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Most Under-Rated Films

17 February 2010 3 Comments

I’m a big fan of cinema and when I’m talking to other people about films, I usually presume that they’ve seen most of what I’ve seen. Except that’s not usually the case and when I start telling them the story-line to the films I think are great, they tend to drift off just because I clearly don’t do the films justice through my fantastic skills of oral communication. I wanted to cover two films today that I believe are some of the most under-rated films of all time–or at least the last 20 years. One is a comedy, and in my opinion the greatest comedy of all time, which I have seen more times than any other film, including Pulp Fiction. And the second is a crime-drama, which is more relevant now than ever before.


No, I’m not talking about Next Friday or Friday After Next with Ice Cube and Mike Epps, I’m talking about the one and only, the one that started it all, Friday with Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. That’s right, Chris Tucker or as the ones who have seen the film may know him as Smokey. This film beats Office Space and Dumb and Dumber when it comes to humour, and it completely circles around Craig’s (Ice Cube) front porch.

Craig gets fired from work on his day off and has his friend Smokey come over to tell him a story about Ezal who got knocked out by Deebo. Then Smokey finally gets Craig to try out weed for his first time (who you fooling Cube?) and gets into trouble with Big Worm, Smokey’s drug supplier. The humour of the film though isn’t in the plot, but in the characters, the lifestyle, the diallogue, and Chris Tucker. Next Friday over-shadowed the prequel and though it’s also a great film, I think Friday is far superior to any other comedy out there. The lines in that movie are memorable, the characters are hilarious, and even the Pastor (RIP Bernie Mac) is one funny motherfucker in that flick.

Harsh Times

Then we come to Harsh Times with Christian Bale and Freddy Rodriguez about a pot-smoking, 40oz-drinking ex-Ranger who tries to find a job with the LAPD and finally gets hired by the FBI who want him to work in Columbia. He’s got a woman he wants to marry but that plan gets disturbed when he analyzes his situation with the job of a lifetime. Jim Davis (Bale) suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after being honorably discharged from war and often has vivid flashbacks along with numerous disturbances where he even comes close to killing the woman he loves. His spontaneous actions and portrayal of a disturbed character with a love/hate relationship with authority creates a film that is exciting to watch and extremely realistic. It’s as if we’ve all known someone or ourselves have felt the hidden anxieties or anguishes or Jim Davis at some point in our lives.

Friday and Harsh Times are in my opnion some of the most under-rated films to come out in the last 20 years and should get much more recognition that they have been awarded. I urge people to watch them and let me know what they think. Or at least mention which other films you think are as under-rated as the ones mentioned.

Update: I have put links to the films I highly recommend. Notice I have not included a link for Friday After Next, because I really don’t think it’s a film worth owning. The rest really should be on as many shelves as Scarface is on the shelves of all those rapper on Cribs.


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  • Al said:

    Must say, I completely agree with the films, I do believe both are underrated, especially Friday. I have watched the film so many times and I can still laugh. Sort of like the ghetto version of seinfeld almost. I wish I could think of more films to add to your list lol.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Al: Ghetto version of Seinfeld–I’d never think of that connection. That’s just funny. Well, sitting around not doing much… I guess I see what you mean.

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