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I have read a variety of your fuck buddy related posts and haven’t found
anything similar to my situation, so I thought I’d ask you 🙂
Right, well I was kind of dating this guy and we were going down all the
paths of what one does before starting a relationship… dates, went to his,
met his family (not officially, just in passing) etc.. but I never once
stated that I wanted a relationship, I just don’t have the time for it, and
would miss the freedom of being single too much, he was under the impression
I did and brought it up + we decided it was best not to pursue one.. We have
joked about the idea of fuck buddies several times and the other day he came
to me with a serious request for it. I think I would be up for it, but I
also have a horrible feeling one of us will get attached due to the
aforementioned start to our relationship.. I actually think it would be him
as I am very good at emotionally detatching myself from situations.
So basically, would just like to know if it’s a wise idea going down the
fuck buddy path, as I feel I have a slightly biased view as the sex was so
damn good lol.

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Paula - Teasers
I had finished my last exam on Thursday and don’t recall what I did that night. But Friday evening rolled around and I remembered there was a party at a club for all the international exchange students that were supposed to be going back home after the first semester. I was staying for two so it didn’t affect me in anyway, but a party is a party so may as well make a night out of it. Me and a couple of mates met up at a pool hall, I brought a bottle of vodka and two bottles of cranberry juice in a plastic bag. The two of them were already on their way to getting nice and hammered, but I was completely sober. Since we couldn’t drink my stuff at the poolhall because the stuff came from outside the place, we decided to find the club and drink outside. And that’s what we did. Winters in Amsterdam aren’t like I thought they’d be. They’re almost as white as Toronto winters, just with fewer blizzards. Either way, ‘persistence’ was the word of the day that night, and we got nice and drunk, leaving what was left of the cranberry outside to come and pick up later… if we’d remember. Read the rest of this entry »

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I have been seeing a Fuck Buddy for about 2 months. I met him online from
one of the adult swingers web sites. He has made it clear from the
beginning that he is not looking for a girlfriend nor wants to date anyone
because he enjoys his freedom, doesn’t have to answer to anyone and after 2
months in relationships he starts to feel smothered. He is strictly looking
for someone to “have fun” with. We see eachother at least once a week and he
will usually send me a text message every other day or so. From the
beginning of this friendship he always takes me out to lunch/dinner and then
we hook up for sex. A few times we’ve had the sex first and then he takes
me to lunch/dinner. The problem I am having is that I am getting mixed
signals from him. He is very affectionate with me when we are together. He
will kiss me in public and hold my hand on occasion. When we are together
behind closed doors he is very kissey and cuddly. There is alot of holding
each other, runs his fingers through my hair, rubs my back, caressing my
face, wants me to lay in his arms, etc. I asked him if he has feelings for
me and he says he doesn’t. He says he cares about me and likes hanging out
with me and is definately having alot of fun with me. He says he is just not
interested in finding someone for a deeper or more serious relationship at
this point in his life. He says he can seperate the two, having affection
for someone and sharing love but not being in love and having a comitted
relationship. I don’t think he is seeing anyone and he has actually dropped
a few hints here and there that he doesn’t want me seeing anyone else
either. He had mentioned us spending the night together which we did last
night. I hadn’t seen him in about 2 weeks and when I got there he told me it
was good to see me, said I looked good and then gave me this nice big long
kiss and then pulled me down onto his lap and just squeezed me for a few
minutes. We hung out at his place, had a few drinks and he even cooked
dinner on the grill for us. I have mentioned to him about doing other
things outside of the bedroom like going to the movies or bowling and he
says that we can do those things but he likes our relationship just the way
it is. Can men really be this affectionate with a woman they have no
feelings for? I am developing feelings for this guy and would like to see
it move to another level. I’m not sure that I can continue to be “just
friends”. But then I’m wondering if maybe I should just give it some more time
and see if he changes his mind about wanting a relationship. Just not sure
how to read the signals from him. Any advice?

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We all like being in a comfort zone. We like being able to say whatever we want while having the confidence that whichever way the girl wants to take it, there’s nothing wrong with what you say. If it’s a little rude, you can laugh it off together; if it’s silly, you can be confident enough she doesn’t take it too seriously; if it’s smart, she may get impressed. But what if you’re taken out of the comfort zone? What then? Usually, a man’s weakest point in getting a woman to like him is the actual part of starting small talk with the woman he finds attractive. When you see a woman you like, thoughts start racing throughout your mind. ‘What should I say? What reply should I expect? What if she thinks that’s stupid or not funny? I will look like a fool and feel embarrassed!’ These are all thoughts that are irrelevant to what small talk is actually about. In fact, 80% of what you say when you are making a first impression isn’t even based on what you say, but how you say it! There are three things you must incorporate into your small talk strategy that will guarantee you a spot in evoking a conversation with the woman you want, and actually turning out to be interesting enough for her to want to continue chatting with you.
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When you look at a successful person, what thoughts come into your mind? Are they: “Damn, I wish I had that”, or are they: “Yeah, if I had the opportunities he had I’d also be on top of the world”, or on the other hand do you find out more about that person, how they reached the heights they did, learn from the mistakes they made over the years, and try to understand the method of their thoughts when they were moving up the ladder of success. A certain quote had also stuck with me concerning people, success, and how the world works. It simply falls upon Method Man to sum up how things are:

“Fuck the world, don’t ask me for shit, everything you get you gotta work hard for it.”

Now you can’t argue that, can you? Everybody wants to be the best at something. Everyone wants success. Everyone wants to be superior to others when it comes to competition. So I’d like to break down those song lyrics and elaborate my thoughts on the subject. Read the rest of this entry »

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I’ve come across your site, and might I add, it’s very interesting!

So here’s the deal:

Him and I have been going at IT for a couple of months now, and I’m not
sure what to make of my feelings for him. We are strictly friends with
benefits, and I know they’re there, but I don’t see a future with this guy
at all. I’m pretty open with him – he knows I’m seeing other people, but I
realize now he doesn’t really tell me much about his personal life. I guess
he doesn’t tell me if he wants to. We get along just fine; I make him laugh
and he’ll goof around. I do think about him alot, mostly just the great sex
though .. but the thing that throws me off are the stuff he does before,
during, and after.

To elaborate, he just seems too… considerate. When we arrange to meet up,
he’ll usually meet me halfway (we live near eachother), and since it’s
winter he’ll just bring me extra gloves and scarf and such things like that.
I’m usually the one to sleep over as well, and I hate it. It feels like he
has the upperhand somehow because I’m the one going to him, yenno? (Even
though his place is the only place we can do it).

He’ll just hold my hand, and cuddle with me, and kiss my forehead and stuff
like that, and I want to know if that means anything. Or, am I thinking too
hard? I guess i want to know if he likes me as well.


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77/365, you're never fully dressed without a smile!
You’ve seen those people everywhere. They come into the room and they leave an impression on everyone before even opening their mouths. Their presence alone is enough to capture, intrigue, and make people feel some sort of attraction to them. It’s not in their looks or their attitude, it’s in the way they present themselves. It is said that more than 50% of a first impression is made before the person even begins talking to them. And a person has only 10 seconds to make a first impression. What’s their secret? There are three traits that these type of people possess that they practise, whether intentionally or unintentionally, that lures people towards them.

Make Your Presence Known

It was proven that when a person wins something, there is an automatic adjustment made to their posture. It is motivated by pride and it consists of a roll back of the shoulders, a slight perking of the chest, and notching up of the chin. Read the rest of this entry »