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Night Out with the Hell’s Angels

8 November 2009 3 Comments

Hells Angels Member on a Motorcycle
Photo by SliceofNYC
I was sitting at home Friday night not knowing what to do. My flatmate had his girlfriend over and didn’t want to go out, some other people I phoned weren’t in the mood to have some drinks (lazy potheads), and I wasn’t in the mood for calling up a girl to take on a date. So I ended up going to a pub hopping around the Red Light District. I didn’t know what was going to come of the night except that I was going to get exceptionally drunk. I started with five straight shots of Jagermeister, sipping RedBull in between. Then at another pub I had three beers. Then at another pub I had a vodka-cranberry, which is when I felt the touch of tipsyness. Then I got another 2 beers and a strawberry daiquiri (don’t ask me why–well basically, two girls were drinking it and it looked like they were enjoying the shit out of it). Then while I was sipping on another beer, this being the third pub/lounge I was of the night, I watched two drunk Hell’s Angels stumble in. The drunker one, who was falling around the place went up to a table of girls and tried to talk to them. The girls quickly brushed him off and he ended up falling onto the shoulder of his friend who was ordering drinks. They got some drinks and ended up coming to sit right next to me. I started some conversation with them and one lit up a cigarette. The Chinaman bartender quickly told me to put the cig away, but when he refused, the bartender grabbed it out his mouth and put it out himself. Then the Angel got out another one and began to puff away, putting his feet on the table. The bartender got mad and kicked them out without getting them to pay for anything. I decided to come out with them and that’s when they asked me if I could show them where there are any good clubs around. I told them I was thinking of going home, but they convinced me to go with them. Why not, I though, it’ll make for a great story to tell.

The real drunk Angel ended up going back to his hotel room, but me and the other one took a taxi to a club. The club didn’t let us in so we ended up going into another club. On the way to the other club he kept kicking bikes and mopeds and telling everyone who even slightly looked at us to “Fuck off!” and “What the fuck you lookin at! What you want, motherfucker!” It was fucking awesome and started kicking mopeds with him as well. When we got into the place,  we ordered more drinks and I approached two girls who looked quite hot. I started a conversation with the hotter one of the two and then introduced my friend to them. She told me he frightened her a bit and that he looked like a Nazi. Hmm, I thought in my drunk state of mind, why not ask him if he was a Nazi. Not a good idea on my behalf, but fuck it. The guy looked like this: Tall, built, the sides of his head were shaved, and in the middle he had long hair, he had Hell’s Angel’s vest on, and looked like a mean fuck. He didn’t take my question lightly, getting really offended and almost turning on me, but then I managed to change the convo with a toast.

Then when he was trying to hit on a bartender (same bartender I hit on a few weeks ago), I came up to him and put my glass of beer in front of some guy who was trying to order a drink. He told me to move my drink and I told him to get the fuck outta my face. He kept trying to get me to move my glass, but I was in a little bit of a bout it mood, so I grabbed the Angel’s shoulder and when he saw the guy looking at him and starting shit, the Angel got up in his face and yelled “Whatta fuck you lookin at motherfucker!” The guy bitched out and went straight to the security. Then we were approached by three big bouncers and they asked us to come outside. It was hilarious, the whole situation. On my way out I was walking by the two hotties and said, “I gotta go outside for a minute,” and when she asked me why, I pointed at the bouncers behind me and the look on her face was priceless. She understood.

Outside I was trying to understand why we were kicked out and told the bouncers that we should go back inside or at least get our fucking money back that the Angel paid for us to get in: 5 Euros each. I didn’t realize that while I was trying to talk rationally to the bouncer, the Hell’s Angel was yelling at them. Then one of the (by now) five bouncers reached out and smacked the Angel across the face. He stumbled back and I noticed that he didn’t want to jump in and fight them so we ended up walking away. Damn shame. Then I told him to call more of his Hell’s Angels but he was reluctant. That’s when I decided to go home and told him I needed to be on my way. We separated and I got completely lost. After an hour of aimless walking, I got a taxi and drove home. My bike is still tied up at the Red Light District somewhere, I just hope it still hasn’t been stolen.

I threw up when I got home from the liquor and the morning wasn’t any better. Huge headache and more vomit. Great night. By the way the Hell’s Angels I met were from Denmark and there was some being anniversary meeting of some sorts for them here in Holland the past weekend.


  • Al said:

    Absoloutley love it! lol, I love a good personal experience type story, especially one like this. Would’ve liked to know that you got the girls , but still seemed like a good night lol. Great post.

  • Robby G (author) said:

    @Al: Yeah, it wouldn’t been nice to get a girl to go home with at the end of the night, but then again I was throwing up during most of the night and morning.
    More crazy shit to come…

  • Rob said:

    Just a comment on this story. Your an asshole who really needs to grow up.

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