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Luck Won’t Get You Lucky

21 January 2010 6 Comments

Seven about to happen three different ways
When my friends see me the day after I’ve picked up a girl at a bar and slept with her the same night, they say “So you got lucky last night, huh?” I simply nod and go on my way. But the other day I began to think about what that really means, “to get lucky.” I wouldn’t say I’ve ever slept with a woman without putting some sort of effort into it, and I realised: getting lucky has nothing to do with luck. I’ve never had a girl come up to me and say, “Hey, let’s go fuck.” Now that would be lucky. There is always effort that goes into talking, joking around, and spending time on making all the right moves before I get the green light, no matter how effortless I can make it look. The only real luck you should need is that you choose a club or a lounge where there are a number of good looking girls for you to choose from. The rest shouldn’t consist of any luck. As soon as you locate a girl you think is good looking enough, you should begin your approach.

Luck Can’t Help You Be More Entertaining

When a girl first sees you, she obviously assesses your exterior look. She looks at what you’re wearing, how you look, and how you carry yourself. And let me tell you, there’s no luck involved in how you present yourself. If you came out of your house wearing sweatpants, forgetting to brush your teeth and hair, you can be the luckies man in the world and still not be able to impress anyone. However, if you plan how you look and you look confident with how you act, you have the ability to make girls turn heads. Nonetheless, this doesn’t get you anything just yet. Once you begin talking to a girl, you must be entertaining enough for her to want to keep talking to you. For me, being entertaining is based on how I live. I really enjoy doing things that aren’t deemed “normal” by society, and that usually gives me the advantage when it comes to girls because they see an edge in me that they don’t see in all those other guys who try to entertain with tactics used by 10 other men who’ve tried to approach them that evening.

Luck Can’t Help You Be More Like Yourself

I’ll say it now. Hooking up with girls isn’t hard. Hooking up with good looking girls isn’t hard. None of it is rocket-science and none of it really requires you to go to PUA classes. Sure, those classes may guide you in the right direction, as I try to do here, but there’s one tool that many men tend to miss which is most useful when approaching a girl: logic. Men of all ages, think about it logically… what does a woman really want? They want things that are very similar to what you want. They want a man who looks out for them, who cares for them, who makes them smile, laugh, and enjoy being in their company. However, when you first approach a girl, she wants something a little different. Because she doesn’t know you at all, she wants something special and different from everyone else. Being caring and protective and loving only comes after you’re in a relationship with the woman. Initially, they want someone who is different from all those other guys out there. And what’s the best way to be differet? Be original, be spontaneous, and act like you know someone no one else in this world knows. I got three different girls in a matter of four days by simply doing things my way as opposed to what was expected of me. Men tend to fear acting out of the norm, and that’s their biggest mistake. Girls don’t want a plain ol’ Joe Blow, they want someone colossal, somone greater than life. Don’t be a complete prick, but don’t be Mr. Niceguy. But most importantly, don’t think any of the guys around you are better at picking up women than you are. When you’re confident with yourself, everyone in the room can feel it. From the bouncer, to the guys at the corner of the room trying to size you up, to the sexy barwoman, to the group of hotties dancing at the center of the dancefloor.

Luck Can’t Help You Score

I got a beautiful barwoman’s number the other night by switching up my game. I’ll be honest, the real secret in “the game” is knowing when to play what hand. I had been going to the same club regularly in Amsterdam and the first time I went there, I got drunk and asked if the barwoman would want to meet me for drinks after work. She blew me off, telling me she was tired. I love a challenge. I knew I wasn’t letting this go that easy. I ended up fooling around with another girl that night at the club, but what I really wanted was to get that barwoman. I kept returning to the same club, and each time I’d play a different type of game. Once I’d come and just begin approaching a bunch of girls, getting random numbers from girls I wouldn’t even call, and sometimes getting rudely rejected by other girls, trying to get a visual response from the barwoman. It didn’t really impress her with what I was doing, so the next time I came to the place with a Hell’s Angel and ended up getting kicked out. A time after that, I came in under-dressed, getting wasted and dancing by myself, not showing any care for the barwoman… or anyone else for that matter. And then another time I came there and started off sober, ordering a few beers and talking to anyone who’d sit beside me. Then eventually I began to chat with the barwoman and she began giving me free beers. I kindly thanked her for the drinks and went home. A few nights later, I came back with a friend and again sat at the bar, mostly talking to my friend and incorporating the barwoman into our conversation once in a while, asking her questions. She seemed happy to see me and got us a number of free rounds of beer. My friend thought I should have asked her for her number, but I still had that first rejection in my mind and new I didn’t want to seem desperate. And besides, I had a few girls on-call at the time so I clearly wasn’t desperate. The following weekend I came back and again pulled up a seat at the bar. This time we ended up drinking all together. I got drunk for no cost at all and she kept smiling and flirting with me. There you go, I thought. Case closed. I asked her for her number and she was thrilled to give it to me. So switching up the game really works and it’s something they don’t teach you at PUA training sessions. Though one style can work on about 60% of women, if you’d like to get a girl that’s different from the rest, you’ll need to work with a trial and error method, but without ever acting desperate. Instead, try to lure the girl in rather than pushing it upon her to date you. And in this situation, it’s clear that luck didn’t play a role in getting this barwoman’s number. It is all based on skill at the end of the day.

So the next time you sleep with a woman, don’t call it getting lucky, because you know how much effort goes into it. Some girls are definitely easier to get into bed than others, but there’s no such thing as luck when it comes down to getting laid. It all really depends on how much you enjoy pursuing something you can’t get from the start. What do you think, is there any luck involved in getting a girl to sleep with you?


  • Dan said:

    Oy! Heard you’re in town, what happened to your facebook?

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Dan: Aye, I’m going back next week. I’m done with Facebook for a little while. How’s it going with you?
    .-= Robby G´s last blog ..Luck Won’t Get You Lucky =-.

  • Dan said:

    Pretty good man, just finished exams and have a week off.

    Good post by the way, you make your own luck in life. Established yourself as a regular and created curiosity with the barwoman.

  • rob said:

    Hey love the blog, have bookmarked this for future reading. The information and your opinions on dating are very useful. Please checkout the posts ive done pua course on my website too.

  • Patron said:

    this was good shite!

  • Tony said:

    I’ve just stumbled across this site!

    I really enjoyed this article, it is very true that women are looking for commitment and even truer that they are looking for something different first of all.

    Some people are just born lucky though!

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