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Fuckin hell, I’ve liked hooliganism for quite some time now. The fact that I’ve been living in this mincy land of cops and rats called Canada, I haven’t been able to indulge in official hooligan fights. Of course, I’ve been in fights here and there, but nothing like running along fifty or sixty other mates, rushing another set of hundred men, throwing anything from kicks and punches, to rocks and home-made bombs. I’ve been a fan ever since I’ve watched The Football Factory both the movie and the documentaries called the Real Football Factories. Oh yes, by the way, part of the reason I’m moving to Holland next year is their hooligan scene. I think it’s true that you can’t compare anything to the feeling of kicking in a fucker’s teeth, while another is throwing a hook to your nose.


Football (soccer) itself, I’m not a big fan of. I enjoy the game and find it entertaining, and cheer on my hometeam (not Canada, before you ask) during big championships, but besides that, I’m not crazy about the sport. Now when it comes to supporting your team, well, that’s a different story. Check out this piece of shite clothing I found on Amazon called Blind Hooligan Custom Zip Youth Hoodie. Read the rest of this entry »

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(Note: This post was written while my old poker theme was still installed)


The first kind of shite I’d like to mention in this here blog that I’m into is of course poker. As you can see by my weblog theme, I really like poker. Casinos overall are great, but there’s just something about Texas Hold ’em that beats any other game. It’s not like roulette, which I know little about, but still will say doesn’t compare close to Hold ’em. I really think a lot more thought and mental capacity goes into playing Hold ’em rather than watching some round ring spin and a little ball land on a number. Not only there are odds in poker, but you also have to know how to read a player. The whole reading-your-opponent thing is mainly why I don’t play poker online. If you can’t see who you’re playing, the only way you can tell what he’s gonna do is by watching how he’s been playing for the past few hands: is he conservative, loose, does he bluff often, or is he a chaser… etc, etc. But that entire feeling of sitting there and watching his pinky twitch a little to the side is missing. Read the rest of this entry »