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This is a guest post from Eric J. Leech, author of Love, Lust, and Relationships

A guy may be able to throw a curve ball, speed shift a Honda Civic, or throw back three shots of Tequila. However, when it comes to picking out a lacy bra and panty set for a couple of ugly’s on various dating website’s, most guys prefer to keep their ties in the closet, rather than themselves (yes, this is a gay reference in poor taste). This leaves him with absolutely no idea where to begin when it comes to buying a frilly underwear combo. Let’s face it, it can get a little confusing with about a mile of different kinds of lace. Ten strategically placed peek holes, and 30 color variations, ranging from virgin, hot pink to jaundice, STD-yellow. Nevertheless, don’t panic, Tyran Richards (Playboy centerfold, March 2007) is here to talk you through it. Read the rest of this entry »

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hi there, just wanted to get some advice from u if i may, in regards to the
ex. We were together for 4yrs and we broke up reason why well
were not even sure, a lot of things happened at that time and it put a strain
on us both… We have been broken up now for a yr and yes I’m afraid we
are still seeing each other.. I just don’t know whats happening like yes of
course i still love him, but there is so many things he does that’s just soo
confusing and i keep telling him lets just go with the flow and see what
happens. Ok so let me start a list.
He totally is very affectionate with me, loves to cuddle and kiss and just
be in each others arms. whats confusing is i’ll joke and say you still like
me don’t you and he will straight away say no. What comes out of his mouth
does not match his actions and that’s really annoying. lol the next one.. We
will sit there watching a movie or just relaxing and he will say things to
me like i really miss your kisses, or hugs, or the way you smell and i just
brush it off cos i wouldn’t want to get into it and be felt unneeded if you
get what i mean, but he really does like to be in my company and i do with
him. We still go out to dinner or go do something or ill stay at his place
and he might stay at mine, but as much as i want to see him he is the one
that does not seem so keen. When together we both dont want to apart but when
we have parted he just never stays in touch. as in every other week we will
meet up. He has told me he has a little feeling for me so i guess that’s
something, but another thing is he tries pushing me away and ill say fine no
more contact but then he comes running back and ill do the same cos well we
should not be doing this, and i guess we both find it hard to leave each
other but don’t understand why he is not coming forward with me when he know
how i feel for him. There was one time when he was really serious on
shutting me out and randomly he said there was a big secret and he told me
he cheated on me a few times. As i was i didn’t believe it and was very upset
as in why he told me now when there was a time he was very angry and could
have said then. I asked to know what happened but to me it just don’t add up
with time frames and numbers of how many women changed so lol I don’t think
he even knew what he was going on about, but when i want to talk about it he
changes the subject or shuts down completely and its a topic not to be
spoken about lol idk either. We are great together and i do see and feel
that, we don’t live close to each other and he does shift work so its hard
sometimes seeing him then too, but i feel maybe its the influence of his
friends or something i feel is holding him back. There is not other lady in
his life as hes already told me and I’m not with anyone else either but i am
meeting other men, so I’m not putting my life on hold for him but it is
frustrating when he never speaks about his emotions or feelings and its hard
trying to get it out of him and as you can see i do get quite confused…If
you can understand him and let me know what i should be doing then i would
be happy to know anything…Thank you for listening to me it was really
great getting it all out. xo

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I am in a big dilemma with a man that I work with, in fact he is my manager
who is also 10 years my senior and I am 21. I guess to sum it up I will say
that over the past year we have been working together, he has really put his
guard down to me because the chemistry between us is off the charts! and I
also have learned to bring him out of his formal, proper persona that he has
at work. This guy has shown and done many things that have struck me like
lightning that DING he has fallen for me: He always tells me to be open with
him and vice versa and encourages me to talk about my life,

our co workers always tell us we act like an old married couple because we
tease each other and flirt so much, and finally he has gotten to the point where he has told me that he gets
jealous when I talk about other “potential interests” …Good thing about
this is this man literally sweeps me off my feet.

Now the problem:
One night recently, after work we both decide to stay behind and smoke a few
cigarettes with each other and just chill outside in the parking lot. We
talked for about an hour and a half, when he finally asks me to go to a
winery with him. I accepted because
A) I am quitting my job
B)I like him
C)I like him

Now the question finally, =) is I am really bummed out because he has a
girlfriend who he has been with for a year and have known each other for 6
yrs,both live together. Should I just take the risk and have a potentially
passionate romance or should I run, and far away?

