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Moving to Amsterdam

31 March 2009 3 Comments

Back a few months ago I wrote a post on foreign exchange and that I was heading either towards Amsterdam, Holland or Stockholm, Sweden for my third year of university. Well after an interview process and a statement of interest, I was nominated to become the only person from my university to be entitled the position of being York University’s Political Science major to study in University of Amsterdam. Now I just wanted to mention that even though I’m moving in around August of this year, I am still going to continue writing posts on this blog. Why not, it finally started to bring in some money for me! But what I’m kinda excited about is that I was thinking about implementing a new category to this blog that will be entitled something like Shite I Like…to Travel. I’ll try not to change the structure of this blog too much, but will just publish an extra post per week or so on what and how I’m doing in Amsterdam.

What’s so good about that category, you ask?

Well, a hell of a lot. First, I’ll be living entirely by myself… in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is one of the livest cities in the world. There are lots of freedoms there that I, as a Canadian, do not get to benefit from here. And basically I thought it might be interesting for people who would like to travel through Europe to get to see the ups and downs of the continent through my written experiences. Please feel free to leave your comments on whether you think the idea of this new category in four months from now is a good idea, or would you rather I leave the format of this blog the way it currently is?


  • Anastasia said:

    You’ll have lots of fun! Congratulations on getting accepted. All the best to you.

  • Orlando said:

    I love Europe. I have been to Rotterdam and Amsterdam, both great cities. You’ll have loads of fun. Congratulations. I think you really should put a travel category. It’ll be fun to read about the kind of shite you will get into! Cheers mate.

  • Attah said:

    YES BOSS! SHIIIITE I like…. To Travel sounds brilliant.

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