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[13 Apr 2009 | 4 Comments | ]

Have you ever seen some guy who seems like he’s got everything going for him? He’s got a successful career, incredibly sexy women seem to adore him, his fellow mates revere him, even clothes tend to look better on him than most other men, and everything just seems to always work out in his favor. I’m sure you’ve seen these kinds of men around. They’re rare, but they’re clearly doing something right in life and you’ve often wondered what the secret to their success is. Well, the fact is, these are Alpha-males, or Bosses as I’d like to call them. This is what I strive to accomplish in advising men that read this blog to become. Now in previous posts I’ve discussed the type of mentality you must possess to be a Boss and I’ve given many different advice on ways you must dress, smell, talk, and present yourself to other people, but I haven’t gone into detail about how you must act when you’re in the presence of another Boss. It’s sort of like a clash of Titans. Read the rest of this entry »

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[8 Apr 2009 | 7 Comments | ]

On your path to success there’s going to be many people that will undermine you, that will try to stop your drive, and will overall keep hating on your progress until you fail. Depending on each individual, they have a certain limit of how much hate they can withtake until they give in to the hate and quit and fail. Whenever you try to accomplish something new that someone else never thought about doing or if you’re following your talent into a market that very few people could ever penetrate, there are going to be lots of people around you that will try to tell you about everyone else’s failures and will tell you things like “What makes you think you’re so special that you think you’ll succeed?” or “Oh that’s stupid. It’ll never work.” The key to success is to feed off their hate to reach newer heights. And believe it or not, those same haters will praise and revere you when you do become a success. Read the rest of this entry »

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[6 Apr 2009 | 7 Comments | ]

In my previous post I discussed the positive effects of having a hobby, and today I wanted to devote a post to the importance of sustaining a healthy lifestyle. As difficult as it is to find time for a hobby, you must also make sure that at those times you’re not engaged in your hobby that you are living a healthy and positive lifestyle. With my hectic schedule I have been neglecting my health and after months of neglect I have began to feel its effects. My serotonin level dropped, I’ve developed feelings of anxiety, and have been having difficulty in concentrating. Basically I have been feeling unlike my healthy and optimistic self. After reading a very interesting article entitled How to Stop Worrying, which I advise for all of you to read, I got pretty damn optimistic about the self-help strategies they were recommending. Right after reading it, I decided to do a physical exercise and right away began remembering how I felt during last summer when I used to work-out on a daily basis and was leading a stress-free, healthy lifestyle. Read the rest of this entry »

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[3 Apr 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

In many of my previous posts I talked about the importance of money and how to go about achieving your goals as a Boss while ignoring everything negative that surrounds you, but up until now I have neglected the importance of doing things you love with some of your free time and extra cash. Life may seem hectic a lot of times and it becomes very easy to fall off the pedestal when your mind is filled with too many thoughts and responsibilities. There are times when many people can’t take the pressures of life and life seems to collapse on them. These past couple of weeks have been extremely turbulent for me, and I’ve noticed that due the copious amounts of things I had to do, I ended up spending more time thinking and sorting out my duties more than sitting down and actually getting them done. It was very psychologically and physically draining to constantly try and keep on top of things, but I’m pulling through and gradually accomplishing them. The fact is when you’re trying to do something on a grand scale, whether it’s to get a business going or studying for exams while having a full-time job, it’s important to have something that you do for enjoyment that really gets the stress out. Read the rest of this entry »

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[31 Mar 2009 | 3 Comments | ]

Back a few months ago I wrote a post on foreign exchange and that I was heading either towards Amsterdam, Holland or Stockholm, Sweden for my third year of university. Well after an interview process and a statement of interest, I was nominated to become the only person from my university to be entitled the position of being York University’s Political Science major to study in University of Amsterdam. Now I just wanted to mention that even though I’m moving in around August of this year, I am still going to continue writing posts on this blog. Why not, it finally started to bring in some money for me! But what I’m kinda excited about is that I was thinking about implementing a new category to this blog that will be entitled something like Shite I Like…to Travel. I’ll try not to change the structure of this blog too much, but will just publish an extra post per week or so on what and how I’m doing in Amsterdam. Read the rest of this entry »

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[29 Mar 2009 | 6 Comments | ]

Faithful readers, as you’ve noticed, I have been giving lots of advice on Boss living for men along with a big focus on Dating Advice. Today I interviewed a man –a legend– in the game of dating. His name is Richard La Ruina, better known as The Gambler, and he’s not only a Boss of a player, but he’s also an innovator of the game of pick-up artistry. It was an honor interviewing such a grand-master, and if you haven’t heard about his site already, it’s and he offers men chances to go from zero to hero through his much successful Bootcamps. He’s also written an acclaimed book on pick-up artistry entitled “The Natural Art of Seduction: Secrets of Success with Women.” Now please take the time to read and enjoy the interview, because it’ll teach you a thing or two on dating. Read the rest of this entry »

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[25 Mar 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

In a previous post, I’ve discussed Boss Gangster Flicks, but today I wanted to compile a list of my favourite soundtracks ever made. Now the following list isn’t based on the ranking the movies hold on IMDB or anything like that. It’s strictly based on my taste of music, and since I tried to put some variety into the list, you’ll notice the list containing genres of music ranging from Rap to Blues to Classical to Retro and beyond. Also, if you’ve been following my blog for sometime now, you’ll know that I’ve never enjoyed one style of music, and that’s part of the reason why there are such a variety of genres. Read the rest of this entry »