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Looking Back At ’08

26 December 2008 10 Comments

The New Year is approaching and I wanted to wrap some things up. I wanted to look at how things have gone for me this year and what kinda shite I’ve accomplished and what kinda shite went horribly wrong. So basically, I wanted to mention the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2008. My year didn’t really pick up until around the summertime, once I finished my first year of university and got in an intereting relationship. I don’t want to go into too much detail about the summer fling, but it was the best time of my life. The summer of ’07 was all about hustling here and there just to make enough monies to get myself 40s with a friend and have just enough cash left over for a Big Mac meal. This summer I did limited amount of work and hustling (smartened up a lot this year), and basically through certain means went to Yorkville (undoubtedly the best street in Toronto) almost daily with my notable other. Popped champaign and ate some of that aristocratic food.


Then The Good Times Were Over

Sometime before the summer ended, I went back to work. And once again all the problems came back. My relationship fell apart and I was back in Real Estate college before University began while I worked two jobs. Got my Real Estate license, which was a big plus, I guess. Didn’t have time to chop homes yet, so kept working my arse off at my jobs before University began. Then a week or so before Univeristy, I broke my right hand. It was 4 in the morn and I wasn’t in the soberest of states, and the wrong person pissed me off. You know how the rest of that story goes. I ended up punching “the wall” and kicking it in with my Timbs a few times. Good times. Well, until later in the morning when I woke up at around 2 pm and found my right hand all puffed up and bruised. Hospital people told me it was a ‘boxer’s fracture’ and put on a cast. A week past and the cast began to piss me off so I took it off myself. The doc got mad at me ’cause I was giving him extra work and ended up putting on a next one. Health care is free in Canada. Good shite. He told me some bullshit that if I was living in U.S I’d pay a few thou everytime I removed it. Well, I ain’t in the U.S, now am I?


Sometime Later

Then time went by and just my luck, I got in a car accident. My hand got fucked up again and now I might need surgery. Bah, whatever I don’t give a shite too much, just gonna be harder to blog with another cast on. University is on strike, so I’m blogging most of my time now. That’s another accomplishment I’m happy about. Got into hardcore blogging and now it’s starting to pick-up a little. Now the year is almost over and 2009 is approaching. Gonna be a good year, I can feel it. And if you like this blog, subscribe to my RSS Feed by clicking here.

Cheers mates. Hope you have a great New Years—the best New Years are the ones you end up not remembering, you dig?


  • SN said:

    What a year mate!

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  • Seon said:

    Really want to hear more about that summer relationship you’re keeping on such a downlow.

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  • Shane said:

    greatest way to start a post: put a large photo of half-nude fit girls with HAPPY NEW YEARS written out on their asses. Priceless shite Robby G!

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  • Dale said:

    likin the new design. All the Shite you Recommend is definitely everything I’d recommend too. amazing collection of stuff. Oh, and another fun post.

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  • shirley said:

    broken hand, car accident, (bad break-up, I sense) oh my can this year have gotten any worse. Hopefully next 2009 will bring much happiness to you. BEst wishes!

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    Thanks for all the comments and best wishes to all of you. 2009 should be a big year I can just feel it. Well, I am moving to Europe, that might be why I feel that way! hahaha 😉


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  • Dwight Howard said:

    Lets hear more about the summer relationship!

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Seon and Dwight. Maybe later in the year mates. If the wrong people read it, I can get my fucking neck broke. Not an average relationship that you can just talk about. I’ll probably get wasted one night, stumble home, and write and publish the post anywas lol
    anywho Happy New Years!

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  • Tim said:

    great picture haha

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