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22 July 2010 4 Comments

I am in love with my fb. I told him serveral times and i think i screwed it
up long time ago when he asked me to move in with him and asked me come see
but that we weren’t going to have sex. Now just recently which was today he
says he doesn’t want to cheat on his girlfriend. We had it planned to meet
monday, I showed up and he called me and said that he is 1 minute away. He
then goes what kind of car are you driving i said a pos. Then he doesn’t
pull in at all. never called to say he wasn’t coming or nothing. I finally
get the answer today that he wants to stay faithful to her. When the whole
time he said she doesn’t do it for him. And that him and her were fighting
again. There was a huge 6th month hiatus that he took of me and he went on
the computer to find me. We use to text only cell to cell no email or
nothing. It’s like he comes and goes. When he comes he gets all emotional
then says for me to not want him basically anymore cuz he is with her. I’m
lost. What should i do? should i wait again? He’s 25 and im 31.

I think he is trying to hold you “on a leash”, calling you whenever he wants to hook up or when his relationship with his girlfriend is not going so well. However, when everything is fine with his girlfriend, he either finds excuses or just disappears altogether. He’s got an older, more experienced woman who is happy to be his fuck buddy and doesn’t complain about the fact that he has a girlfriend, so he is utilizing that opportunity. I honestly think there is nothing great that will come out of this and he is acting a little bit immature by not being open with you and pulling moves like telling you to meet and never showing up. He must take into consideration that you also have certain needs and desires, and if he is playing mind games rather than telling you what exactly is going on with his relationship and what he is expecting your current fuck buddy relationship to turn into then you should reconsider this entire arrangement.

I suggest that you go on with your life and find someone more suitable to you and your needs. A man that cheats on his girlfriend then claims he doesn’t want to cheat on her anymore and continues on lying by saying he’ll meet to talk to you and never actually show up is someone who is just pulling you along for a “just in case” situation. Or it just could be that he doesn’t know exactly what he wants and that is why he is playing this confusing game, but I personally doubt that. I think he knows what he is doing and is trying to have a good relationship with his girlfriend, but when things are shaky he wants a rebound waiting for him. You can try to have a serious conversation with him to see what it is exactly that he wants, and if he seems reluctanct to talk about it then just let him be, because he is clearly not ready to let go of his girlfriend and get together with you.


  • Beth said:

    i have already proceeded to do so on the actons that you said i should take. Matter of fact i have stopped talking to him for 3 days now and he has called my house number without leaving a messege and ive answered the phone and he just hangs up. i just changed my home phone number today. and about to change my cell number in 3 days, after my current cell is disconnected. Thanks!

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Beth: It sounds like the right decision you’ve taken. He’s been playing around too much so taking a firm stand should work just fine.

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  • Bob Homes said:

    “I suggest that you go on with your life and find someone more suitable to you and your needs.”

    Yup, excellent advice. This guy sounds like a two (or three?) faced loser. You don’t need him.

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  • Daisy said:

    You’re the one with the brains here. I’m wahtcnig for your posts.

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