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Move On Past the Break-Up

1 July 2010 No Comment

I left my boyfriend a year ago and i can not get him out of my head, and i
know why but i dont understant what i need to do to forget about him. We
were together almost a year and I left him cause he was just not right for
me. Before i left him he bought me a dog that i still have and he told me
that this makes us a family and i now i should probably just get rid of the
dog and that would help but i cant do that to the dog its unfair i just want
to get over him and i cant. Any advise will help!! Thanks!!

Results of a Bad Break-Up (Just Kidding, haha) (Explored)
Break-ups are sometimes excrutiating to deal with and they can make you think of nothing but your once beloved. When you’re in a break-up spell then it feels like you’ll never get out of it, and once you do get over it you realize how rediculous it was to think about your ex so much. It’s true that getting over someone is not easy job and there really is no better cure than time, but there things you can do to make that time pass faster and less painfully.

Prepare Yourself Mentaly

Once you know that there is no chance of you two getting back together then you should get your mind to think in a certain pattern. Instead of dwelling on how great the time together was, you must think about any negative attributes he may have possessed, reasons why you broke up, and how he made you feel during the time that things weren’t so good. This way you stop worshiping the relationship but you begin to think in more grounded terms. Once you start pulling out all the negative thoughts and realizing that you shouldn’t really be that hung up on him, you may feel angry that he even made you feel so weak and vulnerable. If you’ve been having “what if” thoughts about your previous relationship then you have to kick those to the curb as well. Regretting not taking a certain path with him has no logical benefit to you and that energy spent could have been used on a more productive activity.

Do’s and Don’ts

Yes, hobbies are great, but I also know when you come out of a relationship where you still like the person, hobbies are the furthest things from your mind. You don’t feel like doing anything at all and things that remind you of your ex keep you falling back into memory-lane. But believe me, doing some activity you love (or used to love) can set you on the right path. Your mind will be more focused, you will feel healthier, and over time you will think less and less about him. About your dog, I would keep it simply because it really is unfair to the dog to just give it away because he triggers memories of your ex. Also, go out and meet people. Meet men and start dating, and once you’re on a date do not bring up your former relationships and how much you were in love with your ex.

I know that getting over your ex is much easier said than done, but if you’re interested to see the process I went through then you can read “She Put Salt on my Wound“. Another thing you have to make sure to do is not be hard on yourself. Make sure not to fall back into the traps of listening to music that will bring back memories and make you start thinking about him. Though there is a big attraction to putting on an old record and srinking a bottle of wine to it while looking through pictures, it works completely against you. Listen to cheerful music and spend more time with friends, talking about more exciting subjects. Believe me, with this and some time you will get over him.

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