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1. Outgoing is the Way to Go

I have become much more outgoing about everything. I don’t know if it’s the weed or what, but I really am indifferent to a lot of things. I see guys trying to start fights as jokes. They look like they have issues with themselves and try to take it out on people. It’s fun to fight for the sake of fighting, but acting all angry and finding people to fight is just a joke. But besides fighting, I also learnt that it doesn’t matter at all what people think about you. Keep doing what you want and in the end all that matters is the story you can tell about it.

2. I Can Drink in the Morning

“Call it what you wanna call it…” – Xzibit. When I used to have a hangover, I usually let it pass naturally and would throw up at the sight of vodka. Now, I can sit back and kick it with more liquor. All that’s important is that you don’t have anything important to do that day. Read the rest of this entry »

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[19 Nov 2009 | 10 Comments | ]

Manu e Winston 3
I don’t know much about personal development, but I know quite a lot about drinking, partying, and getting into loving and caring relationships that last for only one night. The thing is however, you sometimes get tired or bored with constantly changing women and waking up with headaches and you end up searching for that one woman you think you can give your heart to and actually get into a relationship with. I’ve previously written about my criteria for what I look for in a girlfriend, but today I’d like to talk about how to make sure to keep that woman. This post will be in a form of a personal experience, because I’ve learnt this through my own mistakes, because after a few years of constant single life, I’d actually found someone that seemed to resonate something much greater than any of those one-night stands could offer.

6 Ways to Keep Your Woman:

1. Don’t give her too much freedom: Sure, everyone loves their freedom and especially in a relationship we sometimes need our day offs from one another, but don’t let your woman think that you’re totally indifferent to her requirements for distance. Your woman wants you to take part in her life otherwise she wouldn’t be dating you. Giving her too much freedom to go out wherever she wants whenever she wants with friends without having to feel the need to tell you about it gives her a feeling that she doesn’t even have a real boyfriend just because he doesn’t show interest in what she’s doing. You have to always assure her that you are there and that she does have a boyfriend she needs to keep in mind. Ask her how she’s been, how she spent her day, who she saw, and how she’s feeling that day. I don’t encourage anyone to over do it because that can lead to arguments, but discussing it in conversation just shows that you care.

2. Long-distance relationships are harder than you think: If you or her has to separate for sometime, make sure you call every day. Ask her when is the best time for you to call her and make sure to do it. Indications that things may be going soar is if she isn’t calling you back when she says she will, or if she sounds slightly irritated when you call. These are clear indications that something isn’t so well between the two of you and that’s when you should probably either try to go out there and see her about it if you can, or decide to talk about it over the internet. Face-to-face is key, however, and we have technology that allows for this to happen even I you two aren’t in the same room. Phone conversations or texts for this sort of thing can ruin things for you, believe me.

3. Pick up on any small details: Little things in a relationship play a big role. What usually ends relationships is a build up of small flaws that could have easily been repaired if only you would pick up on them sooner. Be smarter than just believe her that if she says everything is fine then it actually is. Don’t think just because she says she loves you that she actually does, because love can diminish quite rapidly if it’s already begun to head downhill. Remember, the first “I love you” is always hardest to say, but the last one can easily come out as a lie. So make sure you’re attentive to how she’s acting around you, to the tone of her voice, and if she still gives you eye contact when she’s speaking to you.

4. Let your heart be judge: Everyone has an opinion when you’re in a relationship. From family to friends to even your friend’s friends. It could really get hectic if you listen to anyone but yourself. You need to always first and foremost ask yourself how you feel about this relationship. Is it making you happy? Is it better to be with her than without her? And do you get a special feeling when you two are together? This can only be answered by your heart because in the end of it all, it’s you who has to live with your decisions, no one else. Some can give good-hearted advice, others can give you logical advice, and other can give you wretched advice, and it can become real difficult to distinguish one from the other. So the best judge is your heart, not your mind, because if you two break-up due to logic and you think it’s the ‘right’ decision, your heart will end up taking the biggest punishment.

5. Don’t stop impressing her: Just because you two have been going out a long time and you think you don’t need to do anything else, you’re wrong. Throughout the relationship you need to somehow reignite the spark that holds you two together. Surprise her with gifts and romantic dinners. Don’t just wait until things get rocky, but do it once in a while out of the blue. And when you actually do new things to excite her, that fire keeps burning and though she once thought you can’t impress in any new way, you’ll break all expectations and she’ll re-fall in love with you. Those types of days end up filling the best memories the two of you will ever share together.

6. Grow together rather than grow apart: She is the love of your life, right? Well, include her in your life then. Introduce her to the people you know, be interested in the people she is friends with, find hobbies you can share, and most importantly, communicate. The lack of communication makes people unknowingly grow apart. Talk about life, food, education, every day chores, anything that comes to mind, but just keep the communication going. Evoke new interests within one another. If you have a certain hobby, involve her in it, and if you see she finds something important to her, try to get involved. Share your interests and goals and you will grow well together.

