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May the Best Man Win

7 October 2009 2 Comments

Dear Robby,

In your post, shiteilike . com / how-to-win-a-woman-over you said “I’m
pretty sure 82% of the women I’ve dated have either had a boyfriend when
we began to go out or were married” I’ve noticed that most hot girls (9s or
10s) already have boyfriends and only a tiny number of hot girls do not.

Now when stacked side by side, me compared to her current boyfriend, I end
up being a better in most areas such as humor, smarts, money, looks,
sexiness, etc.

Some guys who date often told me, “in the amount of time it takes you to
convince a hot girl to leave her current boyfriend and go out with you…
you could of found and gone out with FIVE other hot girls.”

Is this true?  Currently it takes about around ’10 hours per hot single
girl’.  So it would take me 50 hours to convince a hot girl to leave her
current boyfriend of let’s say 9 months and go out with me?


(And then once you have the hot girl (who just left her current boyfriend),
is it ok to dump her after 6 or 7 months for a new and possibly even hotter
girl? Cheers and thanks.

First, in my honest opinion, that whole mathematical formula is totally ridiculous and I hate when people try to attribute some sort of scientific method into dating, because this complicates the whole game. There are always exceptions to theories overall, and in dating the exceptions are way beyond calculations. We’re talking about people with emotions and egos that can be used, manipulated, and tapped into in order use for your benefit. For example, what if the girl is mad at her boyfriend that day and is willing to fuck the first guy that hits on her. Or what if she’s just a general slut. And these what ifs never end. Now to clarify another thing I’d like to say that all of those 82% of the women that had men, I didn’t know their boyfriend or husband personally. (Well except once, but he was my enemy.) But whenever I get to liking a girl, I make sure I’m not sabotaging a friendship, because I’m a strong believer of “Bros over Hoes” mentality and no woman is worth screwing a friendship even if you met the boyfriend through the actual girl and you develop some sort of friendship with him. But if you don’t know her boyfriend or don’t particularly like the fella, well it’s a different story.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

I do not believe that there is any woman that will not cheat, especially in our generation. What you said about most 9s and 10s being taken is quite true and I agree with you. There are a few sexy women that can be found that are single, but it’s not too often and they’re not up on the market for too long. So what do guys like us who want 9s and 10s end up doing? We go after the taken women. The key to making her jump ship is to show her that she’s better off with you than with her current boyfriend. I’ve given some basic outline in the post you mentioned, so I won’t go into too much detail about that. But your question was focused on the math aspect and as I said I don’t believe it’s at all true. Depending on your game you can make a girl jump ship the same night you meet her or in five months time, it’s all in your hands and capabilities. And you also asked whether it’s alright to leave your girlfriend for a hotter girl later on, but I’ll retort with this: Why not just keep them both? If you’re able to cheat without getting caught, have fun with both. But if you’re constrained on time or money to juggle two girlfriends then it’s totally fine to leave one and go be with another woman. That’s why I always say that fuck-buddies are way better than girlfriends, but that also depends on a man’s personal interests and what he wants to get out of the relationship.

I hope I’ve answered your questions clearly enough. If you need some clarification or have some more specific question, don’t hesitate to ask. Cheers!


  • Matt said:

    Yes, you’ve answered my questions so perfectly. Awesome answers. After reading your reply and thinking about it, two new questions popped up in my head. First, when the girl decides to leave her current boyfriend for you, and she asks what is the “best way” to break up with him… what do you tell her? (The hot girls (that I want), their current boyfriends and I all go to the same University about 15,000 students, so we will most likely see each other at school when walking in the hallways, cafeteria, etc)

    1)Girl tells current boyfriend she no longer has any feelings for him, she pretends to be single for one week, then me and her walk arm in arm pass him in the cafeteria.

    2)Girl tells current boyfriend. Current boyfriend doesn’t (ex. earn enough money, know how to snowboard/water ski??, etc; a skill that takes a least a couple years to develop/get good at) but her new boyfriend (= me) does, so she’s leaving him.

    3)Your thoughts Robby G?

    Second question is, once me and her are boyfriend and girlfriend, do I tell her that I forbid her to call him up every now and then on the phone and chat for hours, meet up with him for coffee just as friends and ‘keep in touch’, etc?

    Thanks again.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Matt: 1. a) You should tell her that she should just tell her current boyfriend that she doesn’t feel the same connection as she once did. If she’s walking with you, it really shouldn’t matter even if you run into the guy. And if the man says something to her then I would just allow them to talk it over and say, “I’ll leave you too alone for a bit” if of course she wants to talk to him. But if he says something that is offensive either to her or he decides to discuss it with you then I would obviously tell him one thing: “She’s a free girl. She did what she thought fair, and if she would’ve wanted to stay with you then she would have.” And if he doesn’t seem to understand politely then you can knock his ass out if he’s disrespecting you. Honestly, I enjoy to fight, so if you played it all right and “look” clean from the point that you weren’t the one because of who she broke up (even though you are, indirectly) then you have the right to punish him for disrespecting you.
    b) I wouldn’t want her to say this second thing, because it holds you directly responsible for their break-up and you end up being the one who is “wrongful” anytime he confronts you. And it also makes her sound very heartless if she tells him the she’s leaving him because of material things mostly.
    2) I wouldn’t forbid her to see or talk to him. Most men don’t understand that the more control you put over your girl, the more it makes her wanna do it and it will always end up bad. I’d let her do whatever she wants, but if I catch her slipping and getting back into a fling with him then I’d tell her straight to go fuck herself. I rather test my woman rather than control her and be blind to the “what if she wants to fuck her ex?” question, you know?

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