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[26 Aug 2011 | No Comment | ] name is jaqueline…please help me figure out what to do cuz im
lost..the problem is that i was with this guy for about a month and a half
and everything was ok but then our attitudes started to crash whenever we
would text but when we would meet & be together it would be great, but
eventually he got tired of our attitudes clashing and he and I broke it
off & said his feelings had changed but ..he said maybe later we would get
back together but meanwhile was ok with being just friends. So he didn’t want
to meet at first but then he gave in & we started seeing each other again at
the park but sometimes also at my house and when he would come over i would
stay far away but he would get close2me and kiss me. We would have sex and he
would still act like a bf with me but then he got a gf and i got mad. We
ended it really bad cuz we cussed each other out & I told him he wasn’t worth
it & we told each other a lot of hurtful things. So i stopped talking to him on
January & didn’t know nothing bout each other till April when I texted him & he
replied hey:)and he said he was single again and it sounded like he was
happy to hear from me & we talked again & he said that we should hang out
sometime so we have but he said he wants to stay single & to be fuck buddies and i
said yes but its hard cus i really loved him a lot & I still do a lot & it hurts
when he comes over & i see him cuz i wish i could tell him how much i still love
him but i cant :/ when we met again after time he never brought up us cussing
each other out & he just hugged me really tight for a long while & asked how have i
been.. and i just met him today an hour ago but i feel like crying cuz it
just hurts alot 🙁 he only texts me to say he is not gonna work
wednesday & wants to meet up & dirty texts & a lil conversation but not much :/ but
lately he puts happy faces when he says hey or something else so i thought
maybe its good but i don’t wanna get my hopes up. And today when we met he
was nicer with me cus he would play around with me & would laugh & he would
bring up a conversation & he kissed me & held me like when we were
together & he held my hand and instead of doing it in the place we usually
do it he asked me where i wanted 2 & i said in my room so he took me to the
room holding my hand and he smiled a lot & seemed like he was actually
happy & a lot of memories came back and then he lay down on my bed & i lay
down next to him & I hugged him & he hugged me back & we rested our heads together
cuddling close4a while and he didnt say anything he was just closing his
eyes resting then we went to the living room&he sat on the sofa across the
room&i sat on the sofa on the other side&he was like why so far away??and i
was like where do u want me to be?? and he said get over here which was next2him
so i sat next2him& we just lay our heads together then he put his arm
around me&we stayed like that watching a movie close2eachother and
talking..then i just poked him&he poked me back&he called me dork like we
used2call eachother when we were together&then he pretended2kiss me but then
pulled away like before also&i was like fine and turned away&he was like
awww nah&got me and kissed me on my cheek like2times like being sweet&then
he kissed my lips and we just stayed watching the movie together but then he
had2go&he got all his stuff&said he had2go&kissed me and opened the door&was
leaving all ready was like by the next house&i told him if i could hug him&he
was like umm hahaha yeah so he hugged me&left…so thats my story
sorry4making it so long..wat do you think about my situation?? i love him
but idk if he still has feelings4me& i dont wanna get my hopes up cuz it
hurts enough already. I want him back but it just seems2hard or
impossible2get him back but im hurting every time i c him&he doesnt know i
just cry sometimes after he leaves. What do you think i should do?? do u
think he still has feelings for me or do i just give up? please i need your help

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Hi Robby G! I have a friend and I like him so much and he doesn’t have an idea about it. We’ve been friends for quite a long time now. I have a boyfriend and I really try the hardest just to ignore my feelings to my friend. Well, it’s not that I want him to be my boyfriend or I’m madly in love with him, it’s just that I really like him. I love the way he carries himself, so cute. He is single and he hooks up with a lot of girls. He’s having the time of his life I must say. We went to a bar one night. Got drunk and really had fun. My boyfriend left because we had a fight. I was just shocked, the next thing I knew was we were kissing. On the way home we acted as if nothing happened. We had sex and agreed that it was just a mistake and sworn that we would never do it again. But it happened so many times. The weird thing is, I know he would be the last person to like me because he used to tease me around and be the meanest person to me. What does it mean? Is he really doing it for lust? Can you have sex with someone you’re not attracted to?
When he gets drunk, he calls me up and asks me to meet him but I would play hard-to-get to feel a little thrill. The last time he called and asked me to meet him, I told him to pick me up and he did!! Is he really in need for a booty call that I am his last option or I am the only one he loves doing it with since he told me he does so I’m his only option. And do you really kiss your fuck buddy goodbye? because he does. I just can’t figure out if he likes me or not. That’s what I only need to know. Please help me 🙂

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This is a guest post by Rob Turner from Dating Sites.

Online dating has quickly become a great way of creating meaningful and compatible relationships, however, the popularity of online dating has meant that it is important to improve your profiles visibility to ensure that you enjoy successful online dating. This simple guide will reveal some of the easy ways every dating site user can be successful in online dating.

Firstly, it is essential to decide on the type of online service that will better suits your needs and to choose a dating site that accurately reflects this. There are four main types of services available, general online dating services, relationship service, socialising services and niche services. Read the rest of this entry »

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The right time to move in with a girl can vary depending on the type of person you are and how things have been going in the relationship. I personally would only move in if I was seriously considering marrying the woman and then to test how family life would feel with her, I would see if she was interested in moving in before I’d ask her to be my bride. Now, there are times however, that you may feel like you’d like to feel closer to a woman and to simply spend more time with her. Before I would decide to move in with her, I would take a couple of precautions. What usually happens when you move in with a woman is that you will have to change somethings about your lifestyle. For instance, you will have to be much more considerate about grocery shopping, the cleanliness of the place, sleeping habits, and everything else that comes with living with another person. So my advice, and I cannot stress this enough, is before you move all of your stuff in and start calling each others’ things “our” rather than “my” you must try to sleep over for a few days and spend time together as if you were moved in. If she doesn’t have her own place then have her stay at your place for a few nights. Read the rest of this entry »