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Move Quickly When Picking Up Girls

25 July 2009 3 Comments

When you see a woman you find good looking, you will want to either get to know her better or just sleep with her. Either way, you’ll need to act quickly. In my pesonal experience I think that if you’re trying to get a girl at a club then it’s best to just approach her, make enough conversation to squeeze a number out of her and just move on. Be a man of mystery with shit to do that’s more imporant than spending the entire night talking to her. You’ve got friends to attend to and you’ve got other girls’ numbers to get. Don’t spend too much time, money, or attention on a single girl. This is key in not only getting the number but also making sure that you’re in constant motion and are moving on to a variety of ladies that seem attractive enough to you. Let’s be honest, you’re at the club to have a good time and hook up with a few girls, so go ahead and do just that. You’re not looking for a future wife in there, you’re looking for a few numbers you can take back home and call up within the next couple of days. This also gives you the ability to have choice for next weekend and won’t make you seem desperate with a single girl, because if she’s not willing to come out with you next time then you’ve got half a dozen other girls on call.

What if She’s Not into Me?

It’s the exact same thing here. The good thing about moving quickly from one girl to the next to get their numbers is that you gain the benefit of not spending too much time on a single girl before discovering if she’s willing to give you the number or if you’re just not her type. If you see it’s going down hill, just make an excuse and leave. And if you see it’s going well, again, make an excuse, but before leaving ask her for her number and exit like a champ. Go see your mates, go for a couple of drinks, and finally move on and start up a conversation with another woman. This may sound mean, but it’s like ‘wash, rinse and repeat’ with the ladies at the club.

I remember this one time I hooked up with a girl at a club by starting off with just a dance, and then we had a brief conversation and I was able to squeeze a number out. Then she invited me to take a seat with her and her friends but I knew that if would have done that then I’d probably be stuck with her the entire night, so instead I said I wanted to keep dancing while she chilled with her friends. I found a next girl to dance with which turned out to be even better looking than the first and we again stopped for a brief conversation. The conversation led us to a little make out session and I of course got her number. But the thing that my friend ended up telling me by the end of the night was that he saw the first girl I was with see me making out with the second girl, and that she appeared destroyed when she saw that. But you know what, this wasn’t all that bad. I called up the first girl a few days later and she was into it. I guess it stirred up a thought in her that maybe she’s the lucky one that I called her because I’m capable of getting other girls yet I chose to hang out with her. This reassures her that I picked her even though I could have gone with the second (or third or fourth) girl, depending how many others there were that she may not even be aware of. Just remember that it’s all fun and games and you should keep it that way with the girls you meet at clubs.

Try it out in the club tonight. See if it gets you a few extra numbers.


  • Kostenlos Partnersuche said:

    Men most of the times does the first move in picking up girls. So move fast!

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  • Kno Kna said:

    I agree. Move fast. Get the number then get out. You’re there to find some girls to fuck so don’t stay there and try to have a decent conversation in the club. You get the number so then you can call her to set up a proper date where you can sleep with her.

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  • Dan Waters said:

    I agree with Kostenlos. Guys are fast on their move to get the girls so you should always move fast and not hesitate. The girls are at the club to get approached and picked up, like Robby always talks about, so you should build up your confidence and go for them before they get taken.

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