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I was reading a post entitled Success & Motivation – 2009 on Blog Maverick and there was a quote that really stuck with me that goes something like: “The new job you just took that you thought would be amazing, will be amazing. Most probably it will be amazing for about 3 months. Then you will realize its not so amazing and you will need to find something else that is amazing. Thats ok. You don’t have to be right everytime. You just have to be right one time. Finding the right job is a lot like dating. Its hard until you start, then when you start, its great till its not. Then its frustrating as hell until you get it right. But when you do, it all comes together.” You should check out that post, it’s really motivational for anyone that’s going through tough times in this recession… which is basically everyone.

This made me think of something from a book I’ve been reading and I wanted to give some advice on the notion of enjoying life and each new day more than the previous. We as humans in the rat race have a tendency to constantly run to somewhere, thinking once we get there we’ll have it all and that it’ll all be worth the daily struggle. Read the rest of this entry »

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I was thinking for a long time what to write about for my next blog post and noticed that the late Hunter S. Thompson’s birthday is coming up on the 18th and decided to pay a homage to the one and only Gonzo Journalism creator and one of the only men to come onto this planet and lead a life of freedom. The brave one who most definitely did not sit in the sidelines, but one whose ambitions of youth allowed him to scourge the minds of secure and contained gentlemen. This man was a Ralph Waldo Emersonof our time. A prophet, a genuine disaster whose debris of enlightened enthusiasm spread into the hearts and minds of those willing to open up to the truth that is outside the ice cold steel bars society has built up around itself. I have given a short bio of the great man in a previous post, so today instead of discussing his works or achievements, I’d like to spread a message. I’d like to discuss what it is to be the courageous soul and experience and live life rather than fear it and sit aside, protected, nested, and awaiting for the big sleep.

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Why do men always feel the need to control every situation in the

relationship?… Is that a healthy relationship?

Abusive relationship… Rach

Now to make things clear off the bat, I believe any abusive relationship can’t be a healthy one. Of course, unless you’re practising some type of sedistic or masachistic moves in the bedroom for kicks then it’s all cool and the gang if you’re both into that kinda stuff, but if he’s taking it to the next level and being abusive just to get his anger out then there’s a problem in the relationship. You ask why men always feel the need to control every situation in a relationship, but I have to correct you. It’s why ‘certain’ men feel the need to control every situation in a relationship, because the fact is there are many men that not only don’t want to control things in the relationship but find it too damn tiresome to do that. I personally know that I’m the mellowest guy when it comes to relationships. When I conduct business I want to know every single detail of every single transaction, but when it comes to getting into a relationship, I see it as something that I feel the need to get into in order to unwind and enjoy my time with the woman. If I can’t let her act on her own and express her own feelings and thoughts and actions in the relationship then there’s no point in that relationship.

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Not too long ago I wrote a motivational post for Darren Rowse at and thought it would be a good idea to follow it up on my own blog. Recently I’ve been feeling somewhat down about a lot of things. Everything I’ve been doing that I hoped would make me a lot of money hasn’t been paying off as well as I’ve hoped. As mentioned in the guest post I wrote, I became a real estate agent, finishing up university for my political science degree, working on a variety of internet ventures, but nothing has seemed to bring in solid cash that I hoped would be enough to fully live on my own by now. Sure, I’m hoping university will pay off eventually, but right now it’s a detriment to my finances more than anything. My real estate career had to have been put on halt due to my foreign exchange trip I’m planning for next year to Amsterdam, so there hasn’t been any profit from that yet. And blogging and my other internet business ventures haven’t been in circulation long enough to reach the success I desire. But what now? What do I do when I feel like everything is a big waste of my time? Read the rest of this entry »

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grounded manI was recently watching a TedTalk on Youtube about success being a continuous journey instead of a single path from the bottom to the top. I agreed with this completely and loved the entire speech Richard gave. However, I wanted to add something to it, which I found to be important and helpful for people on their journey of success. What I wanted to talk about it being grounded. Now what exactly does being grounded mean? Well, many people have their own definition of the term, but in my opinion I see it as “Being in the now with a clear focus on what you want and with an idea of how to go upon accomplishing it.” Many people talk about ‘being in the now’ and that living in the present is how we should all live. Leaving the past in the past and forgeting about the future and simply living in the moment. Honestly, it sounded pretty easy to me and so I tried it. The worst thing in the world happened. I began analyzing every moment I was living. This made me totally opposite of what I wanted. Instead of being grounded, I became an over-analytical philosopher you may say. I would try to enjoy the moment but while enjoying it I would begin to assess what’s so enjoyable about it and would try to capture the moment, which turned out to be impossible because time obviously can’t be frozen. So I don’t advice analyzing the moment and trying to understand why and how living in the now is achieved. Just the opposite, you must completely absolve the very notion of the direct present and instead focus your attention on the near future.

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I decided to hold a contest where I will be sending out a free $28 EB Games Gift Card. To enter is very simple. All you must do is submit to me a question on dating advice that you would like to be answered and posted in future posts.

The rules are:

-You may only submit 1 question per person.

-The question will be assessed and must not be something ridiculously simple to answer.

-The prize will be sent by mail only after there are 28 contestants participating.

-The winner will be chosen randomly out of a hat.

When submitting your question make sure your email address is correct so if you win I may easily contact you to receive your mailing address information. To submit your dating question please click here. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions regarding the contest.

Good luck!

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Readers have been asking how to make sure a fuck buddy doesn’t decide to become anything more than just a fuck buddy. What’s the best way to keep your fuck buddy in her position without hurting her feelings and by still continuing to keep her on call whenever you’re feeling lonely? When getting into a fuck buddy relationship you both need to know that it’s nothing serious and that you can go out with other women anytime you want without her permission. You’re both there for each other to satisfy each other’s needs without the entire process of dating. It’s that simple. So why do so many men have difficulty in keeping their fuck buddy just a fuck buddy? Well, the answer is that they end up showing too much emotion. Keep yourself untied from her and she won’t want anything more than just a fuck buddy. I personally follow a strict code when it comes to fuck buddies, because it is extremely easy to get warped into a relationship without even knowing it. The rules are simple and to the point. Read the rest of this entry »