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I have a crush on this guy at my school and we’ve been making out when we go
out,  and last weekend when we were both tipsy, we decided to become fuck
buddies.  He told me he doesn’t want a relationship right now and I said I’m
okay with just keeping it as a physical  relationship. All his friends said
he’s just out to play. He is a senior and a virgin so he really wants to
fuck! Last year I dated one of his close friends but he moved, he said one
of the reasons why he didn’t want me was because of my ex, but when I said I
was cool with just keeping it physical he forgot about my ex. I haven’t had
sex in a while and I really need to do it again so I want him as a fuck
buddy, however, I  also want him as a boyfriend. I know the whole playing
hard to get thing works pretty well if you want to get a boyfriend but I
can’t play hard to get if I already agreed to be his fuck buddy. We haven’t
done anything yet, we decided to be fuck buddies 2 days ago, and since then
we haven’t seen each other. He told me that it would be hard keeping it as a
secret since he wants to tell his friends when he’s not a virgin anymore,
but I don’t want people at school to think I’m a slut. After we made out for
the first time, some people started telling him to go for me because I was
into him. I explained that people just talk too much and that I just want to
hook up with someone. We don’t usually talk at school but we hang out with
the same group of people. I’m pretty sure even though we were tipsy he was
serious about it because he’s a senior and a virgin. How do I get him to
fall for me if I’m giving it all to him easily? Read the rest of this entry »

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Dear Robby,

In your post, shiteilike . com / how-to-win-a-woman-over you said “I’m
pretty sure 82% of the women I’ve dated have either had a boyfriend when
we began to go out or were married” I’ve noticed that most hot girls (9s or
10s) already have boyfriends and only a tiny number of hot girls do not.

Now when stacked side by side, me compared to her current boyfriend, I end
up being a better in most areas such as humor, smarts, money, looks,
sexiness, etc.

Some guys who date often told me, “in the amount of time it takes you to
convince a hot girl to leave her current boyfriend and go out with you…
you could of found and gone out with FIVE other hot girls.”

Is this true?  Currently it takes about around ’10 hours per hot single
girl’.  So it would take me 50 hours to convince a hot girl to leave her
current boyfriend of let’s say 9 months and go out with me?


(And then once you have the hot girl (who just left her current boyfriend),
is it ok to dump her after 6 or 7 months for a new and possibly even hotter
girl? Cheers and thanks. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guest Post by Jennifer Martin, contributing author at the Negotiation Board.

Who says there is no such thing as Happily Ever After? I have found my prince and am living proof that every woman’s fantasy can come true. After years of dating nothing but absolute losers, I lost hope and resigned myself to a life of misery dating the same type of man who is what I call a “Frog.” If you are questioning whether or not your man’s a Frog, then he probably is. If you want clear confirmation, if he fits into any, or all, of the following criteria than he is a Frog with a capital F: Read the rest of this entry »

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somebody save me
You love someone, you would do anything for that person, and one day you two can’t be together anymore. There are a variety of reasons people break-up. One stopped loving the other, some people got in the way, distance separating the two lovers, or a mixture of any two or more things. But what if, let’s say, you’re still in love, and you fully believe that she loves you as well. What if you believe that this break-up or time apart is just a short inconvenience between now and the time you’ll be together again and living a life of happily ever after. That hope feels like it’s the only thing holding you together and giving you the desire to keep going. Even though she tells you that this relationship can’t work out, she calls you sometimes and returns your infrequent calls, and re-ignites that hope in your heart once again. Even though you may be clasified as “single”, you know that inside you don’t feel single. That she thinks about you just as much as you think about her. And when other girls ask you if you have a girlfriend, there’s always a hesitation in between your answer, and her image comes to mind. It’s difficult for you to flirt with other women, it’s difficult for you to have fun with other women, and it’s difficult for you to think about taking things to a next level with other women just because you may have some guilt. Then you analyze that guilt and realize there isn’t anything you should feel guilty about since you’re single, but sometimes that doesn’t justify anything and you hope that since you’re feeling the guilt that she would be feeling the guilt as well. And then she or someone you know hits you with the news. Read the rest of this entry »

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Changed Priorities AheadWhat’re the most important things to you in your life? I’m not talking about friends, family, your girlfriend or your hair stylist’s advice. I’m talking about priorities. Yesterday I was noticing that since I moved to Amsterdam I have had certain expectations of myself, and I realized I’m not proud of any of them. My expectations in the city of sin were just having fun, fun, fun. And it’s been exactly a month since I arrived and I finally feel completely exhausted. I’ve been drinking every day, I’ve been polluting my lungs with various substances, and my sleeping pattern was destroyed. I’d sleep for 12 hours one night, waking up at 5 in the afternoon, and other nights I’d only sleep for 3 hours. You can say, “Fuck it, it’s college,” but I have my limits too. So yesterday, waking up to a headache after drinking 3/4 of a bottle of vodka the night before, I decided to make some changes. I figured that partying 24/7 wasn’t working, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to replace that with full-blown studies. I needed a compromise. So why do I ask what’s important in your life? Because those priorities should always come ahead of everything. Read the rest of this entry »

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World's Strongest LibrarianI had the pleasure of interviewing a new rising star in the blogging world by the name of Josh Hanagarne. I got to know him pretty well through another great blogger, Darren Rowse over at ProBlogger. I really enjoy what Josh’s blog is about and his style of writing is quite impressive. Overall, he’s a very grounded and great guy and a guy you’d want on your side, especially if you ever need some back in a fight, because he’s 6’8″ and works-out religiously.

Here’s a little more about him: Josh Hanagarne is the twitchy giant behind World’s Strongest Librarian, a blog with advice about living with Tourette’s Syndrome, book recommendations, buying pants when you’re 6’8”, old-time strongman training, and much more. Please subscribe to Josh’s RSS Updates to stay in touch.

Now for the interview portion: Read the rest of this entry »

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[28 Sep 2009 | 3 Comments | ]

Hi Robby ,
 I have read some of your post and I find them really entertaining and
interesting. Recently by fate I have become a single mom. I need to get back
to dating again but I really do not know how to ” turn back time   ( I have
been in a good relationship for  20 years). I do not want men to see me as a
desperate  women.
Thank you in advance for your help
 ps I m 40 years old

You don’t need to turn back time, a single 40 year old woman may be the best thing a man can find. You have benefits to yourself that many younger girls don’t: experience and knowledge. What I suggest you do first is think positively, second is think back at how you used to try to impress men before your relationship, and get back into that mode. You mentioned that you’re a mother, but depending on the age of your child I don’t know if you have time to go out or if you have a responsibility to stay at home and watch your kid. When you find time to go out however, try to go out with another woman your age who is also single and also looks presentable, and go to a lounge where the crowd is in your age group or just a little younger or older, depending on how you like them. And since you mentioned that you don’t want to seem desperate, make sure to keep yourself in check and not do what a lot of single women end up doing after a long relationship and finally finding themselves in a position of freedom. Don’t go get drunk and start coming onto men with slutty dance moves. In my mind that’s what a desperate woman does. Keep your dignity and self-respect and approach the dating game with class, not because your age demands it, but because men find that extremely attractive. Read the rest of this entry »