yourself some funky hair-doos and even crazier styled burns or beards. Enjoy a photo of these courageous souls.


  • Al said:

    I dont agree with the big beard thing , but i agree that facial hair should be styled, you style your hair, why not your facial hair, its something(in most cases) we are forced to deal with, so why not use it to our advantages to make it look good, i like my sideburns styled, long but thin coming to a point and i keep a chin patch at all time, neatly trimmed and shaped.. Some people think it looks dirty, i like it so screw all you! nice post. Eat ur vegetables itll put hair on ur face( like grandma said) lol.

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  • Attah said:

    I wanna have a rick ross beard. now thats some boss shite!

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @ Mr Attah. That Ross beard is hard to maintain but if you can pull it off all the best to ya. the ross beard gains you the ultimate boss status haha

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  • bubbleHEADX said:


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