Take it from me that though some things can hurt your pride or reputation, it may all be worth it in the end. If you honestly believe you’ve found the right one then whatever you do, fight for her, because it’s your life and you live once, so try to be happy. Don’t take what someone says to heart, because some people may say one thing one minute because they’re mad and then completely forget about it, leaving it to dwell on you. Try not to do something that you may regret for the rest of your life. Even martyrs do things out of love despite what anyone else may say or think.

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Today there’s a great true story guest post from Srinivas Rao who writes for The Skool of Life. He’s here to share the great wisdom he learned on personal development through being held at gunpoint.

LOmo LCA-Tijuana,Mexico
I’m not sure why I decided it was time to write this story on my blog. After my conversation with Kelley Diels, I realized that I offer alot of advice on my blog, but I rarely expose you to some of the sordid details of my life. But I felt like it was a story worth sharing because there are days when I still can’t believe that EVERYTHING IN THIS STORY actually happened.  To those of you who are part of the story, well, hopefully you have no plans to run for office, since I’m about to put an end to that dream after publishing this post.

It was the Spring of 2000 and I was in my second to last semester in college.  Me and my friends had decided that we had to experience an American College Students right of passage: Spring Break. Given that we were all cheap, and didn’t want to spend money, Cancun, Florida, and all of the other popular destinations were not an option. But, one hour south of the San Diego Border, we had an option, Rosarito. I can’t really tell you much about the town of Rosarito, because I honestly don’t remember it. I think somebody once said “Tijuana is not Mexico. It’s like America without laws.” Needless to say we were about to learn that. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hello again. It’s Adam Garratt, author of the male interest blog and welcome to my final post in the 3 part series.

In the last post I went into detail about how to make your date a success and the crucial do’s and don’ts of your date, so in the final post I am going to give you sound advice on how to make sure your date wants to see more of you and how to secure a second date.

It needs to be said that dating is no exact science and every woman is different and personalities clash all the time, but there are measures you can take to significantly increase your odds of snatching that special someone because the one thing on your side is that you are both starting with a blank canvass. Neither of you know each other properly and you have no idea what the each of you like and dislike, and this can be a very powerful medium to help make an impression. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why do so many men fail with a woman before they even try to make a move? I asked myself this question and realized that you can’t blame the woman if she’s not interested. The man needs to ask himself, ‘why is she not interested in me?’ And the answer right there within the question, because you’re just not interesting. The title of post is used to introduce you to an idea of a man that many women cannot resist. To be interesting to a woman, a man must possess an adventures fire within him that makes him want to go out and try new things and be able to handle any sort of challenge while making it seem effortless.

Keeping Her Interested

There is basically three things I can think off the top of my head that a man can do to keep a woman interested:

  1. Be Adventurous: Learn to have the courage to go out and explore the world and get into stories and accidents and things that not everyone can go home and talk about easily that happens to them on an everyday basis. For example within the past three months I’ve lived in Amsterdam I’ve gotten into so many twisted stories that it’s enough to fill a book, while a few guys I know who live in the building across wouldn’t be able to tell you two stories that’ll keep you interested. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hello again, this is post 2/3 from me Adam Garratt author of If you read my last guest post on ‘how to ask a woman out‘ then you will hopefully have a secure date by now, so read on and let me tell you how to make your date a success.

I think most men including myself have and still do believe that because you have a date means she fancies the pants off you and you just have to coast the date and expect a kiss and a fumble at the end of it. Well if your dating a certain ‘type’ of woman then you may well get this, along with a lighter wallet and chlamydia, but jokes aside fellas it’s going to take a bit more than chit chat to get her to warm to you.

On the plus side you obviously have something she likes otherwise you wouldn’t have got the date in the first place, so start the date with confidence that you’re half way there and it’s just a final push to the finish line to secure a second date, so follow the points below to help you achieve your goal. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hells Angels Member on a Motorcycle
Photo by SliceofNYC
I was sitting at home Friday night not knowing what to do. My flatmate had his girlfriend over and didn’t want to go out, some other people I phoned weren’t in the mood to have some drinks (lazy potheads), and I wasn’t in the mood for calling up a girl to take on a date. So I ended up going to a pub hopping around the Red Light District. I didn’t know what was going to come of the night except that I was going to get exceptionally drunk. I started with five straight shots of Jagermeister, sipping RedBull in between. Then at another pub I had three beers. Then at another pub I had a vodka-cranberry, which is when I felt the touch of tipsyness. Then I got another 2 beers and a strawberry daiquiri (don’t ask me why–well basically, two girls were drinking it and it looked like they were enjoying the shit out of it). Then while I was sipping on another beer, this being the third pub/lounge I was of the night, I watched two drunk Hell’s Angels stumble in. Read the rest of this entry »