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Update: The prices are going back to normal starting January 1st, 2010.

My blog has been climbing the ranks on a decent pace, but as you may have heard recently my bike has been stolen and I really need as much money as I can get so I decided to lower the prices on all advertisement opportunities. From written reviews I offer to each and every ad space or link opportunity. Check out the new prices in this list and contact me if you like what you see. This is a limited time offer and I will be raising the prices to their usual prices in a few months. Take advantage while the offer is still there.

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I went to the Red Light District the other day. No, it wasn’t for the sex… well, at least that time it wasn’t for the sex. I was looking for junkies to buy a bicycle from. Unlucky for me, I only ran into drug dealers dealing coke and E, but no bikes. So I went to a legitimate source and paid 100 euros for decent bike. I’ve been in the city for more than two weeks and walking is just no longer an option. I was happy with my new purchase and rode around for the full day. Best thing about it is you can’t get in trouble for drinking and riding a bike, and in this current weather, getting drunk and riding a bike is the best feeling. Well, at least it was for that one full day. The next day, my mates here decide to go to some club, and on our way I decide to stop by a grocery store and buy a sixer of beer to drink before the club. I park the bike right in front and one of my friends goes inside with me while the other is standing outside with his bike. He is not even four meters away from my bike and I go inside for less than three minutes. I come out and look around and guess what? Yeah, the bike is gone. The bike that I bought for 100 euros the previous day was stolen from me. The idiot that I was in entrusting a friend to watch it rather than taking the extra minute and chaining the bike, I was flat out of a bike. I paced around, getting pissed off, looking for traces of my bike or the thief anywhere, but there are over a million bikes in Amsterdam and finding yours is a little dilemma. Read the rest of this entry »

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I meet this bloke about 4 months ago. We have been fuckbuddies ever since.
We text each other most days and he phones me most weekends after a night
out. We both said we didn’t want a relationship as I was happy being single
and he’d just come out of a serious relationship.
The problem is I’ve started to feel more for him which I hadn’t planned to
do and a couple of weeks ago when I was drunk I told him. He was really
honest and said that he wasn’t ready for a relationship even though he knows
we get on so well and the sex is amazing.
I thought I wouldn’t hear from him again but not long after telling him
this he went away for a lads holiday and while he was away he has been
texting me (nice texts as well as dirty texts). I feel like he’s giving me
mixed messages.
Should I walk away before I get hurt or should I continue to be his
fuckbuddy? He’s back in a few days and wants to meet up for a bit of fun
when he gets back. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as my friends are
giving me mixed advice.

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Over the past couple of weeks I have been bombarded with school readings about politics and whatnot, but I still managed to get out of the very liberal right-wing propaganda the University of Amsterdam throws at me by getting my head wrapped around a fantastic book (which doesn’t have anything to do with politics) entitled “A Hero of Our Time” by Mikhail Lermontov. Since I’ve never posted a book review on my own blog, I contacted a friend and he was happy to post the review on his blog. To give you a little intro, the story takes place in the 1830’s Russia and the Caucusus mountain region, and is about a very nihilistic young, yet experienced army officer and his adventures. I’m not going to say anymore and instead just advise you to go ahead and take a look at the review at my mate’s blog called World’s Strongest Librarian, where he gives advice on books, weight lifting, and some random funny personal stories he decides to share to the world for our entertainment.

Well enough about that, go ahead and check out the review and leave a comment with your thoughts if you’d like.

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No, I’m not talking about the Jolie movie in this post, but the importance of travel. The song, “The Changeling” by The Doors have lyrics that go like:

I live uptown,

I live downtown,

I had money, and I had none,

But I never been so broke

That I couldn’t leave town

It’s a phenomenal song, or maybe I’m just a huge The Doors fan, but either way, ever since I moved to Amsterdam, I have been wanting to travel as much as possible. I’ve been around Amsterdam, mostly by walking and tram and starting tomorrow by bicycle, but lately I’ve had the urge to get out of this relatively small city and go down to Barcelona, Spain. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hey Robbie,

So I noticed on your blog that you have a page where a girl has asked you
for advice on a fuck buddy to girlfriend problem and I was wondering if I
could get some advice on my own situation, which is actually the complete

I am in love with my ex – who is also one of my best friends – and he and I
have recently been hooking up a lot, which I find strange since we broke up
after he told me he loved me as a friend but didn’t feel particularly
sexually attracted to me.

He’s a really decent guy and I’ve known him for 9 years but he seems to
enjoy making things very complicated. Something which I had always thought
to be quite a feminine trait. He claims to over analyze situations and
always be thinking of the downsides, but he refuses to actually talk about
anything. It is very frustrating. Furthermore I can’t get over him because
he keeps coming back into my life (and my bed, for that matter).

Is this something worth working on, or am I just holding onto something
that isn’t really there? Do you have any insights for me?

Love Stella x

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I woke up at 9am today. What a horrible morning. To let you know, my normal wake-up schedule is around 2pm, so as you can see 9am is pushing the limits of my abilities. I needed to get my living and working permit in Amsterdam and I had my appointment at 10am. The day started off in the worst possible of ways. It looked cold from my window so I dressed up like a Siberian and went out to find out that it was like 20 degrees Celcius outside. I still don’t have a bike so I had to walk to my appointment, which wasn’t a real problem because it wasn’t too far. Well, it wasn’t far if the appointment was in fact to take place where I thought it should be. Instead, I find out when I get there that I need to go back where I came from, hop on the subway and head across the entire city. I had thoughts of quitting right there and then in that heat and just giving in to the temptations of Amsterdam’s liberties and get lost in another day of doing absolutely nothing productive. But no, I thought, better late than never. Thankfully, I brought a backpack with me so I was able to put my sweater in there and just stay in my wifebeater and t-shirt. Trust me, by the end of the trip, I was walking around barely in a wifebeater and basically almost shirtless. But I’ll get to that later. Read the rest of this entry »