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Night Out in Amsterdam

4 September 2009 3 Comments

It’s 3pm and I just crawled outta bed. Thank God I don’t have a hangover. Last night was the first night I decided to go out on a prowl to look for girls in Amsterdam. My first week was all about picking and arranging courses, settling down, checking out the scenes, and basically being a tourist. Yesterday was a Thursday and I don’t have class Fridays so I got tired of not having too many girls I’d like to sleep with on my cellphone, so I went pub/club hopping. I love that you can drink in the streets. First I sat around watching Californication on my laptop, drinking litres of Heineken, and eating some rice with Ketchup–a typical 10pm meal for me knowadays. Then after seeing Hank Moody getting every girl he ever talked to in Californication, I grabbed a few more Heinekens and was on my way to a square where all the pubs are. I was pretty buzzed by the time I got there and went into the first decent place I saw. Damn was that a bad decision. I asked the bouncer and he told me that it wasn’t a gay bar, except as soon as I walked in there was more sausage than a sausage factory. I saw a few women but they did not look desirable. So I wandered around some more, having people approach me to ask me for directions like I was some local. I told them to go some place, but I doubt it was the right direction. But who in their right mind comes up to ask directions from a swaying bastard who has one open beer in his hand and another closed one in his other?

Well then I went for a drink at another place which wasn’t too bad but the crowd and music were somewhat lame. I drank a quick beer and some Aussie tried to chat me up. He was just on business for a few days but I really didn’t care, because I was out to pick up girls, not to make any friends, to be honest. So I got outta there after downing my beer in about eight minutes. I walked to the club not to far from there and that one was actually pretty damn good. There were girls, the music was top-notch, and it wasn’t too small compared to the tiny pubs all over Amsterdam. I right away began to flirt with the bar-woman and bought another cold one. She flirted back, but she’s a bar-woman, that’s their job. So then I approached some girl who was standing around the DJ booth with another of her friends. She looked good, but I could see she wasn’t into the whole party scene. Whatever, I really didn’t care. I walked up and began talking to her but she blew me off quite quickly. Yeah, I give advice on women on this blog and I’m admitting that I got rejected by a girl. Who cares, it happens to the best of us. The lesson here is to not feel down about it but to move on and try to get some other girl and keep it from getting to your head. Not even a couple of minutes passed and I was already talking and grinding with some other girl. Of course this next girl wasn’t the nicest one, but nicer girls were soon to walk into the pub. I didn’t waste too much time with this girl because I really wasn’t drunk enough to want to wake up next to her. I have really high standards though. Now that I think about it she was definitely do-able, but hell to some do-able is a 3 and to some (me included) do-able is an 8. She was around a 7. So what’d I do? Had another drink. I drank some vodka-Redbull and she began to look like a 7.9 then. Then she said she was hot and wanted to come out for a few seconds. I said sure and then when we were outside I said let’s go to my place, because I knew if I don’t get her that night and instead get her number then I would never end up calling her. She’s just not a girl you want to go out with, in my opinion. I rather be on another night of prowling then waste a night with her. She said she’d think about it and though I could see with a little persuasion she was into it, I told her to have a good night because I was heading back inside. I’m not pursuing a girl who I had doubts about in the first place.

Back inside I went back to the bar and got another beer. Took that to the dance floor and chilled out a little. Then a full pack of girls and guys came in. They all looked together but what’s the difference. So I approached one and after talking to her for about five minutes I asked her for the number. She looked pretty good from what I remember. When I was stumbling around with the digits, she took the phone from my hands and saved her name and number herself. That’s actually another sign that a girl really does want you to call her. Then I went back to the bar, and no, I didn’t get another drink, but I asked the bar-woman what she was doing after work and if she wanted to come party. She said she was beat and needed her sleep. I said fuck it, walked around the place some more and saw another girl to talk to. I didn’t even try too hard with her. Just said “Hi, how you doing?” sort of thing. Talked some bullshit for two minutes and realized I needed to go because I was getting real tired, and if I wouldn’t leave at that time then I’d end up sleeping in the street because I didn’t have any transportation to get back home. So I got this last girl’s number really quick and I don’t even remember what I put her name as in my phone. I headed back out, said bye to the previous girl whose number I got and told her I’d call her. She confirmed it with a nice smile and a sexy wave. She was with quite a few friends, so I didn’t want to ask her to come out with me and maybe try to get her back to my place, because sometimes it’s just not the best idea and can ruin your chances of getting her next time.

I tried to find my way back home but my feet ended up failing on me so I jumped into a C-Class Benz taxi and got back to my place within a couple of minutes. Then the secret of not having a hangover had to be performed: water, water, and more water. I hit my bed like a brick and was out cold until now. Though the night wasn’t a total success, I had fun, I got a sure number that I’ll call today after I put some more money into my cellphone, and I don’t have a hangover. Pretty successful, in my opinion. Mama would be proud. Cheers.


  • Darren said:

    That’s a hilarious night out man. Sounds you’re having fun even by yourself. I hate going out by myself, but I guess it’s good to pick up women that way and plus you’re new to dam. Congrats on the number.

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  • Al said:

    Wow.. makes me want to hop on the plane and head on over to the good ol Am’Dam.. I think i will do that really soon.. sounds like your having a great time.. stay safe Robby G.. keep up with these posts.. i want to hear more about your amsterdam nights..

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  • stu said:

    Wait, so you got drunk alone, then wandered around a bar trying to convince the bar tender and some girls to fuck you but nobody would? Cool guy.

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