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I have this girl, I really want to put it inside her asshole, but she won’t let me. How can I
convince her to let me do such diminishing sexual activities???

Shite I Like Forever!!!

I usually don’t answer questions of a very sexual nature because some readers may get offended, but I’ve noticed that many men want to give their girlfriend’s anal but don’t know how to convince her, just like in your situation. I personally have never had this problem, but I do know a few ways that have worked for other men. Convincing her directly may not work, but if you give her a sense of how good it will feel for her, then she will be the one wanting it. So next time you’re in bed, don’t mention it and just start off normally. When you’re in action and she’s feeling hot, slip your thumb into her bum and let her find out for herself how good it feels. This is a basic way that many men end up convincing their girlfriends to do anal. They usually don’t want it the first time because of their fear of the unknown and they are afraid it may either hurt or is nasty or whatever else. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hi Robby,

I would be glad if you can give me advice about my problem. I have been in
love with a man who is(was?) my fuck-buddy as well. From the begining he
knows that I love him and he made it clear to me that he is attracted to me
but he doesnt love me. I said ok then  I am ok just with having fun with you
as seeing each other time to time for sex. Then things went good for two
months. he was very nice and  seem to be caring, but after a while as I
wanted to see him more often he got annoyed and we had discussed then he
behaved me very cold for couple of days during my stay at his place. after 2
days of cold war between us at his house, I left his house, right on that
day he sent me message apoligizing for his behaviours. I did not reply him
back for one week then I sent him a mail (a big mistake maybe) telling him
about my feelings that I wanted to see him more often because I love him but
I apoligised if I had pushed him too much. that I love without expecting
anything. That I still wanted to be in his life as friend or fuck-buddy as I
desire him very much. He did not respond me back one week. then he went on
holiday for two weeks. In fact it was not kind of mail to be responded but I
am nervous whether he is scared of my feelings.
 Since I sent him the mail it has been two weeks now. and he is returning
next week.
so now is it still possible to get him back as my fuckbuddy.
how can I get him back without looking desperate?

Thank you


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ChonchI was chatting with my mate and he was feeling really depressed for some reason. He wasn’t doing anything to improve his life, he didn’t have anything going for him, he wasn’t organized, structured, or satisfied in any way. But what was worse is that he didn’t even have the will to get up in the morning and get himself together. So he was telling me that he wanted to go and sign up with the army with a 5 year contract. The idea had been circling his mind for months on and off and he was at such a low point in his life that he was certain if he wouldn’t sign up with the army then he’d end up doing something drastic and stupid. He desired the structure that the armed forces offer, but he knew unless he had someone pressure him externally to get his shit together then he wouldn’t have the strength to do it himself. Now thoughts and feelings like that come across everyone’s mind at some points in their life. The difference is some people dwell on those thoughts while others just curb them and move on to better things. However, what is it that separates those who feel hopeless with the ones that are able to evoke an inner push that tells them that they’re better than this and there are brighter days ahead? I think the people in the latter category of people have been able to think things through in a more logical fashion. When you’re feeling in that kind of situation, it’s important to really organize your thoughts, passions, ideas, and move past those negative thoughts. Read the rest of this entry »

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I heart my job!
I’m not so much a club-goer, I’m more of a pub-goer. Are there any especial rules to hit on waitresses? They probably have rules like “don’t flirt with clients”. And secondly, in pubs it’s not like clubs where you can approach anyone, because friends are sitting around the table. How can I approach a hot girl who is sitting in a table with a lot of people I don’t even know?? Thx man!!

First Things First

What you said about waitresses having a rule like “Don’t flirt with clients” is actually completely opposite to what their rule is. They know that men come in to drink and hopefully hook up with women, and waitresses live off the tips they get from those drunk men. So in fact they try to flirt with almost every guy in order to raise their chances of receiving a greater tip from them. Getting a waitresses number can be achieved though may be much more difficult to do so than women who are just sitting around, waiting to get picked up. Waiting on tables is their job and part of their job is to make the customers comfortable, and that includes a smile here and a flirty look or word there. And though they flirt a lot with customers, it is usually frowned upon by their managers (in most places) that they give out their numbers. I’ve been successful at hooking up with a waitress, but it actually took much longer than asking for her number at the end of your meal. I was a regular customer there, so overtime I was able to build a friendly relationship with her and one day she needed a ride home so I of course offered, and took it from there. Read the rest of this entry »

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Why does a small minority of men get the majority amount of women? Why is it that you give a woman all your attention, affection, interest, and you get the cold shoulder? Why does talking and trying to get with a girl come with such difficulty for you while it comes almost naturally for other men? Have you ever given these points a thought and wished you had a solid answer so you could get the most beautiful women while your colleagues looked at you and wished they were you. The answer to those questions isn’t a difficult one at all in fact. The truth is, those few men who get the majority of women are the leaders of the pack. They are the Alpha males. They don’t have to be rich, good looking, intelligent, or heroic. All they have to be is comfortable and confident. We hear that a lot though, don’t we? Confidence. Be confident. But how do we exactly become confident and how do we approach this issue of having a lack of confidence? I’d like to give you an illustration of both confidence and comfort, and how it can be applied to getting an uncountable amount of women. Read the rest of this entry »

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I’ve written quite a few guest posts for other blogs and found it very beneficial to get my voice heard through other sources. Now I’d like to share the love and allow other bloggers to get the opportunity to guest post on this blog and get links back to their own webpages. Of course, I have guidelines: It has to be on topic!

When you’re submitting a guest post, make it about something that my readers can benefit from. My readers include people who like hearing about dating advice, general motivational posts on life and success, or reviews of anything that seems hot right now, whether it be a movie or a certain pair of sunglasses. Submit it through the Contact Me page of the blog and after reading it, I’ll email you back to let you know if and when I’ll be publishing the guest post.

That’s basically all I wanted to say here. Also, the dating or any other questions that my readers ask me will still be answered by me directly and I will not outsource to get the answers written by someone else. I’m the one who started the blog and I’m the one who wants to give my knowledge and expertise on the subject, because I cannot guarantee if others are able to give the answers that will suffice my readers.

So besides that, please feel free to send me your guest posts for me to look at and there’s a very high chance that I’ll put it up. And if it’s a post that doesn’t suit my blog, I’ll try to help you out and will pitch it to any one of the mates I’ve made in the blogging community over the past year if it’s relevant to their topic. Cheers to all!

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Do you think it’s possible for two friends to decide to be fuck buddies and
maintain the friendship even when the mutual using is over?
I just had a very rational, open, and honest conversation with a friend
about it last night, but I don’t want to lose the friend after our physical
relationship ends–either when one of us finds something else or in about 6
months when I move 500 miles away.
What’s your take?

You can give it a go and see how it goes, because it would be an interesting experiment, but… There’s always a but. But, I personally believe it cannot be worked out. Personally, I don’t believe that a male and female can be true friends without one wanting to sleep or begin liking the other more than just friends. Read the rest of this entry »