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Looking to Mingle?

17 January 2013 One Comment

Ask Robby G is a community where both men and women come to in order to ask their questions concerning dating and friends with benefits, or they scroll through and see if the type of question they have has already been answered. One thing that I am not too proud to say that it we lack is the ability for people looking for a new friend with benefits to find one. Do not fret, however, because there is a site that is quickly gaining momentum where both men and women freely show off their goodies and find a partner for just about any sexy deed they can think of. Date Married is that community where there is no judgement just like there is no judgement here on Ask Robby G, but instead of seeking advice, you seek partners.

There are a good number of girls on there, I’m sure there may be a few freaks out there but damn that could be a good thing. I didn’t like that you have to pay to message the people on the page, but they need to make money somehow. Loads of people look to have a fling who do want a no string attached sort of thing and that’s exactly what they’ve got there. I suggest you guys take a looksee, it could be what you’re looking for.

There have been instances on here where people began leaving their phone numbers and addresses in the comment sections, searching for partners. I have received many emails from girls sending me invites to party with them and I have to say, if you’re looking for a good time, check out Date Married if you’re single looking to mingle or married looking to get penetrated (sorry but it rhymed:).

Maybe one day we will have a community where people from all over the world can create profiles and hook up, but until then Date Married is an alternative that may be just what you’re looking for.

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  • Adrian said:

    Thanks for the post! I found website through your post and I must say that I was surprised. Date married website did not look appealing to me at first but as I joined I saw many real ladies not fake ones such as on other adult websites and in less than a week I went on my first date! Thanks for sharing!

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