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Look At His Past Relationships

18 October 2009 3 Comments


I know you have probably already seen this email address but that is
because I’m using my friends. I’m 17 and in high school. I’ve been playing
around with a senior which I also hang out with. I never thought I would
play with him but as this year started new things were coming with it, and
don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret it. So we have gone pretty far. The first
time we just made out we didn’t talk after, but after a week we started
talking and then we went further. Now we do talk, which is good. The thing
is that he is a senior as I said and he does not want a relationship, which
I’m  cool with. it seems like he really cares and my friends says that he
really cares about his girl. But it feels like he is giving me mixed
signals. We haven’t done anything for two weekends, although, he is always
very close and keeps his eyes on me. So I don’t know what to think, because
I really want to have fun. We have fun but not with other people, which
feels good.  So I need some advice on what to do. Is he nervous? Because he
told me that he wants to have fun, so this shows me that he cares since he
asked and made sure that I don’t get hurt. But please, help me!

Well it just seems like you have a great thing going here. All you are really seeking here is reassurance, and I’ll be that person to reassure you that the only thing that he may be “nervous” about is in fact accidentally getting to like you more than you like him back. keep doing what you’re doing and see where it goes. My advice here are somewhat limited because you don’t really have too much of a problem. I remember in high school that many guys thought they were players and just wanted to fuck around but in reality they were scared shitless. And I’m assuming he’s just like that. Especially that you’re younger than him, he may act like he doesn’t care too much when he’s around others, but when he’s alone with you he’s caring, funny, and tries to be as honest as possible. He may be looking for some closure, but I’d say to you that instead of focusing so much on just having fun, don’t really talk about it too much and just go with the flow of it. It may get a little confusing at first if you don’t talk about it and don’t label it “fuck buddies” or “bf/gf relationship” but it will come into place itself. You’ll either end up in a relationship or will mutually agree that it should be over when you decide it should be over. So for now just have fun and don’t over-complicate things. He may be nervous, that’s true, but that really depends on his past experiences. Think about this: Does he have a past history of long relationships? Does he have past history of fucking and not talking to the girl afterwards? Does he have a past history of breaking hearts? Or maybe he doesn’t even have a past history and isn’t experienced in dating/fucking/relationships. The man’s expertise really play a large part in how he will act in the future. For example, I know myself and I am not a big fan of the long-term relationship and women can easily predict that I won’t commit, but we have fun anyways. They also try to “change me” because they’re the right one for the job, but they all end up being wrong. Trust me on this one, if you can pick something up about him from his past history with women that you may know, and you don’t approve of it, do not think he will act completely different this time around with you. It’s almost impossible to change a man, but if you’re happy with the way he handles himself with past women than you’ve got yourself a good thing going. Hope I’ve been helpful.


  • Jordan said:

    I think that’s very true actually that guys act with each relationship almost exactly the same way they acted in their past relationships. Guy who fuck around a lot will most likely just fuck around with you, if they tend to fall in love easy, be careful how you approach it.

  • Frey said:

    Great direct advice in my opinion. I noticed many people are afraid to be judgemental when they give advice, but you seem to be honest. I appreciate that kind of advice. Keep it up man.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Frey: Thanks, as I’ve said before I’m not trying to be offensive, but sometimes people just need a reality check from someone that isn’t their best friend but in fact a an outside person who can see things more clearly and has some experience with this kinda stuff. Thanks for your appreciate and glad you found this blog. Cheers.

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