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No Need to Worry

4 November 2011 2 Comments

Hello. So this month my apt complex offered us group sessions with a
personal trainer. I was told he is sexy. When i met him i was almost
speechless, he is by far a beautiful man, he has the physical qualities that
i love. So we trained about once a week. I was always so nervous and shy
around him, but he was soo cool and down to earth, so thru us training, we
exchanged numbers. After a workout hed always text me and say good job or
whatever. So i tentatively would make small inquiries of his love for
training, his interests, yada yada. After awhile, we got more comfortable
texting about random stuff, nothing sexual. I had stopped training during
this time. So 3wks ago, i had an out of the blue erotic dream about him and
i just couldnt shake it, so i texted him that id dreamt of him, he wasnt
offended and asked for details, i gave in and told him, then i told him how
i was so hot and bothered, i tried to make a joke of it becuz i didnt want
to appear crass. He kept laughing and so i kept up, saying it was all his
fault, and if we were on a deserted island, all propriety would go out the
window. So were doing this “dance” all day and as night falls, it gets
serious, i ask him what level of experience would he like a woman, then he
asks me my bra size, then asks for a pic, i sent it, then finally i ask
him(at first indirect) if hed like to come over and maybe we have sex. He
came over!! I was sooo shocked, he is gorgeous, im beautiful but he is
breathtaking. I was soo nervous, i had candles and incense lit, music in
background, i had on a beautiful dress. To me this was special, he was sooo
cool and down to earth, i was shocked. And i found out hes a country boy.(i
love country men) so i was sooo nervous, tried to put my old school nintendo
on, but i couldnt cuz he started rubbing my breasts and had gotten
completely naked. So i played with him, then we had sex, he was VERY
PLEASED. and after, i had towels already heated for him to use and cold
water. I was so prepared. After, we talked bout normal stuff for like an
hour, it wasn’t awkward or nothing. Before he left, i let him kno id like to
do that more(sex) he said ok. So throughout the rest of week, we continued
texting getting to know each other.. we both love nintendo, and i still have
one, so i let him know that it doesn’t have to be just sex.. so anyway, the
very next week, he came over and we had a mario brothers nintendo match,
then we had sex again(lovely) again after we talked then we again text
throughout week. He told me not to fall in love becuause hes not ready (hes
only 27- im 28) at first i was hurt, but he said not to be hurt, its not
becuz he doesnt want me. So anyway, yesterday (7/27) he texted to say he was
coming over but not for sex becuz he had messed up his back that morn, and i
was like ok. I was happy to kno hed come over even to just hang out w/o sex.
Well, we played, then we started watching a movie, and then i began to give
him oral sex for a bit, till he jumped up and led us to my bedroom where we
had rough sex (due on part cuz that week i was finally comfy enough to tell
him what i like sexually) HE WAS VERY PLEASED. We ended talking for awhile,
then he was looking at my broken door to see how to fix it for me. Then he
left. Help. Im falling for him. I never thought hed want to hang with me,
but he does, if i could wish, id wish hed fall for me. I like how he is
beautiful on the inside as well as outside. What can i do?

It’s great that you were able to find someone you like so much and it appears that he has similar intentions as you. The way things are going it seems that soon enough you will get into a relationship, and best way for that to happen is to continue texting him and talking to him and then see if he wants to go out some place with you. It could be anywhere informal like for a coffee, and if it ends up in the bedroom then be it there’s no harm there. The fact that he told you not to fall in love with him is a normal thing to say for someone who isn’t looking for anything serious, but love is a thing that cannot be controlled, and even when he’s against it, it’s not up to him to decide just simply because it comes unexpected at times. If you two continue seeing each other and going out more often, and most importantly getting to know each other and getting comfortable, that’s when he himself will be opening up to you and telling you he has fallen for you.

It’s great that you two share interests, can relate well, and most crucial of all is that you find each other compelling enough and there seems to only be positive vibes at the moment. He’s already fixing doors for you and that just shows that he cares for you, because believe me, a man does not do things like that just for anyone simply because he wouldn’t want you to get ideas that there’s anything serious between you two. But because he is helping you out around the house and shares long talks with you, shows signs that the relationship is heading towards a positive direction and things are growing rather than falling apart. Just keep it up and keep going out together more often and if you two are honest with each other and can be comfortable then everything will come together. Relationships work primarily on loyalty, openness, and communication so if you two have that then don’t worry about the little things because once the attraction is there and the three elements I described are there as well then it all should work out.


  • Bridget said:

    That is an aswesome story, I loved reading it! You two sound perfect for each other. Don’t even think about it. He likes you and you’ll be good for each other.

  • Michelle said:

    I had a similar situation where I dated my personal trainer, but it got so complicated. It wasn’t from my condo complex but just someone I hired to help me lose weight. It was all great but i had to get rid of him after when it got complicated. It was tough to mix pleasure and business (i was paying him) but then i got someone else. We dated for 4 months.

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