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[12 Dec 2008 | 4 Comments | ]

I was watching “Keys to the VIP” the other day, a Canadian show about 2 guys competing against each other for who has better game while 4 pros watch and judge them. After watching it and laughing my arse off, I realized how so many men have almost no game. Instead of taking pointers on what to do, I took pointers on what men must not do at any time when trying to pick up a girl at a club. I couldn’t believe that those two ‘players’ were able to pass the audition process and get their faces on the tele. In my opinion, they didn’t even deserve to be let into the club, but I’m glad that the 4 judges made the right decision and didn’t allow either one of them to win the key to the VIP and instead picked “that guy” which was some random guy who held the extended mic in the studio. Cheers to him! Now I had to compile the following top 5 list because we can’t have men making those same unjustifiable mistakes. Read the rest of this entry »

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[11 Dec 2008 | 5 Comments | ]

I guess you can call this a review of the show, but I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t call it that. I hate formal reviews. Now, if you haven’t seen the show you’re missing out, if you haven’t heard of the show you’re not from this world. Now the best way I can describe this Showtime masterpiece is ‘sex, drugs, and rock & roll of the 00s’. (Is it 2000s or 00s. Bah, what’s the difference). The show is about Hank Moody (David Duchovny) who moved to LA with his girlfriend and daughter only to lose her to another man, have his writing career get flushed down the shitter, and engage in senseless sex and self-loathing dread. Sounds pretty depressing, but it’s not all that bad. Read the rest of this entry »

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[9 Dec 2008 | 4 Comments | ]

First Impressions

Everybody judges you negatively everyday. Usually those judgements pose no threat or any true meaning in your life, but if those bad judgements of you come from the friends of a woman who you’ve just hooked up with, then they can be detrimental to your future with her. And since first impressions are so important then there’s got to be a way to act in front of her friends the first time you meet them which will make her friends think of you as a friend they’ve known for years. That one meeting can even help your chances with her because it shows your woman an outside view of how the two of you look together. Read the rest of this entry »

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[8 Dec 2008 | 3 Comments | ]

Whichever way you wanna call it, whether hookah, shisha, or nargila, I like it. No fellas, I’m not talking about hookers here, this isn’t part of my Get Women Series, I’m talking about ‘hookahs’. Hookahs or Nargila is a smoking device from which you typically smoke flavoured tobacco from, but of course you can add some of your own home-grown or street-bought “flavoured tobacco”. I’m not really into that street-bought shite (yes, even though I’m moving to Amsterdam for a year), I do however like to smoke strawberry-banana or double-apple flavoured tobacco out of those nargilas. I don’t know how it is in the States, but I know there are a bunch of bars here in the T.O where you can order, sit back, and smoke nargila while drinking a pisto. It doesn’t get you high or anything, it’s just like smoking a cigarette, just with a much better flavour and with less chemicals. What’s the point of nargila if it doesn’t get you high? Well, the head-rush and the relaxing feeling you get when you smoke it, I assume. At least that’s why I smoke it. Read the rest of this entry »

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[8 Dec 2008 | 10 Comments | ]

Hmm, well here I am again writing another post for the Get Women series. Now that I’ve had a few pistos in me, I feel like telling a story about what happened to me, which you should really learn from. Today’s discussion is about how to be smart enough not to get hustled by a woman. I’ve written a post about con artistry, and how I respect true hustlers, but the fact is even though I show respect to con artists, I do whatever I can to stay far away from being swindled. Now there was this one instance when two of my mates and I flew to Varadero, Cuba on vacation a couple of years ago and there was a woman there that thought she could hustle me.


The Story Begins

I was kinda young when this happened to me (17, I think), but nevertheless I was still smart enough to avoid getting swindled. The story starts off like this. Read the rest of this entry »

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[7 Dec 2008 | 6 Comments | ]

Most people hate Con Artists because at least once in their life they’ve been affected by one in some way or form. Either you’ve been swindled directly or someone close to you has been swindled somehow, somewhere, somewhen. First, let’s see what a Con Artist is and what he does. Con comes from the word confidence, because what a confidence artist is a professional in is winning over your confidence and making you hand over money or goods to him rather than him taking it from you. They are the true definition of Hustlers. Now why would I want to write a post about con artists as some shite I like to know about? Well, to be honest they are the only type of criminals that I respect. Anyone crazy enough or with enough balls can go and stick up an old lady with a 9 or beat a hooker for her money, but it takes a different type of criminal to really delve deeply into a person’s mind and figure out what makes him vulnerable and take advantage of that. When you’ve been swindled or hustled, and I mean really hustled, that’s when you step back and think, “Wow, I’m an idiot, Read the rest of this entry »

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[5 Dec 2008 | 5 Comments | ]

At one point in my life I was going to join the Canadian Army. I went and signed some papers, got physical and mental tests complete, and passed the written exam. Then I just needed one more paper signed by my family physician but said bullocks to that and never ended up joining. They called a few times here and there but finally gave up after a year or so. I could’ve made some nice cash during the summer and the training would have been useful, but I went on vacation instead and enjoyed the shite out of my summer. What I liked most from the whole army thing, well besides the guns, was their gear. I’ve got an army jacket and the Timberland boots that almost go hand-in-hand. When I’m not out clubbing, picking-up girls, you’d probably notice me in the street with me Timbs on, fucking about, looking for some interesting shite to get into. That’s the thing with Timbs, they’re great for almost anything. You can run in them, definitely fight in them, and most importantly they’re water and any other climate-proof. Read the rest of this entry »