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When you see a woman you find good looking, you will want to either get to know her better or just sleep with her. Either way, you’ll need to act quickly. In my pesonal experience I think that if you’re trying to get a girl at a club then it’s best to just approach her, make enough conversation to squeeze a number out of her and just move on. Be a man of mystery with shit to do that’s more imporant than spending the entire night talking to her. You’ve got friends to attend to and you’ve got other girls’ numbers to get. Don’t spend too much time, money, or attention on a single girl. This is key in not only getting the number but also making sure that you’re in constant motion and are moving on to a variety of ladies that seem attractive enough to you. Let’s be honest, you’re at the club to have a good time and hook up with a few girls, so go ahead and do just that. You’re not looking for a future wife in there, you’re looking for a few numbers you can take back home and call up within the next couple of days. This also gives you the ability to have choice for next weekend and won’t make you seem desperate with a single girl, because if she’s not willing to come out with you next time then you’ve got half a dozen other girls on call.

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Free Entourage PosterIf you’re like any normal guy out there and have seen even a single Entourage episode, you must have got hooked and you won’t be seen out partying on Sunday at 8pm because you’ll be found in front of the tele watching the latest episode. It’s got everything: women, glamor, fame, wealth, and friendship. This week there is a campaign that offers a free Entourage poster! This campaign ends July 31st so you must rush to order your free poster. All you need to do to get your free poster is supply them with the coupon code when filling out your order information. Click on the following link: http://www.pntrac.com/t/RD9DSkhJRj9EQkNHRz9JRktE

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First off, I just came to your site today…and I love it! OK, now down to
the nitty gritty: I am recently separated, not divorced yet. I started
talking to a guy in the terms of let’s just have some fun. He lives in
another town like 2 hours away (for some back story) and he also has a
girlfriend. So, we have hooked up twice, a month apart from eachother. It’s
fun, and exciting, and the sex is FANTASTIC. He is into things that I have
never done and he is a great teacher ūüėČ The question is….where do you draw
the line between the “fuck” part and the “buddy” part? He is a genuinly cool
guy, and he calls and texts all the time…but there is no future that I can
see, BUT, I am starting to “like” him and want to talk and get a little
dissapointed when he is at home with the gf and can’t call… So tell me

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The results for the question I asked a few weeks ago are in. I asked¬†What you thought the best way to get over your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and¬†52% said to Date other People. Then as you can see the runner-up was Find a Hobby (27%), then to Drink your sorrows away (13.7%), and finally at last place was to¬†Isolate¬†and Block Yourself from Society for a¬†Given¬†Time (6.9%).fuck buddy, graph, get over your ex And what do all of these results mean? Well they mean that different people tend to overcome their heartbreak in various ways. Read the rest of this entry »

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identity, find your identity, individuality, personalSome¬†may have had some misunderstandings with some of the posts I have written sometime ago and I just wanted to clarify a few points. When I give “how-to” advice to others or advice on¬†certain ways men should act, these were just advice¬†and not rules on their lifestyles. Today¬†I’d like to say that before anyone can take those advice and¬†choose to live a certain lifestyle of importance or success, they must find themselves. This is crucial in becoming¬†a motivated and productive¬†person. Without having found your own identity in the world, it is simply impossible to make something great of yourself.¬†Before you can become anything you must become a real person. Finding yourself and understanding others for their problems makes you human. From then on you can become someone important. Many people live extravagantly and show off any chance they get whether it be with their money or their pride. However, sometimes those very same people with the money or the over-inflamed¬†pride are the very same people with¬†confidence issues and have a need to barricade their true selves from society so people do not locate their weaknesses. But proving yourself to others isn’t where ones greatness lies, it is in being cool and confident enough in yourself, knowing that you can be at peace with yourself, then your true identity makes its appearance and you learn to cope with the world around in a totally different way. In a way where everyone else does not pose a threat to you, but is just another misfit searching for himself. You rise above the mundane difficulties in life and learn to appreciate people for who they are and life for what it is. Read the rest of this entry »

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brock lesnar, mma, ufc 100, lesnarI’m sure that all you men out there went out and watched UFC 100. I’m a big fan of MMA (mixed martial arts) fought in any¬†league whether it be Affliction, UFC, Pride, Bodog, or anything else, and Saturday July 11th was a battle many were waiting for. The machine of a man Brock Lesnar who is the current UFC heavyweight champion came to the octagon against Frank Mir, a monster of a man (just not as big as Brock, but who is?) to try and defeat Brock once again and take the belt, but instead of taking the belt, he took a fury of face shots from the former WWE wrestler. I watched the bout in a pub and just my luck, in the last twenty seconds of the fight the Pay Per View connection got distorted and everyone went crazy, not knowing what’s going on. When the men came back on screen, Mir was in his corner, and Brock was just pushing random people around.¬†No one¬†at the pub knew if it was over or if only¬†the round was complete. But by having the camera zoom closer on Mir’s face I could see this guy wasn’t going back out there. His face was as brutalized as my mate’s face was after he got jumped and stomped by five guys. But then again, Brock is equivalent to twenty-five men, so there’s no surprise that Frank Mir’s face looked distorted. The replay sorted everything out though. What an intense battle. Read the rest of this entry »

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I need HELP in grabbing a girl’s a attention when in a public place. I’m not the best looking guy but I see guys that aren’t rich and good looking and they still pick up women. How can I do the same?

You don’t need to be the best looking guy or even the richest guy in order to pick up women. And though grabbing a woman’s attention is important, it is keeping her attention that locks the deal. And all you need to know to be successful in that is to be confident and to not take yourself too serious. You know how people say that dating is a game, well it definitely is, so make sure not to put all your cards out on the table. She has to find you somewhat mysterious. Now about grabbing her attention, simply gather up all your confidence, don’t think about the consequences, and step up to the batter’s plate. And as a confidence boost, just think one thing: What’s the worst that can happen? It’s just another girl. It doesn’t matter how great she looks or how many other guys have tried and have been rejected by her that night, all that matters is that… nothing really matters and that you’re there to have a great time. Read the rest of this entry »