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Hey Robby, I recently stumbled onto the site and I have a question… I’ve
been messing around with this guy since the fall of 2007. We went to the
same highschool and I actually had a small crush back during my junior year.
We chilled one night at a football game(I was wasted and he helped me out
took me home, cleaned my car, etc…) after that game we started “talking”
things where going great and it all seemed perfect and then we had sex. He
was only the 2nd guy I had ever been with and I took his virginity. After we
hooked up I became clingy (i know now that’s why as he told me later down the
road) and I pushed him away. we ended it and I moved on. Within like 2
weeks of me moving on, I hooked up and started talking to his best friend
Kyle. I went over there one evening only to see him sitting in Kyle’s floor.
He became super pissed at his buddy and said fuck you kyle and pushed past
me to walk out i blew it off and didn’t go after him. The Kyle guy ended up
being an ass and we never went anywhere with it honestly i never wanted it
to i just wanted to hurt Michael as much as he had hurt me and i think it
worked he stopped texting me and we didn’t speak… About 8 months later I
texted him while I was drunk and we ended up doing it at his station (he
is a firefighter) we then entered into this fb relationship…. He will kiss
me and he always tells me how amazing I am (at sex/head) and we always
smoke a cig and talk after normally laughing our asses off at something or
someone. This continued until I got involved in a serious relationship with
this other guy which rested in me becoming pregnant, the other guy bailed on
me and I was left alone. But Michael and I started to talk and text again.
Lately I’ve been having really strange and strong feelings for him and when
he comes over we have sex for a long time (foreplay, oral, fantasy & even
at times kinda passionate sex) he always hugs me and most times kisses me.
He has even picked me up several times and drove me home from the bar
recently I’ve decided I wanted to try and be more but found out he may move..
He has discussed this with me multiple times and we always end with how I’d
miss him and he says I’d miss you too girl. How can I make a move but not be
too clingy or fast. I want to be his GF not his FB but at this point I don’t know how
or if I can even do this… I think I hurt him badly in the past and now he
is too afraid to be with me? Or do you think he just wants me for a good
fuck. He doesn’t like when I mention other guys and said my son’s dad was a
complete fuck and a waste of human flesh. What, if any , chance do I have in
making him mine?!! I’d do just about anything to make him happy and at this
point I cant imagine him not being around. Please help!!!

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[15 Feb 2011 | One Comment | ]

So my FB is also my boss. Yes, it’s as hot as you think! It all happened
so fast but we click. We spent a night together and after he told me he had
a gf for 6years. I know I shouldn’t continue this but the sex is amazing!
We have great role plays, click with our fetishes, click with personalities,
and excite each other all day long. The problem, I think I might be falling
for him and I think he is too. He writes me and says, “Honey I miss you”
or will leave VM saying that. We can’t date because work and I don’t
want to ruin the simple nature of what we have. I guess how do I keep this
going and lessen the feelings that he and I are developing for one another.
I know I could never trust him to date him anyways. I just don’t want to
piss him off when I find a boyfriend either. He tends to get jealous when he
sees me talking to other guys even though we are FB. Damn the fact he can
fire me!!! Any thoughts?

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[9 Feb 2011 | 3 Comments | ]

