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Meeting Her Friends

9 December 2008 4 Comments

First Impressions

Everybody judges you negatively everyday. Usually those judgements pose no threat or any true meaning in your life, but if those bad judgements of you come from the friends of a woman who you’ve just hooked up with, then they can be detrimental to your future with her. And since first impressions are so important then there’s got to be a way to act in front of her friends the first time you meet them which will make her friends think of you as a friend they’ve known for years. That one meeting can even help your chances with her because it shows your woman an outside view of how the two of you look together.


First Get Comfortable

Normally when I meet new people, I’m extremely analytical of them and I sit back, examine their actions, antics, and specifically what they enjoy talking about. I throw in a few comments in the fields of conversations that I’m strong in, but I don’t try to spark a conversation with a specific individual and seclude everyone else. Then, after I think I’ve got a good idea of who’s who and what’s what, I find the loser of the group. The person that everyone seems to make fun of or degrade, but also the one who always seems to laugh off those jokes about him/her. There’s always someone like that in the group. Basically someone who doesn’t have strong talk-back skills. And once you’ve spotted the loser, you begin to make funny comments towards him, but make sure not to start any arguments. Instead, laugh while you’re throwing those comments out and make sure everyone else in the group is laughing at your jokes. Throughout this “attack” I always look at everyone, making sure no one is whispering or talking about me behind my back. I learn their ideas of humour and focus on making jokes in those fields of humour.


Show Off Your Superiority

When you’re attacking the loser of the group who doesn’t seem to either understand that he’s being attacked on or is just laughing it off, it brings out the alpha male in you. You show power and control as a leader, and people in most cases like to follow the leader rather than go against the current and fight him once they see his comments can crush them. I just always make sure to make it all a laughing matter. Never make it seem serious. It’s always just part of the fun time you’re all having.


Keep Your Cool

Once I start feeling comfortable around her friends, I make sure to never look needy by never rushing. I just act cool and never over-speak. I don’t act like I’m bored with their discussions or that I’m above them, because that just sends out bad vibes throughout. I smile at their jokes, I throw in my own jokes, I comment on their discussions, I act interested but not too interested in what they’re saying, but throughout this entire time I’m also showing my woman love. I never forget to hold her hand or kiss her on the cheek every so often, and I never hit on any of her girlfriends.


The overall advice is to not fall off your game and make sure not to expect that if you’ll just be yourself then they’ll accept you for who you are. Remember, they’re her friends not your friends, they have different interests, different ideas of fun, and overall different views on life and society. Try to learn her friends before saying something that will haunt you later. Act smooth, be cool, and be sure to not become their “new loser” of the group.




  • Kisha said:

    Picking on the loser of the group, interesting angle. I might just have to head over to your facebook group and check you out there to.

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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Kisha, Thanks, but it’s quite new of a group I must warn you, so get some friends interested if you can. But yeah, picking on the loser of the group is the way to go, but it’s a dangerous procedure that must be approached with caution because the guy shouldn’t make himself look like a total asshole, but instead practice his superiority as inconspicuously as possible. I hope that’s clear and it makes sense to the fellas.

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  • Des said:

    Picking on the poor soul will make you look like a loser in the eyes of fair minded people. I for one don’t stand for that. You do that to me, I might poke your eye.

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  • Des said:

    In fact pick on the most comfortable of them all. You stand up to him, you impress others. Most women don’t like attack on helpless people.

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