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[6 Feb 2010 | 6 Comments | ]

So I was surfing the web and came across your blog and must say I have
enjoyed reading it. I have recently (few months) gotten back together with
my old fb from years ago. He decided to end it back then but we kept in
touch over the years talking off and on. I always let him call me. He
happened to call me up this fall and we started talking regular for a while
until we ended up back as fuck buddies. We are totally cool talking about
everything (even the hot clerk at the store) but until now it hasn’t
bothered me (which that doesn’t). But also until now, besides his baby
mama, I have been his only encounter and he mine. I felt we were getting too
regular meeting up 3 times a week plus him calling a lot, so when I got
sick, I took it as an opportunity for us to back off a little. To make a
long story shorter, by fate (the weather), it ended up being a week and a
half break. He ended up having a one night stand and called to tell me the
next day (instead of us meeting up). I got mad after talking and have been
jealous ever since. But I don’t know why I am jealous. I don’t want to
be, and I don’t feel I should. I have been perfect at checking my feelings
until now. We will never date so I am totally confused. The only thing I can
think of is I was positive he was clean before but can’t be now. But I
don’t think that is it. I was hoping you might have some insight to help
me reel my feelings back into check.

Thanks so much for your blog it has been insightful.

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[4 Feb 2010 | 2 Comments | ]

Hi Robby G. Ive asked for your advice before (Some serious relationships
are best left alone
). I need some more advice from you, continuing from the
last post. So i decided to take this girls offer. Im genuinely in love with
her, so tonight we were hanging out and what not and anytime i wanted to
make a move on her i would start to double guess myself… I wanted to but
something inside me is just holding me back. I dont know what it is. For
instance, we’re both sitting in my car and the perfect opportunity comes
along for a kiss. Shes waiting for it and i do nothing! I normally dont
have any problems, im usually the one to make the first move with previous
relationships… I dont know what it is but i just freeze and look away…
I want this girl so bad, but im hesitating! She even told me this is the
chance for me to kiss her… and what do i do… NOTHING! Im so mad at
myself right now… Plus i just gave her the impression that i dont like her
or something… Im very confused… Any advice on what is wrong with me
right now?

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[4 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]

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[3 Feb 2010 | 2 Comments | ]

So, i’ve just recently started a physical relationship with this guy. We’ve
known each other for about a year now and have in the last 3-4 months gotten
to know each other alot and on different levels.

We talk about everything and anything very honestly and openly. He’s a guy
who reads people very well, very smart and confident and has a reputation
for being a playa. We hang out with his mates and i get along with them
brilliantly. I’m chilled and relaxed about everything, never push or nag or
demand, the way i’m going at it is a friendship with a sexual attraction.

In the beginning, i thought i had strong feelings for him but the more we
progress i’m just realising i’m having lots of fun and not feeling any need
for more. What confuses me is since we text every day at least once, even
before we we’re having sex we would hang out 3 times a week and have so much
fun. It’s taken us a really really long time to get to this point because we
both just went with the flow…

He’s told me before we started having sex that being a sexually active and
generally casual person, he understands the damage sex and physical intimacy
can cause and he’s not entirely certain he’s good for me. The other night he
asked wouldn’t i prefer someone i can introduce and spend time with my
mates…not a fickle young man that is interested in himself and doing nasty
things to me? And to give him the restraining order when the other fish
swims by.

I’ve basically told him that i’m a person who needs space and wouldn’t
dream of taking a boyfriend to a work function because that’s my time with
my friends. I prefer to be picked up when i’m done, taken on an adventure
and having fun times.

I think i’m just a bit unsure as he keeps bringing the topic up of worried
that i’ll fall for him and i just kinda assumed that a fuck buddy/benefit
friend you would leave that stuff out of it and wouldn’t care….