Please! Hey Robby G. So I´ve had this fuck buddy for about 8 months. He
sleeps over a couple of times a week, we have amazing sex and we have a lot
of fun together. Problem is he´s best friends with my ex, who actually
cheated on me and ended getting together with that girl. They are still
together and have been for a couple of years now! But my ex called me and
begged for my forgiveness all of last year. I never told fuck buddy about
this, but I guess my ex, being friends with him and all might of. Anyway,
for some reason f buddy seems to think my ex would really care. I actually
thought this was an excuse, but his best friend told my best friend the
other day, that the only reason f buddy doesn´t date me is because of my
ex. Anyway, F buddy and I were having fun and no strings attached, he´s
obviously a bit of a commitment phobe but I was just looking to have fun
also, I never thought it would evolve into something for so long.. everything
was obviously very secretive because of my ex (one of his best friends). I
started realizing though that as I, he had told some of his close friends
about it and everyone was kind of loving the idea. He would always sleep
over and lately was even inviting me to hang out (out of the bedroom) with a
different crowd of friends he has. We basically go out in the same crowd and
even though we act as normal “friends” and are indifferent to each other
most of the time in public, we always go home together and he always sleeps
over and cuddles. The other day though, after the last week we had had a
great time actually hanging out and we were kind of getting closer, he goes
and kisses a girl in front of me at a party. He was completely wasted, and
my ex was actually there, no excuse though. He´d never ever done anything
like that before. I thought this was pretty much, and I obviously like the
guy so I was hurt. After this much time I think it´s impossible not to care
a LITTLE. So anyway I called him on it, cause come on he´s free to do what
he wants but no need to do it in my FACE.. especially when we had been kind
of growing closer lately.. anyway comments of his friends seem to indicate
that he does care about me but that he´s scared of what his best friend
would say. After I called him on it and told him that I thought it was a
little too much for him to do, and that we were having fun and I was fine
with the no strings thing but that there were certain limits and that I
didn´t found that disrespectful, (I kind of wanted to lay my ground, I´m
not the kind of girl who takes all kind of shit and I haven´t been seeing
anyone else so I was honest and put my foot down at this) he turned things
around and said he´s sorry he made me feel that way and that we better
leave things as they are so we would avoid confusions in the future. Acting
as if he doesn´t care. Does this really mean he doesn´t give a shit? What
should I do now? Please help. I like him, and I´m not looking for a huge
commitment I just found that a little TOO MUCH. I am 100% sure that if I
would have hooked up with a guy in front of him he would have said I was a
slut or who knows what.. so it pisses me off that now he´s trying to get
out of the situation and making me feel guilty for calling him on it. What
should I do now? I never replied anything to when he told me that since the
whole discussion was via text btw. I should also mention this is a guy who
has HUGE issues with expressing himself and communicating. And I mean mAJOR
issues, never met anyone more unable to confront things and talk than him.
Need your advice on what to do now. Should I disappear so he misses me? or
should I keep going out and act indifferent? I seriously don´t know what to
do to make him react and I´m really sad and want to know what to do!

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[7 Feb 2011 | One Comment | ]

Hi. This weekend I met this guy from out of town. During the few hours I
spend with him he showered me with compliments and even going as far as to
ask if I would consider being his girlfriend. I am not naive or stupid. I
point blank told him he needed to cool it and could we just please see if we
are compatible. The whole time, in the back of my head I’m thinking he is
just trying to get in my pants. I tell him, this is not going to happen.
He insists he just wants to go slow, visit each other and see where it goes.
Now, mind you, I am still suspicious but I am trying not to be the jaded,
cynical bitch that I have seen so many good women turn into. He goes home
and I have not heard one word from him except to say he made it home
alright. WTF?! My question is, why would a guy go through all that
trouble, two days worth of convincing me he is a good guy and I should give
him a chance?

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[1 Feb 2011 | 2 Comments | ]

So i’ve known my exes best friend for 8 years now. It’s been about a year now
that we have been flirting/kissing etc. One night we stayed the night
together and stayed in bed the next day for 12 hours straight! We laughed,
messed around and he said that much time together in bed has to be a world
record. The last night we stayed together we made out and stayed in bed the
next day for like 10 hours again. We cuddled and he kept asking what he
thinks his ex gf whom i used to be friends with and his best friend would
say if we dated. I kept telling him i don’t feel anything for any guy and
blah blah. So he might have taken that as me not being into him! He texted
me like 2 weeks ago and said i give him warm fuzzies. I was shocked! Then i
said kinda like i get when you walk in the room. He then texted back
*blushing* We haven’t really talked since!! Is he just playing with me and
not that into me?? The day we spent together he was saying i have a crush on
you today and that i’m his go to gf. He says he says that cuz i don’t
pressure him by asking where this is going like all the others. Oh and we
are both 30 years old! He is also a commitment phobe! Please help me!!! I
texted him tonight and asked if he wanted to get drinks tomorrow night. His
car broke down so he said he has to have company come to him til he gets his
car fixed. So i said that i would text him tomorrow after dinner to see if
he wants me to come over and keep him company. He said sure thing. I just
kinda feel stupid going over there if he’s not that into me. Please let me
know what you think and soon!! :(( I’m lost. Keep in mind my ex wouldn’t
care if we dated and his ex (my ex friend) is engaged. Thank you so much for
reading this. I would more than appreciate an answer!! Thanks again! :))

