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hey ok im gonna start with some background info, im in a relationship that
isnt working we have a young son together but i dont want to be with him.
his family are coming over to ours for christmas so i cant fin with him till
after xmas. but then even after xmas we have a hol booked in may together
its just a mess really. anyways i went to party and met some guy there i
ended up giving him my number we txt 4abit nd arranged to meet. we got drunk
nd i ended up back at his place nd had sex nxt day he txt saying wanted 2
meet me again so i did this time 2 watch a dvd at his place which we did nd
had sex. he neva txt 4 a few days nd by this point im thinking he is drop
dead gorgeous nd i wana c him thinking i wana go out again for
drinks, pics,meal or something but wot ends up happein is i txt him nd end
up meeting him at his house again so now iv turned in to his fuck buddy!
Then i go out on the drink with my mates nd go bk to his mortal have sex a
few times nd i blurt out i want to b wined and dined nd took out and stuff
and that this is the last time we r havin sex unles i get those things. plan
backfired! he said he didnt want a relationship because he wanted to go
travellin nxt yr and doesnt want anything to tie him dwn bt he stil wants 2
c me. wel i took a huff nd left he sent me a msg tht night saying ‘i hope i
havnt upset u nd would like to stil c u bt if u dnt want 2 it was nice
meeting u’.i replyed ‘nice meeting to 2’. then he said ‘i really hope i
havnt upset u ur the kinda girl i would go 4 bt im nt looking for a
relationship’ nd i replyed ‘its ok dnt worry bout it’.nd its jus been left
at tht. bt nw i cant stop thinking about him nd hopin tht he wil txt so i
can go c him bt its been 2 days nw nd im dying 2 txt him btdnt no if i
should. in my ideal world i would get rid of my bf after xmas nd start
dating my fuck buddy/ex fuck buddy. i no i might sound shockin on my current
bf but he is a dickhead nd treats me bad so plz dnt judge me. nd i was want
2 add about the 1st time i met my fuck buddy he said to me that he partyed
quite alot bt he was wanting someone to pull him away from all that. bt when
i ask for more off him than sex he came out with tht bollox about wanting to
go travellin. i just wish i had played abit mre hard to get nd nt let him
have sex with me so quik coz  all he wants from me is sex 🙁 help plz asap

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I recently realized that there are things that I want to tell my faithful readers that just isn’t something for me to create a full blog post about, and decided the best way for me to get into contact with them is to send out a newsletter weekly or monthly or just whenever I have something of importance I’d like to share with them. Though you can subscribe to my RSS Feed or add me as a friend on Facebook, there are things that I want to know directly from my readers on a mass scale and there’s no better way to do that than to implement a newsletter option into my blog. This way we can connect better and discuss things on a more DL level.

What should you expect from this newsletter?

  • Some personal background about random stories that I’ve been getting into that is related to the topic of the blog
  • Discussing tools and services you may be interested in
  • Exclussive tips and advice that are only going to be sent out to the subscribers of the newsletter
  • Feedback questions on what you think I should focus on more in future posts

This should be a good opportunity for you to connect with me on a more personal basis. If you’d like to receive the newsletter, simply fill out the name and e-mail section and click the “Submit” button.

If for some reason you’d ever want to stop receiving the newsletter emails then you have the option to unsubscribe through a link that will be at the bottom of each email you’ll receive.

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Hey my names Colin! I’m 19, and I got a friend who is a senior still in
highschool Neanna. We’ve been friends since I was a sophmore. She told me
I’m fine and sexy, and she likes me. We talk about sex all the time! She has
had sex with a few different people. I have brought up the subject of us
having sex, but she has been trying to be good lately. She told me we can
fuck only if we are dating. I’m currently a freshman at florida state, and I
think a relationship would be a bad idea with my busy schedule, and crazy
parties. How can I let her know I just want a fuck buddy?

Hey Colin, thanks for the question. In this situation, the easiest way for you to approach this would be to think bigger. Read the rest of this entry »

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I’m currently in a situation where I’m now Fuck Buddies with my Ex. I
started dating him when I was 15 and we were together for 2 yrs. After 1 yr
of our relationship I moved out of my parents house to live him him and his
parents out of town. We broke up because my father passed away and I needed
to go back home to support my mom. This was 5 yrs ago.

We were previously FB’s 2 1/2 years ago but it didnt work out due to drama.
He has made it clear that he does not want a relationship right now and
wants to have no strings attached. Being greedy 🙁 I agreed, knowing that I
have feelings for him but I’ll keep them to myself.

We hooked up the other night for the first time in 2.5 yrs and it was
absolutly amazing, how he acted around me felt like old times. I dont want
to tell him how I truely feel right now and I’m wondering what I can watch
for in terms of hints that he may want a relationship to come from this down
the line.

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DSC03367As most of my readers have noticed by now, my dating advice on this blog aren’t your typical PUA (pick-up artist) modelled tips that guarantee things to work. Instead, I give my honest, humble opinions and formulate advice out of them on how I think guys as well as women should go about in certain situations to come out on top (no pun intended). My interests don’t include reviewing books like The Game, even though it was a quite entertaining read. Instead, I read things like Women by the great and noble Charles Bukowski. I recently ordered the book from Amazon and couldn’t put it down ever since I got it. I missed university readings just to finish the 290 page masterpiece. Though the book is semi-autobiographic and doesn’t directly tell you how to pick up women, or extremely good looking women for that matter, it’s an extremely enthralling read. Before I can review this book, I really have to give you some background info on Bukowski if you don’t know already. Read the rest of this entry »

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A torre Eiffel 3 / The Eiffel Tower 3
I just got back from Paris today and it’s been a great 5 day trip. My first day in I walked around and was looking for a place to stay, because the smart-ass that I am, I decided to go there without any arrangements for a residence. I looked for hostels but they were all real expensive and since I thought the French were like the rest of the Europeans and spoke fluent English, I was direly mistaken. Only certain people in working environments spoke the sacred language, and even though I studied French for 8 or so years as a second language back in Canada, I couldn’t forumlate a decent sentence apart from “Je m’appelle, Robby.” So after wandering aimlessly for hours, I got onto a metro and found the whole system quite simple. I made my way to a place someone told me there would be loads of hostels. I got off the metro and while I was crossing the street, I accidently peered to my left and saw this gigantic structure known to the world as the Eiffel Tower. I almost got hit by a car because the tower really struck me and it was quite impressive. Really much more beautiful than it appears to be on pictures. Read the rest of this entry »

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Amo-te até debaixo d'água!
Photo by Elmo Alves
The talking cures is something that actually works. I completely believe this. All of us are philosophers in our own way. We analyze, observe, self-critique, and improve on our own faults. When it comes to talking about things whether with a girlfriend, a family member, a friend, or even yourself at times, we sometimes bite our tongue. Biting your tongue when you’re about to say something nasty that you will probably regret in the future can only be a good thing, but when it’s something you feel strongly about, it really destroys you as a person. Any way you put it, it ends up boiling at some point and the consequence isn’t pretty.

Communicate With Your Partner

If you have something that’s been bothering you about your boyfriend/girlfriend, they are more than likely not doing it to annoy you. So speak up about it and mention it in a conversation. Read the rest of this entry »