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Under Your Nose

Where is the best place to look for women to pick up? It’s right in front of you, right under your nose. There are women everywhere you go. There are even good-looking women everywhere you go. All you’ve gotta do is combine all your knowledge you’ve learnt in the Get Women Series to go about picking them up properly. Firstly, if you’re a pessimist and you’re the type of person saying, “Damn, that’s bullshit. There’s never any good looking girls anywhere I go.” Then you’ll even miss the sexies at a female models convention. Read the rest of this entry »

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This is the continuation to the List of the Biggest Bosses the World Has Seen. This list has been long in the making and after much thought, consideration, and research the spots are finally filled. I’ve began the list from 10-6 and outlined my reasoning behind why I believe they have made it onto the list, now it’s time to view the rest of the list. From 5 to numero uno, you will see who I believe are the biggest, baddest, most boss men that have surfaced the earth. No fictitious characters, no TV show heroes, this is all about historical figures that have truly accomplished some greatness in some shape, way or form. Enjoy the list of the world’s bosses. Read the rest of this entry »

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Since this is the Chronicles of Boss Living, I decided to create a top 10 list of the biggest bosses history has ever seen. Since this has turned out to be a long post, I decided to break it up into two parts and you can find List of the Biggest Bosses the World Has Seen Part 2 here. These people don’t have to be the nicest or most appreciated people, but they surely have to have respect. These men have achieved more than most people in this world and they have changed the lives of millions with their coarse decisions. Some are hated, others are feared, but they are the men we all have heard of and they are all bosses no matter how you look at it. The mentality they all shared was, “If they won’t give, I’ll take,” and they did it with success. They took what most of us want and they held onto it with their lives. Now to kick of the list with our number ten… Read the rest of this entry »

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I love it when I see people watching Jerry Springer and say, “Oh what a disgusting show. I can’t believe people like this exist.” Yet they never change the channel. They keep watching because it’s entertaining as fucked. C’mon now, how can it not be, there’s these low-lives smashing each other with chairs and getting nude for a free keychain. Everyone knows Steve from The Springer Show, but now the big badmon has a new show of his own where he teaches kids how to behave. It’s not as fun as watching pregnant transsexuals getting tackled by overweight shirtless rednecks, but still a pretty in-decent show. There are also people saying that that shite is planned and all, that it’s impossible for there to be that many fucked-up people in the States that are willing to come on the show just to beat up their midget brother for getting with his wife. In all honesty, Read the rest of this entry »

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“When you’re alone
And life is making you lonely,
You can always go downtown.”

Truer words have never been spoken (or sung, for that matter) about downtown. Whenever I get wound up or on the other hand when I feel really worried and stressed about certain things, I love going downtown to clear my mind and forget all my troubles. And once I’m downtown the best places to check out and enjoy my time in are lounges. I’m not too much of a clubber, never really enjoyed that whole freaky scene where hundreds of guys are grinding up on hundreds of girls that are so powdered up that you can’t even see what they truly look like until it’s too late. Lounges, on the other hand, are laid back with some relaxing music that’s best when there’s a mixture of Jazz or Bosa Nova Read the rest of this entry »

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The fact is, I’ve liked drinking since I was 16. I’m not saying I’m a alcoholic of any sort, it’s just I’ve been fond of having a few drinks here and there. In all truth, I’m drunk right now while writing this post, and in fact, I’ve thought about creating a blog where every post I’d write I’d be drunk. Call it ‘Chronicles of Drunk Living’ or something and just post whenever I’m drunk. That’s a great life, ain’t it? Well anywho, I decided to write about drinking today. Some people smoke weed left and right. You offer them to blaze even at 6 in the morn, they’re down. Me, I’m like that, but with alcohol. You offer me to drink, shite, even if I just vomitted from drinking, I’ll still drink. It’s funny actually. Once I was drinking a two-four with a few of my friends, and after getting totally pissed, I Read the rest of this entry »

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Now, we’ve talked about everything from how you should act when you’re meeting your woman’s friends to how to avoid being hustled by women, but now it’s time to mention how you should go about asking a girl out on a date. This stuff comes naturally to some men, but a majority need a push in the right direction to let them know they’re doing it the right way. Before I mention the proper way of doing it, I wanted to mention the improper ways of doing it. Also, there’re many different scenarios and situations where men talk to or see beautiful women that they want to ask on a date but because of minor reasons here and there they don’t end up taking the plunge and don’t end up actually asking for their digits. Read the rest of this entry »