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[27 Jan 2011 | 2 Comments | ]

Hi Rob,

I have a huge problem. I dated a guy for 3 months plus and he broke up for
no reason tho i was very considerate sweet and nice to him. Even he said i
make a perfect gf. I let it go coz I respect other people’s choices and I
wouldn’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with me. He then told
me am a wonderful girl but he’s not ready for a relationship. I said that’s
fine, he choose how he wants to live his life and means I have to go, to
find someone who wants to be with me. I didn’t contact him, it’s always him
running back to talk to me. I always reply because I feel he’s still a
friend to me. After 3 months, suddenly one day he texted me and asked if we
can actually get back together again. I asked him why coz it’s the past. He
said he really missed me. I said i don’t think bout it now coz firstly he told
me he isn’t ready for relationship and i don’t want to get myself hurt with
all his contradictions, as if he doesn’t know what he wants, we can be
friends. Since then he keeps coming back to beg me, he gets jealous when i
date other guys too. I said there’s no reason to be as am single and means
am free. He’s pretty weird, i mean….he wants me all to himself but he
doesn’t want to commit. We are not intimate. And at times i feel he’s mucking
with my head so i told him i want to cut all contact because i feel it’s not
working. I feel he has the upper hand because I am soft-hearted, and i don’t enjoy
being played like that. I said i don’t blame him as I allow myself this kind
of situation so now the only way to get out is to remove myself from this
kind of situation. He got very upset at me and now he says he wants to be
with me, with no strings attached?? I said no coz it’s not something i
believe in. We have diff wants so just let it go. I don’t know why he’s
acting like that?? What’s going on? I just want to understand a guy’s point
of view.

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[23 Jan 2011 | 2 Comments | ]

Dear Robby,

I sent you an email initially on the 11th September 2010 with the title, “A Few Words and a Kiss” and am hoping that you can advise me on what to do
with the latest problem with my FB.

Basically, my last post to you was saying that my FB said that he just
wanted to be friends and that he needed space. This was done just before I
had taken 3 weeks off work (due to personal reasons) and I then decided to
ignore him because I was hurting so bad and needed to get over this. Whilst
I was away, he sent me a few texts asking if I was ok and was asking all my
friends at work if they had heard from me and how I was.

I came back to work and he sent me an email saying that he was glad to see
me. I again ignored this and he kept wanting to talk to me.

I then gave in and talked (shouted rather) and we had a big blazing argument
and he got really pissed off when I told him that I didn`t ask for his
concern cos he said that he was worried. This eventually calmed down and we
started to talk normally and he started to look/speak to me like he used

I have since found out that he was shagging some other gal (whilst I was
away) and there he was telling me that he needed space and he goes off and
shags her. What`s that all about? He also said that because I was ignoring
him that he thought I wanted nothing more to do with him.

He keeps asking me what I want and I have told him that I want things to be
back to how they were before and that I don`t want to be in a relationship
with him and that he is just my bit on the side like I was to him. He
actually seemed a bit put off by that remark. I also told him that I never,
ever gave him any indication that I wanted more from him (which I never,
ever did) so it pissed me off that he was trying to turn this and make it out
like I was the one trying to get more from him when he knew I had a
boyfriend and HE was the one being more intimate towards me than I towards

Basically, we are now back to how we were before (except this time it`s
colder) but I am still with my boyfriend and he knows this. My point is
this……I am so in love with this dude that it is breaking my heart and I
can`t stop thinking about him. I can`t admit my feelings for him because,
although I knew it was something a bit more than fuck buddies before, too
much has happened since. He keeps telling me that he understands that we
are just fuck buddies but at the same time, it feels like he is wanting me
to admit how I feel to him and I just can`t.

Please advise me before I go mental????


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