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[29 Jan 2010 | 2 Comments | ]

Hey Robby G.
Ok, here goes. I met my boyfriend 6 months ago at a friends house. We had
sex the first night when I took him back to my place. He was interested in
dating afterwards and a few wks later asked me out. I said yes, really liked
him. We did loads together. Everything was brill till one night we argued
after bout 4months big-style n I told him I didn’t want to be with him as he
drinks every day n I have a child and his mood swings were getting me down.
He was horrible sober and amazingly lovely drunk. I just didn’t think he was
what my son and I needed. Anyway, almost immediately I regretted what I said
and we managed to get back together. Things weren’t the same from then on.
We broke up twice afterwards-after a lot of name calling from his end.
Christmas came and we were together, we bought him presents but he got us
nothing but had the cheek to stay with us christmas eve! 3wks ago he told me
it was over between and blamed everything on me, saying i’m 2 psycho when
i’ve been drinking etc etc. Anyway, we’ve talked since-he says he’s happy
without committment or responsibility and that I can wait for him or move
on. But he’s texting all the time, sometimes getting drunk-coming to my
house and telling me that we never actually split up…he loves me, we are
together, i’m beautiful, etc etc…and cuddling up all night, even the next
day…it all seems like it’s gone back to what we were but better-laughing,
joking, flirting….When I mention going out for a meal or a drink then or
being back together-he tells me to stop nagging and that he hasn’t said any
of what he did actually say. It’s doing my head in. I love him so much, when
he comes round i’m on a high but even tho he says he’s so in love etc…he
only wants one thing from me. Help. What do I do? I just want us to get back
together and have the nice bits all the time coz I know he loved me…he did
a lot for me. I just used to get frustrated with his attitude or drinking,
get drunk and then decide to tell him. Help please!

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[27 Jan 2010 | 3 Comments | ]

I’ve randomly found your site and I love it! I’ve read a lot of posts
concerning FB relationships but still I think I need some help.

Five months ago I met this guy at a random bar and we hooked up and he came back to my place. Initially I thought it was just a one night thing but then
from time to time, he texted me and he would come to my place for some fun.
I was getting divorced and I hadn’t had sex for a long time since I
separated from my husband in the beginning of 2008, so I thought it was nice
to have an FB. Every time he came over we would drink, chat, watch a movie
etc, and he would sleep over, despite he only lives like 2 mins away from my

But later on I realised that I have begun developing feelings for him, and
I knew that the right thing for me to do was to stop there, as he claimed
that he had a gf “somewhere else” and he had commitment issues. He never let me go to his place. So I told him over text messages saying that I wanted
something that he could not offer. And he replied saying he totally
understood that and didn’t want me to get hurt etc.

But then a week later, we started hooking up with each other again. And we
saw each other much more often than before – at least once a week (he’s not
often in town). Once he asked me to show him my old photos I took with my
husband, and when I went through them, I burst into tears. He comforted me
and apologised.

We still kept seeing each other afterwards, and recently, he began asking
me to go to his place. Funny thing is I didn’t notice any women stuff at his
place, not even a single photo. Maybe he deliberate hid them all away or

The sex only took up 10% of the time we spent together. We would chat and
have a good laugh and do other kinds of stuff that people would do and play
at home. A close relative recently died and he asked me to go over his place
after I wrapped things up in the hospital. It was nice to have someone
around during difficult times but I didn’t know whether he was just trying
to be kind or what.

Now when I don’t see him, when I know that he’s out of town, I miss him
terribly. I really enjoy being around him and I do like him for who he is.
I’ve been battling over whether I should tell him about how I really feel.
But then it might lead to a complete end of things, so I won’t even get to
see him again. Now I really don’t know what to do.

Hope you could help.

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[26 Jan 2010 | 3 Comments | ]

My ex boyfriend and I were dating on & off for a little over three years.
Throughout our relationship we had the best times of our lives but also
struggled through many rough patches. I cheated on him, months later he
cheated on me, and I cheated on him again which pretty much ended the
relationship for good. Losing him made me realize how much I really do love
him. He recently told me that he still loves me but we haven’t been quite
able to rekindle our relationship. We’re friends now and I’m trying to get
him back but he’s “not sure” if he wants a relationship with me, he says he
wants to be my fuck buddy with commitment…whatever that means? At this
point I’m pretty much just going crazy and I’m in desperate need of

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