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I am a married woman for the past one year and I realised my husband loves me but he has issues while having sex like premature ejaculation. This used to leave me unsatisfied. However,I came across an unmarried man in my office whom I got instantly connected to as friends and after being friends for about 6 months odd he approached me for physical closeness. I resisted in the beginning,but he knew that I was married too I assumed, I gave in and now after realising that he will maintain my privacy, we started having sex which was very fulfilling for me and I started enjoying it. I sometimes wonder however, if I have wronged my husband,though I still love him but my sexual needs are not being met there. I am not emotionally attached to my colleague.

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Ask Robby G is a community where both men and women come to in order to ask their questions concerning dating and friends with benefits, or they scroll through and see if the type of question they have has already been answered. One thing that I am not too proud to say that it we lack is the ability for people looking for a new friend with benefits to find one. Do not fret, however, because there is a site that is quickly gaining momentum where both men and women freely show off their goodies and find a partner for just about any sexy deed they can think of. Date Married is that community where there is no judgement just like there is no judgement here on Ask Robby G, but instead of seeking advice, you seek partners. Read the rest of this entry »

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I have read some of your articles regarding fuck buddies and they are very
insightful. However, my situation is involving a married fuck buddy. We’ve been in
fuck buddies relationship in the past 5 months and I knew from the beginning that there’s
no future with him but unfortunately I still cant help but liking him more than I should.
My question is how do I find out if he feels the same way regardless that he is married
or not.

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If 2012 was a difficult year for you when it comes to relationships then why not take a new approach to dating? Sometimes a break from relationships can be a good thing so start 2013 by taking a step back and enjoy being single for a while. Give yourself a rest from the heartache and spend more time with your friends getting to know the real you. That doesn’t mean you need to miss out on all the fun stuff though! Many young professionals who either don’t have time or are disillusioned with relationships are turning to sex dating websites to get a bit of action.

Being single doesn’t mean you have to become celibate! Sure you can go and pull at local bars and have sex that way but by signing up for a sex dating website you’re cutting out all the bulls**t and can chat freely with people in your area looking for exactly the same thing as you. You might be surprised to find that many sex dating websites have much more of a community feel than standard dating websites. Typically features include member profiles (as you would expect on any dating site), forums, chat rooms, flirt, wink and the ability to add friends. Of course features vary depending on the type of site you sign up for as does the monthly membership fee so shop around and find a site that’s right for you. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Mayan prediction was incorrect. Well, either that or we interpreted it all wrong. It was most probably the latter. Y2K, 2012 Doomsday, Zombie Apocalypse, we as a society praise the end. We wait upon it more than we do the return of Christ. We as a whole know that we’re in the wrong–we have been so for about 4 decades now–and all of us want to see this goddamn smog-filled shithole go up in flames, and righteously so. There has not been a time in history with more information being fabricated, passed off as truth, and pounded down our hearing holes than now. The end hasn’t arrived and the world hasn’t been cleansed, but looking around I can see that in many ways this day does mark the end of a civilization. Read the rest of this entry »

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I am 26 years old and have never had boyfriend; however, I do have experience
with men but not in a relationship aspect. I have always been the mistress, the
fuck buddy and the fun girl. I have had desires for a relationship but they
never seemed to materialize for some reason. In rare cases when it did seem like
it was going down that road I felt panicky, smothered and restrained by the
guy. My questions are: could I possibly not be girlfriend material? and are there
people who are just not meant to be in a relationship? This is something that I
have always wondered. Thank You.

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My ex and I have been going out for 3 years and this past summer we have broken up
and he said that we are both on different levels of our relationship blah blah
blah. And he just wants to live a single life in college. So before we left for
college we had sex and that’s it. We haven’t talked in 3 months and in this
three months I have found myself a fuck buddy. One day I just wanted to see how my
ex is doing and that lead to us meeting up and having sex. We both agreed that
if we have feelings for someone else or start getting feelings for each other we
have to stop. So we have been doing this long distance fuck buddy for a month
and it just doesn’t feel right. Like I do not understand why we are both letting
ourselves like fall back on each other. And another thing is that we told each
other about how he has been with girls since he’s been single and how I’ve been
with someone too and it’s just weird that we both told each other everything
that is going on with our sex life. I was just wondering now. Am I getting
myself into a horrible spot in me getting hurt or him getting hurt. This is a
bad idea to do this?

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