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[5 Sep 2009 | 10 Comments | ]

I was wondering what people thought to be the strongest mafias in the world. Of course I understand this is all theoretical and most voters will not know the exact answers since it is almost unattainable, I wanted to know the general idea of what people think. If you’d like, leave a comment with the reasons for your choice.

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[4 Sep 2009 | 3 Comments | ]

It’s 3pm and I just crawled outta bed. Thank God I don’t have a hangover. Last night was the first night I decided to go out on a prowl to look for girls in Amsterdam. My first week was all about picking and arranging courses, settling down, checking out the scenes, and basically being a tourist. Yesterday was a Thursday and I don’t have class Fridays so I got tired of not having too many girls I’d like to sleep with on my cellphone, so I went pub/club hopping. I love that you can drink in the streets. First I sat around watching Californication on my laptop, drinking litres of Heineken, and eating some rice with Ketchup–a typical 10pm meal for me knowadays. Then after seeing Hank Moody getting every girl he ever talked to in Californication, I grabbed a few more Heinekens and was on my way to a square where all the pubs are. I was pretty buzzed by the time I got there and went into the first decent place I saw. Damn was that a bad decision. I asked the bouncer and he told me that it wasn’t a gay bar, except as soon as I walked in there was more sausage than a sausage factory. I saw a few women but they did not look desirable. So I wandered around some more, having people approach me to ask me for directions like I was some local. I told them to go some place, but I doubt it was the right direction. But who in their right mind comes up to ask directions from a swaying bastard who has one open beer in his hand and another closed one in his other? Read the rest of this entry »

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[3 Sep 2009 | One Comment | ]

A month or so ago I asked you how long you think you should wait before calling a girl you’ve met on a Friday night out, and the amount of votes for each answer were quite close. The results did not vary too much and I’d like to discuss which one I voted for and I’ll give you my reasons. Here are the results:

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[1 Sep 2009 | 6 Comments | ]

People are always questioning themselves about love and relationships, and though we’re all searching for that one suitable other for us to say we love (unless you’ve already found them) we really don’t have too much to go by to make our decision whether that girl/guy is the one you genuinely love. And when you ask someone who is in love, “How do I know if I’m in love?” they typically say, “You’ll just know.” Even though I know what that means, some people may still be questioning it, and I’ve decided to write out the symptoms or consequences of finding someone you may think you love. But first I’d like to say that lust or affection may sometimes deceit you into believing that you’re in love with your partner when you’re just feeling affection for them. Also, in this post, I won’t be talking about loving someone you are not in a relationship with, meaning that I strongly disbelief that you can love someone without being with them and having an actual relationship rather than just see them and talk to them for a few minutes within a week, fantasizing your future together. When there’s room to fantasize about the one you claim to “love”, that falls under the “affection” category, because if you don’t know too much about that person then they can be completely different than what you imagine them to be and you end up only judging them based on looks or general first impression. Read the rest of this entry »

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To everyone who wanted to see my adventures in Amsterdam, well some of the videos are finally up and some more are being uploaded as I type. To friends and fans (hopefully not family), go ahead and check out what I do in Amsterdam. This is only my third day and I’m pretty damn tired and not yet as drunk as I’d like to be, I walk around and show you what the city looks like. Later on I’ll show you the city at night and the city’s many attractions. I’ll try to fill you in on as much as I can, but to be honest I hate walking around in the streets with a camera, it makes me feel like the biggest tourist and like I’m baiting people in to rob me. I’ll leave off today with my YouTube Channel’s url, and by the way don’t judge me on it, I made this YouTube Channel something like 4 years back so the name is kinda stupid. Well here it is: http://www.youtube.com/robbtheruler

Feel free to subscribe. Though I’ve had this account for many years, I’ve just began to upload videos so feel free to subscribe. Cheers!

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[28 Aug 2009 | 4 Comments | ]

…but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl. This post is extremely important for me to write specifically at this point in my life when I’m away from home and by myself without knowing too many people in Amsterdam. The James Brown lyrics reallycome into play because when you haven’t got too many people to connect with like family or friends, finding yourself a girl can be crucial. Though a certain woman can be the worst or best thing that has ever happened to you, it is impossible to live without them. And when you think about it on a deeper level you realize that almost everything men do is for the sake of women. Though the comforts of a luxury car are nice, the deeper reason why we get them is to attract more women. Same thing with almost everything else. Clothes, making money, going out to clubs, finding new and fresh ways to seem like a better partner for beautiful women than other candidates. And throughout centuries men have gone about trying to attract women through different means, usually by showing off something they are better at than other men. Read the rest of this entry »

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[27 Aug 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

Today I wanted to write a quick post about the past few days. It’s been a hell of a few days with all the flying from Toronto to Brussels and from there to Amsterdam, but I’m finally here and finally writing again. I’m blogging from my new home where the internet is limited, but who really needs too much internet when they’re in Amsterdam anyways? Now, I’ve made a couple of quick videos capturing my new room and roomate. We went out last night and met some other people on the way my roomate knew from earlier and we were getting drunk off $1 (sorry, 1 Euro) beers. Well, it’s Amsterdam so let’s face it, there was beer and some next stuff, so overall it was a successful first night here. I’ve barely eaten anything and already missed a couple of meetings I was supposed to have. I think there’s some other dinner meeting, but I just woke up and it’s 4 pm already, so I really doubt I’ll be doing anything but finding some junky I can buy a stolen bike from. I’ll make more videos and then upload them since I’m really lazy right now and it’s my second day and I’m in front of the computer (something I’m not too fond with right now).

To recap, I’m here, I’m safe, I’m having a good time, and I’ll be posting and making more videos in the near future. Now I’ve gotta go get some food and then check out the Sex Museum. I’ll see you all later. Cheers!