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How can I be able to convince my girl to have sex with me for she is not such a simple
girl that quickly gives in. I am extremely happy for your positive cooperation in resolving my worry. She is twenty years old and I am sure she’s not a virgin and she somtimes gives me some hugging and kisses but when I try to have sex with her, she just withdraws herself from me. Please, how am I to give her a fantastic pleasure so that I can have sex with her. Thanks to Robby G.

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I woke up to a knock on the door, and there was a delivery-man with a package for me. I signed for it, opened the package, and found a unique looking bracelet inside the box. It was easily adjustable to wrap around my wrist and though I knew it was a female bracelet, I really wished I could pull off wearing it. I assessed it and decided that I’d give it as a gift to a girl instead. And which girl deserved this bracelet most, I thought? Well, Mother’s Day is coming up, and no one in this world deserved a gift from me more than my mother. I then received an email asking if I could review the G-Ring Cuff Bracelet from Gorjana. I went on their website and saw the variety of original jewllery and handbags. I’ve got to say that though their products were all for women, I was really impresed with the items I saw in the collection.
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Hi Robby!
Ill get straight to the point. I have two guy friends that live together and
I go over to their house at least once a week. I knew for a long time that
one of them had a crush on me. Well recently the one that had a crush on me
has gotten “involved” with me. I’m pretty sure he really likes me. But me not so
much. And that is because I have a crush on his roommate which is also his
best friend.
I don’t want to hurt him and I want to be with his best friend. But I think
if I hurt him or know that I’m even involved with him that his best friend wont even
look at me that way twice.
How do I do this safely?


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I was recently thinking a lot about life and what really motivates me to keep going everyday and enjoying the things I do. Usually this type of thought pattern leads to depression, but not this time, this time I came to a sort of revelation or realization. I have to speak for myself and can’t say that what I realized to be my meaning in life is the same for others, but I think it’s still worth stating, because it can be applied to everyone else’s life as well. When people say that they live for love, that’s something that can’t be applied to everyone else, because it takes time to find love and it means that there is another person involved in that form of happiness. I can say that I’ve been in love and can also say that though it was great while it lasted, the pain that came with it was something almost unbearable. Then once that was overcome, I heard people say that they find happiness in other things, like certain accomplishments, which really means that you have to strive for something for a significant amount of time for it to actually feel like an accomplishment, and though I believe there is an element of happiness involved in it, I found something that was much easier attainable that brought complete satisfaction.
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There’s a girl I really like and I’m pretty sure she knows because
practically everyone at school knows. I’m good friends with her best friend
and she told me that the girl would like me if we spoke more. Only thing is,
this other guy flirts with her loads and she flirts back and he has
connections with her, i.e. lessons. I have none. So far he’s winning and to
make matters worse I am sort of really shy. And he isn’t. How can I make her
like me? My friend says that the girl I like doesn’t like this guy
(apparantly she told him and they are best friends) but they flirt so much!
It can’t be true.

Thanks for reading this and also I really enjoy and find your site useful,


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[11 Mar 2010 | 2 Comments | ]

I met a guy at a party about a week ago that I’m extremely interested in
(which is SO rare!) and whom as far as I can tell is interested in me too,
he meets every criteria you’ve said about men being liking a woman. We’re
still getting to know each other and are planning our third date. We’ve
already had sex and he treats me like his girlfriend in front of his friends
so I think things are looking good for an exclusive relationship. We met on
extremely bad terms; his friend overdosed on alcohol at the party we met at.
I happened to be awake so I tried to save him along with other people after
we noticed he wasn’t breathing. The new guy was passed out already. Because
of this, we’ve gotten to know alot about each other’s character in tough
situations (death, the funeral, deep conversations, emotional support, etc.)

In the last relationship I was in (5 years on and off) I was cheated on ALOT
then became the cheater . I cheated on my ex with 2 mutual friends of ours
(I knew one for years before my ex and he knew the other first). I don’t
want to lie about anything in my past but I don’t want to scare this amazing
guy away.

Also, my best friend of 7 years introduced me to this great new guy. I had
sex with that same best friend 2 months prior to meeting him. This is
another thing I don’t want to lie about but would also not like held against
me. I don’t have feelings beyond friendship for my best friend, it was just
drunken consensual sex between two singles that’s only happened a handful of
times since I’ve known him.

I don’t want to lie because there’s no point starting a relationship on a
foundation of lies, how can I explain things to him without him completely
writing me off as a cheater, homie hopper or slut?

Any advice would be helpful.

Thanks for your time,


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[10 Mar 2010 | One Comment | ]

I recently ended my relationship with my fuck buddy. Seeing as how I’ve
never had a fuck buddy relationship before, and thought I could manage it, I
began to discover that I cannot handle emotionless sex. I was beginning to
have feelings for him, so in an attempt to save myself from getting hurt,
and to be fair to him, I honestly told him that I was beginning to have
feelings for him, that I knew he could not reciprocate my feelings, and
therefore thought it best that we go our separate ways.

Here’s the thing. After breaking things off, he is still contacting me.
Does it mean he could have had feelings for me after all? Why contact
someone who clearly wants more, when you only want one thing?

His actions are truly confusing to me. My heart still beats a little faster
when I get a message from him, but I just ignore them.

What is going on? Why would he do this? Isn’t a fuck buddy relationship
about “Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free?”

I already conveyed to him that my milk is not for free.

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