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Male Facial Hair Grooming Essentials

3 August 2009 7 Comments

What does every man need in his facial hair grooming kit? Well the essentials should always be with him if he’s going on vacation or a business trip. I’m getting ready for my trip to Amsterdam and was preparing the things I’ll need on my trip when I decided to organize and pack my grooming essentials.

Manual Shaver

When I use a shaver, I prefer the practical non-electric shaver. I use the Gillette Fusion manual shaver because instead of going over the same spot five or six times, the Fusion does the job in one shave thanks to its five blades. I love to make facial hair designs and am almost never completely clean shaved, so the beauty about the Fusion is that it has a single blade on the reverse side that I use to make distinct designs.  The manual shavers work well and aren’t too pricey.

or Electric Shaver

Some men like electric shavers. From what I hear the best one on the market is the Braun Series 7- 790cc Pulsonic Shaver. It self cleans, lubricates, dries, and charges automatically at the press of a button. Though it’s a bit pricey it’s the closest electric shaver that comes to the smooth shave of a non-electric shaver. So for those who enjoy the feel of the electric shaver, this shaver is the way to go. The electric shaver is also better for those who get skin irritation from using the plain blade shavers so it may be a better idea to go with it. The only flaw in it is that it’s not a small mechanism so if you are planning to go out of town with it, it may take up some of your valuable space.

Beard Trimmer

Now beard trimmers are crucial in a man’s grooming kit. The Remington MB-300 Titanium Beard and Mustache Trimmer is perfect to trim your beard to any length of your choosing. There are 9 thicknesses you can choose from and if you’re like me and don’t enjoy a completely smooth skin shave all the time then trimming your beard to have a little stubble present isn’t a bad idea. This trimmer keeps the beard from becoming overgrown and allows your face to not walk around naked. Most girls love the stubble, and if you’re at an age where you want to look older, keeping your stubble is always a good idea.


Most guys who have the equipment mentioned above feel that they don’t need a pair of clippers in their kit. I always keep them around because sometimes when you constantly shave you tend to see some extra hairs begin to grow around your cheekbone. Now if you keep shaving your cheekbone hair then it begins to get darker and thicker and that’s exactly what men should avoid having. If you’ve ever see someone with hair on their cheekbones, it does not look good at all. So for those places where you don’t want hairs to grow, don’t use a shaver and make it worse, instead use clippers and pluck those hairs away. Those unwanted hairs usually appear white and unnoticeable at first and that’s exactly when you want to pluck them out instead of shaving them and waiting until they become black, long and thick.

So in order for you to have the proper facial hair grooming kit, the equipment mentioned above are essential to have in order to master your look and in order to not look too scruffy or bummy and undesireable to women.


  • Keith said:

    I’m not a big fan of the electric shaver myself. Manual shavers are cheaper and get the job done. Clippers for the cheekbone hairs is a good idea and I never used beard trimmer before but I’m thinking of getting one. Very cool post.

  • Al said:

    I always have a gillette fusion OF COURSE.. along with my conair beard/mustache/noise ear hair trimmer.. it does everything.. I use it for my beard and sideburns mostly.. keeps me looking clean and ready for business at all times.. great post robby.. i love having some facial hair.. and the girls love it too.

  • Ralenti said:

    Cool post, robby. Knowing how to shape your facial hair according to your features is one of the most important skills you can have in making yourself look as good as you can.
    I’m curious as to what you refer to as clippers. From what I gather from the web they’re the same thing as trimmers, but from your post I can infer they’re some sort of pluckers like the ones girls use for their legs, is that right?

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Ralenti: I think women use them more for their eyebrows, but actually they may use them for legs too I guess. Either way, we’re on the same page for pluckers. Men can use it to pluck out the fuzzy hairs on their cheekbones which they may sometimes have. It’s better to pluck them than shave them and have them come in darker and thicker, because facial hair too high up on your cheek just looks wrong.

  • Capricorn  said:

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  • Mirror Tiles · said:

    hair trimmers with carbon steel should be the best cause they do not easily get dull “”

  • Christene Campas said:

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