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Never Too Young to Be Boss

1 June 2009 10 Comments

Throughout my time I’ve noticed a lot of people who are extremely plain in their way of thought. They think inside the box, if you will. I know that everyone puts one pant leg on at a time, but there is a problem with the mental state of the kids growing up in this society. They believe that if you do well in high school, then go onto college and finish well then their life will be set. Life doesn’t work that easily. If you’ve got millions of others who are doing the same thing as you, how can you really prosper if you don’t have the necessary connections or if God-forbid your marks aren’t as good as someone elses. The world of business can be entered quite early in a person’s life. First of all I encourage kids to go and try to get jobs early in their lives so they learn the value of the dollar and understand that working for yourself is far more superior in every which way than working for someone else while getting exploited. And the earlier you start developing your skills in looking outside the box and doing things that not everyone else is doing then the less crap and less mistakes you’ll have to deal with in the future. And trust me, it’s best to go through difficulties while you’re younger, with less responsibilities, and with no dependants weighing down on your shoulders setting in the fear in you to take risks. While still in school, children should seek various means to succeed in life which will mark their superiority over their future competition.

Analyze Your Personal Success

If you’re anywhere from 18-30 years old and you feel like your talent will shine through sometime in the future or that everything will be nice and dandy once you’re done college or get promoted, the fact is everything may not work out as you hope. And the older you get the more you come into grips with that depressing fact. It’s important to try and grow with the knowledge and talent you already have. Grow outside of the regular school or even work curriculum. When you get out of lecture, don’t rush through your readings and go out to enjoy a beer in the pub, thinking that you’re on top of schedule. Set goals for yourself that are outside of just doing the things that are assigned to you. And getting a minimum wage job isn’t what I mean either. What I mean is set a goal such as, “I will finish writing a book this year that I started last summer” or “I will push myself to getting that Real Estate license I have been putting off for sometime now and work as an agent part-time by next spring.” Try not to limit your goals to things that have limited room to grow. Try to create goals that are attainable and will have a large and definite impact on your future.

Let’s Look at History

Most of the biggest names in history have achieved their great discoveries or have began their ever-growing careers early in their lives. Imagine, by the age of 27 Karl Marx wrote a praised novel called “The German Ideology” and by the time he was 30 he wrote “The Communist Manifesto“, a book that stirred revolution in almost half the world. By the age of 28 Bob Marley was on his first major tour with The Wailors promoting global peace and love through music. Then there are people like Che Guevara, Mozart, Plato, and loads of others who have achieved extraordinary heights before they hit 40. But that’s a long time ago when they didn’t have the technological opportunities we have now. We have the ability to start our businesses after becoming legal adults, we can spread our words to millions of listeners over the internet and we can gather, and raise the sleeping minds of masses from any part of the world.

Looking at the Sun Don’t Pay

Remember, that unless you’ve got some rich daddy that will support your ass through the good, the bad, and the ugly, then you need to realize that life isn’t all about glamour, and the younger you start developing your independence, growing your experience, setting big goals for yourself and actually fulfilling them rather than procrastinating on them, the bigger chance that you will become a boss in your lifetime. And the younger the better, because you’re never too young to start thinking like one. So in the wise words of Tupac Shakur, who also took his skill and created something out of nothing to reach world fame at a young age, “Get off your ass if you plan to be rich.”


  • Chris said:

    I think people should focus on making money from a young age but having fun should be part of a teens development. Schooling is important but that just creates more people that are molded to work for others instead of making forming their own businesses. I would encourage kids from childhood to think outside the box and understand that money is extremely important. Even teach them politics and economics from a young age. Motivational post.

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  • wtvbt said:

    This was a really good…and MOTIVATIONAL post!! After reading this I feel like going out and just taking on the world!!!

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    Robby G Reply:

    @wtvbt: I’m glad that’s the feeling you got from this. I think it’s crucial to have posts like this once in a while to get people motivated. I tend to listen to certain songs or watch certain movies to get that feeling in me and then I get shite done.

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  • Grace said:

    I think highschool kids just want to relax and enjoy life before the good stuff ends and they have to start working. I don’t think it’s ever to late to start trying, but the star quality just shines through at a really young age for some people, so their parents should be pushing them further.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Grace: I agree 100%. High school kids tend to overlook the importance of making something of themselves and think that one day everything will just come to them. That’s a fallacy beyond recognition. I’ve had people in school who thought that way and ended up working full time at coffee shops finally realizing that life isn’t that easy. And then having wasted so much time after high school they would all end up going to university but by then all the hard working students are prosperous and the rest is just trying to get by.

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  • Archerfiah.org said:

    you are right

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  • jah rastafari said:

    yo diddily check yo self before u wreck yo self you cant be middle class in this swine filled society we live in, either gotta be a bum and live the bum life or you gotta be a boss yaa hearrrrddd

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  • UrbNVision said:

    Very true. I agree.

    I wish I knew then the things I know now. College is not the end all they make it out to be.

    The reality is they want us to be stuck in this rats race, and school only trains you to remain that way. We need to even challenge the school system a bit more, and question what its really doing for our youth, besides indoctrination.

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  • Compare said:

    I think you are 100% correct on this.

    The problem is, they program everyone to be a slave under someone from the first day they go into school. The only thing you hear – ‘when you get a job…’, ‘when you are in the workplace….’

    Slow brainwashing to keep everyone slaves.

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    Robby G Reply:

    @Compare: I hate that mentality and it took me working from a young age to realize that I never want to work under somebody. Shools need to teach kids how to become CEO’s instead of labourers, and that’s the mentality that should be encouraged. It seems that only in households where the parents are the bosses that their kids get that mentality in them, and the schools don’t promote that at all.

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