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Money, Money, Money

27 January 2009 6 Comments

Money is an important issue each and everyone comes across on a daily basis. Well, everyone except the very wealthy. But if you’re not too rich, I’d say it’s high up on your list of priorities of things you want to have. Ideally, a Boss should have money at all times, but it’s not really a requirement for an up-and-coming Boss. What is a requirement though is to have money on your mind at all times. You’re no one in this world without money. I’m really gonna stress how important it is to strive for money in this post. The actual definition of a Boss in the dictionary is “A person who exercises control over workers.” So if you think about a Boss even in that context then it’s still someone that has enough money to own a business and have control. In this blog we have a definition that’s a little bit different, because instead of a boss of a company, I discuss being a Boss of your own life and having control of the things around you.

Money Talks

Cash is King, Money Talks, the list goes on. People who say money can’t buy you happiness are usually the people that don’t have money. I’ve seen a hell of a lot of happy rich people. Sure though, they might be right about it not actually buying you things like true love or whatnot, if that’s what you cherish and consider to be happiness, but aren’t you happiest when you can buy what you want anytime that you want? Especially if you’re young and reading this blog and you’re living in a capitalistic society, you’ve gotta want to get money. For up-and-comers, saving the planet or helping poor kids should all come second. Money should be their number one goal and once you’ve got money, that’s when you can think about becoming a philanthropist.

Money’s the Root of All Evil?

Alright, wait, I might sound too moneyhungry from that last part I wrote. I want to clarify. Something you’ve gotta remember, which is part of lesson number one is that you have got to remember that you’re the Boss and you’re in control. So never let money control you. A Boss can never be bought with money, but he’ll be on his grind from morning to night, choosing money over women any day. Money, just like everything else has to be put in its spot, but for example it would rank much higher on the scale of importance than getting laid for a Boss.

Once You’ve Got It

Now once you’ve got money, it’s important to know how to keep it. I know many people that were born into rich families so they obviously had money from birth. Most of them took that money and spent it on drugs, girls, drinks, cars, and basically everything to do with just having fun. Then there were ones that took their family’s money and transformed it from millions to tens of millions. It’s really hard to hang on to money and if you can double or triple it, I honestly have respect for those kinds of people. Then on the other hand, people that just take their daddy’s cash and flash it and eventually spend it all, I don’t have respect for them at all. There is time for fun, there is time for work, but you’ve gotta get your priorities straight before you can do anything. To be a Boss, you’ve really gotta know the cost of money (not in exchange form, but in its importance). You’ve gotta show money respect, and only then can you move onto making it and slowly growing your empire. Eventually, the goal will be to have enough money to live a comfortable life for you and your family, not having to refuse yourself from any luxury, and still keep a steady income coming in without having to physically work for it.

The way I see it is, if this is the type of economical structure we live in, then be it, but I better be at the top of that corporate ladder.


  • Tom Humes said:

    Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

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  • Attah said:

    cash rules everything around me.

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  • Ken Gobin said:

    if i wasn’t in jail i’d be making a lot of money hustlin right now

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    VAughan Reply:

    Ken r u still in jail? In Toronto? What happened to you


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  • T Edwards said:

    I like the way you think. The only thing I would add would be that Money, is NOT the root of all evil. It’s the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil. Money never did anything to anybody but give them the means to buy that new Lamborghini.


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  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Tom Humes: Thanks. Return any time. Subscribe to my RSS Feed if you’d like.

    @T Edwards: That’s a really good point. The love of money is a disgusting thing when people are ready to sell anything or anyone for it.

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